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Welcome To The RackForms Blog.

You come across a lot of cool ideas and trends when developing software, here's where we like to share them!


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RackForms Version 6.1 Released

We're happy to finish the year on a high note, as today marks the release of Version 6.1! Read the full change log here.

Highlights of this release include a preview of our new Date/Time module, a Responsive Only Global Style, and an option to enforce strict SSL for Email and Web Service calls.

Most important are loads of small bug fixes and quality of life improvements. This release sets us on the final course to version 7, download it now and have a great holiday season!


RackForms Version 7 Preview

Our blog's been quite this past year but development has been anything but! We're gearing up to release RackForms 7, our best release yet.

One headline feature is a completely new way to deal with dates and times with the new Date/Time node. This incredibly powerful tool allows us to create a date, time, or date and time form fields with a single click. Of course existing users know we've always handle date fields, but with the addition of time, we're opening up a world of possibilities.

From reservation systems to airport arrival and departure calculators, RackForms hides all complexity and code from you and lets you focus on the core functionality your form requires.

Of course RackForms 7 is also stuffed with many other feature, we'll be detailing those in the week to come, so stay tuned!


So many features, So little time