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RackForms - The Gold Standard Of
Web Form and App Building Software.

Forms • Surveys • Applications • Reporting • Business Intelligence

RackForms is a revolutionary tool that creates SSL protected, mobile-ready web forms, surveys, and applications without writing a single line of code.

Save Time, Save Money

RackForms creates forms and workflows you'd usually hire dedicated consultants or developers for, all while being more secure, promoting higher completion rates, and being far easier to update and maintain.

More Time-Saving Features Than Any Other Platform...

No matter what type of form you need, from basic contact and registration forms, customer surveys, employment applications, all the way to converting PDF files to web forms, and whatever industry you're in, from healthcare to higher-education, we've got your web form and application needs covered from start to finish.

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Demo Form 2
Demo Form 3
Demo Form 3
Demo Form 4
Click the thumbnails above to see each form in action. All examples are direct output from RackForms. See more.
I'd recommend it to developers just starting off who are looking for a state of the art, professional tool that they can grow into.
— Jim Abshire
Great product + excellent support + reasonably priced = buy it!
— Joe Colosimo
Having customized my form, they worked with me to ensure an end-product that my client said she was delighted with!
— Peter Hedditch


// How it Works

RackForms is a visual web form editor, meaning we click icons to add items to our form, then use simple controls to set parameters like labels, validation rules, and styles.

It's an exceptionally flexible tool, and installs to your own server if using our self-hosted option, or as a web link to our login portal if using our cloud hosting package.

The forms and apps you build are stand-alone entities that are your property, meaning you can build an unlimited number of forms for your your needs and if needed, your clients.

We deploy forms as simple links, as embedded forms in CMS packages like WordPress, or even as stand-alone entities on a completely different server.

For power users RackForms provides advanced tools and direct, code-level access to your forms internal logic. For example, add a raw database query to pull in a customers list and populate a drop down menu. RackForms integrates perfectly with your existing business logic and infrastructure.

RackForms is more than just forms – Every copy ships with the powerful Builder toolset, making it a snap to create spreadsheet like forms that display existing data to users. We can then export this data, or wrap it into a larger form to create full applications!


// RackForms has been the professionals choice since 2007, and here's just a few ways we'll help you create better forms faster:

World Class Support & Money Back Guarantee
Support is our lifeblood and our passion. Even better, if you're not totally satisfied with your purchase, return it full the full purchase price.
Ease Of Use Mixed With Incredible Power
Create forms using standard HTML, beautiful templates, and even PDF originals using a guided wizard interface.
Automatic Creation of Mobile Ready Forms
Every form we create is automatically saved with a responsive version of the same job. Don't worry about versions and devices, build once and done.
Your jobs can be deployed anywhere
Deliver projects to a third party client as a simple package, embed anywhere with a single line of HTML, or create beautifully simple pop-ups.
Unlimited users, forms, submissions, and storage
Never bump into arbitrary limits, as every RackForms version is unlimited, simple as that.
Connect to the most popular database systems to read and write your data. RackForms loves data.
Robust, Powerful E-Commerce Support
Accept credit cards for all types of transactions, including subscription services.
Direct Code Access
Bridge the gap between automation and custom code like never before.

// Learn More About Our Incredible Feature Set //


// You're in good company - With more than 50,000 Users in over 80 countries, we're one of the most trusted names in web form and app development.


Case Study -
Northcentral Technical College

RackForms is used by thousands of developers every day. To see how our software helps empower just one of these real users, we asked Logan Brown, a professional Web Development Coordinator, a few questions.

PDF Feature Notice

// Our Most Important Feature: Support.

With over a decade of delighting users choosing us isn't just about the software, it's about the rock-solid commitment we make to you. We guarantee you've never seen customer support quite like this, never seen dedication at this level. World-class support is our passion.

// Next Steps:

Explore our features page and if you're so inclined, check out the complete feature list.

- Our demo videos are a great way to see us in action.

- We love to talk shop! Drop us a line anytime!

- Our blog is a great place to learn more about form development and new RackForms features and techniques.

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