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Latest Release: Build 958 - Arpil 18th, 2023
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RackForms UPDATE List.

# Build 958 (RackForms 7.8.8) 4.18.23 #

-Fix: PHP 8 Fixes When Using E-Commerce Items.
-Fix: Database Images When Using DB Data Source.
-Fix: PK Field In Builder Template Now Correct.
-Fix: Unreachable code in file uploader.

# Build 957 (RackForms 7.8.7) 2.25.23 #

-Fix: Wrapper Classes Now Supported In Form Flow.
-Fix: Enable Sorting When Using Builder And DataTables With Update Fields.
-Fix: E-Commerce Item Quantity Fix.

# Build 953 (RackForms 7.8.4) 6.7.22 #

-Major Feature: Upload To Microsoft OneDrive / Sharepoint.
-Major Feature: PDF Options > Generate PDF Template Page From All Pages.

-Feature: Added 'User Populated Values' To Calendar Field.

-Fix: Various PHP 8 Compatibility Updates.
-Fix: Cleaned Up Logic Related To Appended File Name For jQuery Uploader.

# Build 952 (RackForms 7.8.3) 5.13.22 #

-Fix: Editor Becomes Unresponsive In Some Scenarios.
-Fix: SQL Processing When Using WHERE Clause.
-Fix: Visual SQL Query Builder Compatibility Updates For PHP 7.4.x And PHP 8.
-Fix: Builder Unchecked Fields Properly Set 0 Value.
-Fix: Email and Email+ Now Supply Html In Email Body When Using Non Plain Text Mode.

# Build 951 (RackForms 7.8.2) 3.5.22 #

-Feature: `Press Return For Next Field` JavaScript Code Sample.
-Feature: `Animated List` Layout Mode Now Support Mobile Device Taps.

-Fix: Default `Page[Id]` And `Page[Name]` Now Match Given Page Name.
-Fix: Updates For PHP 8.1 Support.
-Fix: Updates For PHP 7.2 Compatibility.

# Build 950 (RackForms 7.8.1) 12.24.21 #

-Feature: Validate URL's In Redirect Module.

-Fix: Better String Trim For Condition Code Logic.
-Fix: Better Handling Of Persistent Login Data.
-Fix: Logic Updates For Form Persistence Module.
-Fix: Several Minor Updates For Builder Pages Related To Field Types.
-Fix: Updates To User Managment For Workflow Support.
-Fix: Installer Checks For SimpleXML.

# Build 949 (RackForms 7.8.0) 12.5.21 #

-Fix: MySQLi Result Set Support In PHP 8.
-Fix: Editor Environment For New Users.

# Build 948 (RackForms 7.7.9) 12.3.21 #

-Feature: Detect PHP Support For Webp In Builder Output.
-Feature: Import Wizard Can Now Select Specific Worksheets.

-Fix: Custom PHP Token When using Digital Signatures.
-Fix: Better Hanlding In Import Wizard When All Rows Are Empty.

# Build 947 (RackForms 7.7.8) 12.1.21 #

-Major Feature: Significant Speedup For Most Form Publishing Tasks.

-Feature: Build Multi-Update Templates Now Contain Submit Buttons On Each Row.
-Feature: Builder Multi-Update Forms Now Display Inline Images.

-Fix: Several Small Builder Fixes And Updates For Multi-Update.
-Fix: Better Handling Of Text And File Fields In Builder Templates.
-Fix: Local Images When Using DOMPDF Now Display.

-Update: mPDF Now Default PDF Library.

# Build 946 (RackForms 7.7.7) 11.22.21 #

-Major Feature: Import Spreadsheet Wizard.

-Feature: Database Image Debug Mode.

-Fix: Database Images Missing Image When Using Entry ID.
-Fix: Builder Update Button Visible When Using DataTables.
-Fix: Small UI Improvements.
-Fix: Page Rename For `Page Action` Improvements.
-Fix: Better Messaging For PDF Output Issues Related To Buffering Value.
-Fix: DataTables Missing Sort Icons.
-Fix: Basic Builder Template With Images Properly Reports When PK Is Present.

