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Why Choose RackForms?


The Challenge

Almost all modern web designers will be tasked with creating ways for having visitors communicate with the sites developers and content managers.

One of the most common interactions is the 'web contact form', something we've all seen a many times before. However, there are many other types of communication. In particular, the "Web 2.0" revolution has upped the stakes of what types of information users expect to send and how.

Users expect the web forms they complete to act and behave in certain ways. They expect the forms to let them know exactly how to fill the form fields out, and if they make a mistake, to let them know exactly how to fix it.

They expect the form to have a consistent flow, to be clearly laid out and legible, and above all, to be simple!

From the perspective of a developer, you want your web forms to be easy to edit and change, simple to manage, and route data exactly where and how the client dictates.

How we approach this process depends on what type of developer we are:

Design Oriented Developer
You're competent enough with HTML and CSS, but coming from a design and layout background, simply do not have the programming chops to create forms at all or exactly the way they want. In terms of features and form logic you have no less of a need for professional forms than any other type of developer, but the hard-coding simply eludes you.

Code Oriented Developer
As a natural born coder you have no problem diving in and creating advanced web forms, but you find your clients, users, or perhaps even you, find they never really look as good as you like. What's more, while coding web forms can be an enjoyable experience, you often find the task monotonous or repetitive. There are only so many contact forms you want to code in a week!

Hybrid Coder/Designer Developer
As a hybrid developer, you've honed your skills with code and design, and are able to create forms that look and behave exactly the way you want. Yes despite your skills, still find web form creation takes too long. Just once you'd like creating web forms to be enjoyable again!

The Solution

In each of the cases above, RackForms is the answer you're looking for. If you’re a designer, RackForms becomes your coder, if you’re a coder, your designer. And if you're the hybrid type, well, RackForms becomes your time machine.

RackForms was designed from the ground up to make the task of creating truly professional web forms a simple and enjoyable process. Just think of the doors the ability to create professional web forms open up for you:

For the designer, no longer do you have to outsource and lose money, or possibly even forsake the job because you cannot create the forms needed.

For the coder, save time, money, and keep to your clients rigorous design specifications in check.

And for the hybrid—take on more jobs with less fatigue and better results by letting RackForms do all your heavy lifting.

In every case RackForms creates opportunities to take on more jobs and earn more profit, all while reducing the overhead modern web form creation entails.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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