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Latest Release: Build 916 SP1 - July 17, 2017
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RackForms Pro - Cloud

Cloud Hosting Details

Cloud hosting means you subscribe to RackForms as a fully-managed service. You receive a URL to a fully featured private hosting account to create unlimited content as needed. The perfect way build forms fast with no contracts and the ability to cancel at any time.

RackForms Pro Cloud - Key Benefits

  • Unlimited Forms, Users, and Submissions
  • Full cPanel & Database Access on Fast SSD Servers
  • No Contracts or Hidden Fees + Cancel At Any Time
  • Fully Encrypted With 128 bit SSL/HTTPS
  • Process Online Payments
  • Powerful Reporting and Analysis

Special - First Month Just $25

Enterprise Form Creation In The Cloud.

Monthly - $35 Annual - $380

RackForms Pro - Self-Hosted

Self-Hosted Details

Self-hosting means you own RackForms outright. Install to a local computer, production server, or anywhere else you see fit. The forms we create run on any server. A great option for users already running a web server or who want to install the software locally.

RackForms Pro Self-Hosted - Key Benefits

  • Unlimited Forms, Users, and Submissions
  • Buy Once, No Renewals
  • Always Free, Feature Rich Updates
  • Personalized Installation and App Support
  • Process Online Payments
  • Powerful Reporting and Analysis

One Time Purchase Of $110

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Our 15 Day Guarantee: If you're not totally satisfied with your self-hosted purchase you get a full refund. Simple as that.

RackForms is an incredibly robust tool that has allowed us to not only collect data but display information from out databases. We are more than impressed with support response time and the knowledgeable staff. I would recommend RackForms to anyone who is looking at data collection or in need of a quick front end to a database. — Logan Thideman

Video Diary: Our Most Common Technical Questions Answered!

From Database to PDF, No Other Form Tool Provides Such An Outstanding Feature Set.

Demo Request

Want to see RackForms in action? Fantastic! Please feel free to request a personalized demo. We'll give you hands on demo, then provide access to a demo server for a few days so you can put RackForms to the test.

Educational Discounts

Faculty, staff, and students are all eligible for significant product discounts for our self-hosted packages. See if you qualify.

Other Self-Hosted Purchasing Options:

The RackForms Pro - Self Hosted option above supplies 2 domain keys, which means we can install it to two different servers and create forms for any location we choose. If you need more editor licenses, one of the packages below may fit your needs. Additional licenses can be purchased via PayPal in packs of two for $65 after the first 15 days of ownership. Please contact us to discuss additional options or any special requirements you may have.

Offline Licenses: RackForms requires the server it's being run on to have an active Internet connection for license validation. We offer a specialized offline license for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.

RackForms Pro - Plus - $185.00

The same features and support as RackForms Pro - Self Hosted , only with 3 domain keys.

Please Select a Payment Method Below:

For Our International Users:
For North American and UK Users:

RackForms Pro - Max - $385.00

The same features and support as RackForms Pro - Self Hosted , only with 5 domain keys and 2 hours of professional consulting time.

Please Select a Payment Method Below:

For Our International Users:
For North American and UK Users:

The 15 Day Money Back Guarantee For Self-Hosted Purchases

RackForms gives you piece of mind with our 15 day satisfaction guarantee for all Self-Hosted purchases. If you're not totally satisfied with your purchase we'll refund your money for the full purchase price. Simple as that.

No Wait Download

When you purchase RackForms you'll receive a download link to your software right away so you can start creating forms immediately!

Free Updates For Life

A purchase today means you get every update and incredible new feature release for free, for life.

The Hosting Types

To learn more about the differences between the Cloud and Self-Hosted versions, please visit this FAQ item.

Software Requirements

To install RackForms for Self-Hosted purchases we'll want to be running a server or home computer running PHP 5.1.4 or higher, and MySQL 5 or MSSQL 2008 or higher. Your hosting provider is almost certainly running within these specifications; though please contact us if you're unsure.

Domain Licenses For Self-Hosted Plans*

Every copy of RackForms can be installed on at least two separate machines, and the forms we create will run on any machine.

Free Email Account Notice: As a security precaution, the share-It payment processor does not accept credit card orders from customers who use free email accounts (or, unfortunately, paid accounts that have the same domain name -- e.g. xxx@hotmail.com -- as free email accounts). If you have this type of account, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to work with you to find a satisfactory solution.

VAT Notice: Many US states and European countries have already or will soon be implementing a Value Added Tax (VAT) for Internet transactions. RackForms adds these VAT taxes to all transactions, though we do so at our own cost. That is, the gross transaction price as listed in US dollars can be directly translated to your local currency without the worry of additional taxes being added.

Have Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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