# Build 945 (RackForms 7.7.5) 11.11.21 #

-Feature: Updated API Manager UI.
-Feature: Editor Load Times Reduced By 50% Or More.
-Feature: Improved Interface And Font Awesome Browser Icon Search.
-Feature: Updated Interface To Increase Focus On What Matters Most, Your Forms.

-Fix: Updates To MSSQL When Processing Image And Other Binary Statments.
-Fix: P Tokens In Confirmation Condtitions.
-Fix: Notify When Creating Builder Page That Displays Images But Doesn't Include OK Field.
-Fix: AJAX Hidden Field And Display Elements Not Populating New Values.

# Build 944 (RackForms 7.5.0) 11.2.21 #

-Major Feature: Integrated RackForms Login Support For Forms.
-Major Feature: AWS S3 Upload.

-Feature: Images Instead Of Default Controls For Radio And Checkbox Items.
-Feature: Apply Custom Datatables Code.
-Feature: Calculation Module - Round Float To Two Decimals.
-Feature: Added Datagrid To `Populate All Pages`.
-Feature: Email Address Quick Select Now Populates `From` Value If Empty.
-Feature: Builder Search Tokens (*H_) Now Apply a Class Name Of: `builder-search-field`
-Feature: `Format As` For Text Fields (US Phone and SSN).

-Fix: Array Based Select Items Formatting When Used On Centered Form.
-Fix: Disable Submit Button When Using CAPTCHA Methods.
-Fix: Vaidaiton When Using Same As.
-Fix: Style And Formatting Fixes For Builder Forms Using Datatables Export.
-Fix: PHP 8 Code Formatting Items.
-Fix: PDF Creation Wizard - Limit Saved Job Name Length.
-Fix: Required Date/Time Module Fixes When Processing Values.
-Fix: AD Login Now Uses Dynamic DN, Not Value When Installed.
-Fix: Date/Time Items Activate `Animated List` Next Action.
-Fix: Better Handle Spaces in GET Web Service Calls.
-Fix: Various Fixes For Webcam Module.
-Fix: `allow-modals` And Others Added To iFrame Embed Code.
-Fix: Populate All Pages And Bucket Repeater Items.
-Fix: Updated Builder Raw Token (RAW{}) So As To not Conflict With Custom PHP Code.
-Fix: Compatibility Checks For File Explorer.

-Update: Editor TinyMCE Version To 4.9.11.

-Breaking Change: ${} Token Depreciated. Use PHP{} Instead.

# Build 942 (RackForms 7.7.3) 4.3.21 #

-Major Feature: Page Layout > Animated List.

-Fix: DB Connector Select Item Wouldn't Save Selection.
-Fix: PHP 7.3.x Regex Error In Config File Manager.
-Fix: Apply Full-Screen Background Image To Confirmation Pages Correctly.

-Update: Default Page Name For First Job Page Now `index.php`

# Build 940 (RackForms 7.7.3) 1.5.21 #

-Major Feature: Populate Select Items Using Web Service.

-Feature: Date/Time Module Now Populates Default Date With Desired Format.

-Fix: Signature Module's `Typed Only` Mode Now Saves Image Output Correctly.
-Fix: Responsive Style For Error Messages.
-Fix: Custom Regex Rules For Required Items Processes Correctly.
-Fix: MSSQL DateTime Objects Work When Used As Default Values.
-Fix: File Name Prepend/Append For Multi-File Uploads.
-Fix: S/FTP Module Path Value Compatibility Update (Now Process Subdirectories).

# Build 938 (RackForms 7.7.1) 10.18.20 #

-Feature: Added Dynamic Token Support For Checkbox And Radio Items.
-Feature: SQL+ Can Now Process Related File Upload Fields Using Custom Table And Relationship.
-Feature: HTML 5 Uploader Now Pushes All Upload Items To SQL+.
-Feature: S/FTP Module Now Handles Dynamic Field Names.

-Fix: Several Warnings Related To Bucket Data In Email Templates.
-Fix: Remove Special Characters From Uploaded File Names For Better Compatibility.
-Fix: Field Renaming Bug Fix.
-Fix: PostgreSQL Database Query Fixes When Using Builder Repeater.

-Update mPDF Updated To Latest Version.

# Build 937 (RackForms 7.7.0) 8.1.20 #

-Major Feature: Form Flow Editor.
-Major Feature: Clear Fields In Ajax Bindings.
-Major Feature: Database Calls Now Suppored In Bucket Repeater.

-Feature: PR{} Token For Code Blocks To Support Raw POST Fields.
-Feature: The Calculation Module Now Processes Fields From Previous Pages.
-Feature: Calculation Items Now Fire Change Events For Chaining Calculation Items.
-Feature: Added Datatables Pdf Export.
-Feature: Database Errors For Select Items Now Show Inline In Page, Not In Source.
-Feature: Show Attempted SQL For Failed Queries.
-Feature: `Page Title` Is Now Dynamic, Which Allows Us To Use Dynamic Values In Saved PDF File Names.
-Feature: Datasource Setting `Quick Connection` Button.
-Feature: 'Seconds' Time Format For Datetime Picker.
-Feature: `User Provided Value Populates` Field Added To Password Fields.

-Fix: DB Config File Not Visible To Non-Admin Users.
-Fix: Builder Generated Code Fixes When using Datatables.
-Fix: PostgreSQL Updates Using Quoted Field Names Now Supported.
-Fix: Updates To Calculation Module For Some Logic Types.
-Fix: Updated Login Page With More Modern Styling.
-Fix: Better Parameter Handling For HTTP Request Items.
-Fix: `Page Not Required` Items Now Set Status On Page, Meaning Redirects From These Pages Work As Expected.
-Fix: Tablemode Layout For Radio And Checkbox Items Now Displays Properly.
-Fix: PostgreSQL Template Builder Now Allows Basic Templates.
-Fix: jQuery Validate Now Shows Proper Error Messages When Using Regex Rules.
-Fix: Updated Color Picker To Address Swatch Style Issues.
-Fix: Row Break For Select Items Now Displays Items Properly.
-Fix: Bug In Builder Alternative Row Color.

-Change: No Longer Delete Files In /upload When Saving Job.

# Build 936 (RackForms 7.6.1) 4.21.20 #

-Major Feature: Builder Update Automator Supports JOINS On Tables By Creating Supporting Views.

-Fix: Custom Database Parameters Not Always Being Set Properly.
-Fix: Style Fixes For Template Manager Styles When Using Datatables.
-Fix: Alert Users To Expired Form Submission.

# Build 935 (RackForms 7.6) 4.11.20 #

-Major Feature: Bucket Repeaters Now Pre-Populate Existing Values.
-Major Feature: `Populate All Pages` Module Saves Data For Bucket Repeaters.
-Major Feature: RackForms Template Manager For Global, Responsive, Full Page Style Creation.

-Feature: `Branded` Full Page Responsive Style.
-Feature: Added CAS User Permissions System.
-Feature: Better Modeling & Positioning Of Responsive Bucket Items.

-Fix: Update Name Of Condition Item, Condition Logic Updates.

# Build 934 (RackForms 7.5) 3.31.20 #

-Major Feature: Font Awesome Integration + Glyph Browser.
-Major Feature: AJAX And Conditional Logic Supported In Bucket Repeaters.

-Fix: Several Updates And Improvements To Responsive Styles.
-Fix: Renaming Pages Now Updates Related Submits To Property.

-Library Update: jQuery 2.1.4 -> 3.4.1

# Build 933 (RackForms 7.4) 3.8.20 #

-Major Feature: Populate All Pages For SQL+ Automator.

-Fix: (Internals) Unified PostgreSQL Byte Escaping Routines. -Fix: RTL Text Display Fixes For Text Items. -Fix: PostgreSQL File Uploads Using jQuery Uploader Now Process As Expected.

-Change: `User Provided Value Populates Field` Now Respects Default Values.

## Build 932 (RackForms 7.3) 1.26.20 #

-Major Feature: Intergated CAS Login Support.
-Major Feature: Bucket Repeater Table Output For Email Items.

-Feature: Populate Default Values For DateTime Field.

# Build 931 (RackForms 7.2.7) 1.1.20 #

-Major Feature: `Data Tables` JS As Built-In Option For Builder Pages.

-Fix: Installer Script Fixes.

# Build 929 (RackForms 7.2.5) 10.11.19 #

-Major Feature: Create JavaScript Object From Query Result.

-Fix: Update Script For Adding MySQL SSL Keys To Config File.
-Fix: Email+ Items Now Respect Email Item Separator Value.
-Fix: Better Handling Of Orphaned Bucket Items On Job Load.

-Change: Added Composer Integration For Built Forms.

-Update: PHPMailer To Newest Version (6.0.7).

# Build 928 (RackForms 7.2.4) 7.28.19 #

-Feature: Use `Control-S` To Save Shortcut.
-Feature: Checkbox Item SQL Queries Support Tokens.

-Fix: Advanced Code Editor Now Scrolling Properly On Firefox.
-Fix: Bucket Repeater JS Files Not Being Copied Over Correctly.
-Fix: Jobs Not Loading When Using Default Name.

- Update: CodeMirror 5.46.0.

# Build 927 (RackForms 7.2.3) 4.19.19 #

-Feature: Calculation Module - Round Float To Single Decimal.
-Feature: Config File Manager Now Shows In Editor As Quick Select.

-Fix: DateTime Module Works With Signature Field.
-Fix: DateTime Module Now Uses Proper Default DatePair Date Format.
-Fix: Sort `Load Example Job` Menu.
-Fix: jQuery Upload Prevented Valid Files From Uploading.
-Fix: Config File Manager Now Filters Non-PHP Files.
-Fix: Builder Repeater SQL Now Capitalizes WHERE.

# Build 926 (RackForms 7.2.2) 3.10.19 #

-Feature: Field Enable/Disable.
-Feature: Limit Datetime Dates Dynamically Based On Other Datetime Field Values.

# Build 925 (RackForms 7.2.2) 2.8.19 #

-Major Feature: Dynamic Database Conection Properties.

# Build 924 (RackForms 7.2.1) 12.22.18 #

-Major Feature: `Prefab Module` With Initial `Survey Scale` Item.

-Feature: Add Check For `Save For...` PDF Output Mode And Pages With Duplicate Names.

-Fix: GRID Token Now Displays Multiple Items As Expected. -Fix: `Save For...` PDF Items Adding Improper Redirect Code.

# Build 923 (RackForms 7.2) 11.20.18 #

-Feature: Default Height For Select Items In app/config.php.
-Feature: Use {column_name} In Builder Repeaters For Direct, Value-Only Variable Access.
-Feature: New Additional JS Library `Tingle Modal`, + Add Code Direct To Page On Create.
-Feature: Dyanmic Variable Picker Now Places Items At Cursor Position.

-Fix: `Duplicate Page` No Longer Prevents Validation On New Page.
-Fix: MSSQL Login Date Check For Max Login Attempts Fixed.
-Fix: Several Bugs Related To The `Dynamic Variable Picker`.
-Fix: jQuery File Uploads Now Properly Return $ret_val If Enabled.
-Library Update: Newest Version Of jQuery Uploader.

# Build 922 (RackForms 7.1) 10.17.18 #

-Major Feature: AJAX Module Now Populates Native RackForms Display Fields.
-Major Feature: AJAX Module Populates Display Fields With Table-Formatted Data.
-Major Feature: Builder Template Generation For Vertical Layouts.

-Styling AJAX Display Items (Columns Same Width, Responsive Style)

-Feature: `Process PDF Files` For Flat File Module.
-Feature: Added Proxy Support For Login Process.
-Feature: Added IMG_THUMB Token.
-Feature: Add Image Tokens When Possible For Builder Template Generators.

-Fix: `Force Empty First Value` Becomes: `Skip First/Default Value`, + Bug Fix.
-Fix: Loading Jobs Where Items Belong To Orphan Buckets Now Resets That Item.
-Fix: Bucket Repeater Control Position In Responsive Mode.
-Fix: mPDF Page Size Rendering Reliability.
-Fix: `Form Layout` Based Email Works With Headers That Use F{} Tokens.
-Fix: Redirect Address Warns On No HTTP/S Value.
-Fix: File Upload Speed Improvements.
-Fix: Updated `multiselect2side` Additional JS Library.
-Fix: PHP & Array Item Fixes For Data Grid.
-Fix: Display Of Calendar Data Grid Items, Formatting & Logic Fixes.
-Fix: showWrapper And enableWrapper Now Properly Check Field Class.
-Fix: MSSQL Now Uses UTF-8 Encoding For All Connection Strings.

# Build 921 (RackForms 7.0.2) 7.1.18 #

-Major Feature: `Render As Email Template Upon Submission` PDF Output Mode.
-Major Feature: `Render To Database Upon Submission` PDF Output Mode.

-Feature: Shade (Hide/Unhide) Editor Pages.

-Fix: TCPDF Output Error When Saving To File System.
-Fix: PDF Pages Don't Count Towards Duplicate Field Name Checks.
-Fix: Right-Alignment Tool Now Works As Expected.
-Fix: BarCodes Now Work With Most DOMPDF Output.
-Fix: SQL+ Automator Not Processing Bucket Repeaters Properly.
-Fix: Forms Using Query Modules And Populate Form Fields Can Now Have Duplicate Page Items.
-Fix: Database.php Variable Name Collision.
-Fix: Non-Image Uploads For HTML 5 Uploader.
-Fix: jQuery-Uploader And PHP 7 Fixes.

-Updated: DOMPDF To 0.8.2
-Updated: Passwords Can Now Be 75 Characters Long.

# Build 920 (RackForms 7.0.1) 05.19.18 #

-Major Feature: `Mobile Image` File Upload Support.
-Major Feature: SSL Support For MySQL Database Connections.

-Feature: MongoDB Now Supports Dynamic Variables.
-Feature: jQuery Uploader Method Now Supports Client-Side Image Resize.
-Feature: Added `SMTP - Validate Client Certificate` To SMPT API Manager Block.
-Feature: `Require Email Option` For Authorize.NET AIM.

-Fix: Right-Alignment Tool Now Works As Expected.
-Fix: BarCodes Now Work With Most DOMPDF Output.
-Fix: SQL+ Automator Not Processing Bucket Repeaters Properly.
-Fix: Custom CSV/Tab Export With MSSQL Dates In Builder Forms.
-Fix: Calendar + Bucket Repeater Fixes.
-Fix: Conditional Load Logic For Wrappers.
-Fix: Newest Version of MUI Library Fixes Firefox Rendering Bug.
-Fix: Config File Manager Fixes To Allow More Values.
-Fix: Builder GET Params Array Fix (Suppress Warning On No Values).
-Fix: HTML 5 Uploads Now Properly Support Click To Upload Button.
-Fix: Licensing Check Uses HTTPS And Updates cURL Options To Avoid VERIFY_PEER Issues.
-Fix: PDF Files With Patterns Now Import Properly.
-Fix: Conditional Route Fixes.
-Fix: SMTP API Using TLS When Not Needed.
-Fix: European Dates For Builder/MSSQL Automator.
-Fix: Deprecated Services_JSON Warning In PHP 7.*
-Fix: Do Not Show Confirm Dialog If Builder Update Has No Message Text.
-Fix: Error With MSSQL VARCHAR Type In Builder Tokens.
-Fix: Bucket Global Styles When Using Fieldset.
-Fix: Bucket Calendar Icon Shows When Using Global Styles.
-Fix: Tooltip Element Fixes.
-Fix: Office File Upload Error Messaging.
-Fix: Responsive Only Global Style Allows Google Fonts.
-Fix: Responsive Style Error Color Set To `transparent`.
-Fix: DOMPDF Compatibility Issue Resolved.
-Fix: Repeater Template Code Errors.
-Fix: Warn On Adding Export Button To Builder Without Having Paging Enabled.
-Fix: Can Now Use Builder Multi-Update & Export On Same Form.
-Fix: Builder Single Row Deletes Not Working After User Confirm.
-Fix: Conditional Code When Using Animations And Radio Items.
-Fix: Parsing INT In Calculation Module Doesn't Work In Chrome/Safari.
-Fix: Builder Export With CSV And MSSQL Dates.
-Fix: PHP 7+ And Builder Update Forms.
-Fix: Now Display Authorize.NET Transaction Elements.

# Build 918 (RackForms 6.1) 12.22.17 #

-Feature: Added Responsive Only Global Style.
-Feature: HTTP Request Position Option (Inline, Before HTML)
-Feature: Added Entry Key Variable To SQL Queries.
-Feature: Viewer Only (3) Accounts Can Be Assigned `Read Only` Access To Multiple Jobs.

-Fix: Conditional Route Fixes.
-Fix: SMTP API Using TLS When Not Needed.
-Fix: European Dates For Builder/MSSQL Automator.
-Fix: Depricated Services_JSON Warning In PHP 7.*
-Fix: Do Not Show Confirm Dialog If Builder Update Has No Message Text.
-Fix: Error With MSSQL VARCHAR Type In Builder Tokens.
-Fix: Bucket Global Styles When Using Fieldset.
-Fix: Bucket Calendar Icon Shows When Using Global Styles.
-Fix: Tooltip Element Fixes.
-Fix: Office File Upload Error Messaging.
-Fix: Responsive Only Global Style Allows Google Fonts.
-Fix: Responsive Style Error Color Set To `transparent`.
-Fix: DOMPDF Compatibility Issue Resolved.
-Fix: Repeater Template Code Errors.
-Fix: Warn On Adding Export Button To Builder Without Having Paging Enabled.
-Fix: Can Now Use Builder Multi-Update & Export On Same Form.
-Fix: Builder Single Row Delete's Not Working After User Confirm.
-Fix: Conditional Code When Using Animations And Radio Items.
-Fix: Parsing INT In Calculation Module Doesn't Work In Chrome/Safari.
-Fix: Builder Export With CSV And MSSQL Dates.
-Fix: PHP 7+ And Builder Update Forms.
-Fix: Now Display Authorize.NET Transaction Elements.

-Change: Email SMTP Debug Now Set To Level 2 When Enabled.

# Build 917 (RackForms 6.0) 9.1.17 #

-Feature: Enforce Strict SSL Option For Email.

-Fix: Enhanced Field Control Responsiveness in Chrome.
-Fix: Required Field's In Buckets Logic.
-Fix: PHP 7 Compatibility Fixes (Services_JSON).
-Fix: Remove New Lines From JS Error Code Text Message.
-Fix: Validation Engine Fixes.

Known Issues:

1) Calendar Items Do Not Validate Properly In Hidden Buckets.

# Build 916 SP1 (RackForms 6.0.3) 7.16.17 #

-Fix: Enhanced Field Control Responsiveness in Chrome.
-Fix: Required Field's In Buckets Logic.

# Build 916 (RackForms 6.0) 6.27.17 #

-Feature: Date Range Select For Entry Viewer.

-Fix: Rare Job ID Missing Issue.
-Fix: Minor UI Improvements.
-Fix: PHP 7 Constructor Deprication Fixes.
-Fix: Conditional Validation Method Option Not Showing.
-Fix: Minor Server Side Validaiton Updates.
-Fix: jQuery File Uploader `File Only` Validaiton Fix.

# Build 915 (RackForms 6.0.1) 4.21.16 #

-Feature: Calculation Field Now Supports Date Input Values.

-Change: Added focus() Event For All Calendar Item Clicks.
-Change: Added Several Default Styles To builderpage.css

-Fix: Calendar Fields Respond To Height Adjustments In Editor.
-Fix: Style And Functionality Updates To WordPress/Joomla Post Editors.
-Fix: Builder Database Image Token Items No Longer Display Broken Image Icon If Missing/Empty.
-Fix: Tooltips Work Better With Responsive Layouts.
-Fix: Code Block Display Uses Less Space.
-Fix: zIndex Not Rendered Properly On Free Form Confirmation Pages.
-Fix: File Uploader Bugs:
-jQuery Uploader Doesn't Process Multiple Files In Entry Viewer.
-jQuery Uploader Doesn't Fail On Required.


# Build 914 (RackForms 6.0) 2.15.16 #

-Feature: Added Multi-Update/Delete To Builder Template Generators.

-Fix: Several Editor/Output Alignment Issues Fixed.
-Fix: `Form Display` Mode For Simple Email Properly Handles Radio/Checkbox Labels.

-Change: Query Data Dump Now Shows (Optional) LastInsertID.

# Build 913 (RackForms 6.0) 1.20.16 #

-Feature: NOCAPTCHA Language Support.
-Feature: Dynamic Variable Picker Shows Current Page Items.
-Feature: Added timer.jquery Additional JS Library.
-Feature: `Export Query Result File` For Query Module.
-Feature: Added `Query String Name` Parameter To *L Builder Token.
-Feature: Added Field Width Preview For Code Blocks.
-Feature: Code Block Now Accepts GR and SR Tokens.

-Fix: Several Fixes For Builder Update/Delete Mode Functionality.
-Fix: Prevent Query Popup From Running INSERT Statements.
-Fix: Export Job Zip File Works Across All OS's.
-Fix: All Button Elements Respect Field Width.
-Fix: PHPSESSID Properly Placed Below session_start();
-Fix: PHPSESSID Now Handled When Using Save And Resume.

-Change: Hidden Fields Use Custom Style.
-Change: Added SQL Query Builder To AJAX SQL Query.

# Build 912 (RackForms 6.0) 12.11.16 #

-Feature: Show Duplicate Field Names To User.
-Feature: Show Invalid File Upload Items To User.
-Feature: Adding Debug Output To All HTTP Request Methods.

-Fix: Several Editor Optimizations For Better Performance.
-Fix: Show Error Messages Now Works For jQuery Validate.
-Fix: Field Alignment Generated Code Issues.
-Fix: Field Alignment Preview.

-Change: Style Preview Now Enabled By Default For All Users.

# Build 911 (RackForms 6.0) 12.9.16 #

-Major Feature: Bucket Repeaters Can Now Contain Validated Fields.

# Build 910 (RackForms 6.0) 12.8.16 #

-ADA / Section 508: Updated Code Standards.

# Build 909 (RackForms 6.0) 12.7.16 #

-Fix: Form Field Blocker Fixes.

# Build 908 (RackForms 6.0) 12.6.16 #

-Layout Change: Forms Fields Now Use CSS 3: `box-sizing: border-box`.

# Build 907 (RackForms 6.0) 12.5.16 #

-Feature: Allow Remote File Access Now A Setting In PDF Options.
-Feature: Placeholder Text For Textarea.
-Feature: Textarea Resize Based On Content.

-Fix: Style Preview Fixes.
-Fix: Prevent Editor UI Text From Being Selected.

# Build 906 (RackForms 6.0) 12.3.16 #

-Major Feature: Sticky UI. Editor Remembers Scroll Position.

-Feature: `customer` Field For Stripe Checkout.

-Fix: Several Form Wizard Bug Fixes.
-Fix: Stripe Checkout Fixes.

# Build 905 (RackForms 6.0) 11.28.16 #

-Major Feature: User Auditing Under: User Management.

-Feature: Save Deleted Job Backups To: fb_jobs_backup.
-Feature: Survey Fields Mobile Responsive Global Styles.

# Build 904 (RackForms 6.0) 11.20.16 #

-Major Feature: Updated User Interface.

-Fix: Email Array Items Now Show Properly.

-Change: WWW Redirect Now Runs Inline With Submission Page Elements.

# Build 903 (RackForms 5.9.9) 11.14.16 #

-Major Feature: Webcam Module.

# Build 902 (RackForms 5.9.9) 11.13.16 #

-Feature: Table Layout Mode Now Mobile Responsive.
-Feature: Print Image Button In Entry Viewer.
-Feature: Field Calculations Now Operate On Default Values.

-Fix: Assigning New Job ID After Adding Database Item.
-Fix: Entry Viewer text Fields Resize Properly.
-Fix: Improved CSS/Layout For Entry Viewer.

# Build 901 (RackForms 5.9.9) 11.7.16 #

-Feature: Quickly Apply Global Style Under: 'Form Style Properties'.

# Build 900 (RackForms 5.9.9) 11.04.16 #

-Feature: OPTGRPOUP Support For Select Items.
-Feature: Label Margin For Checkbox/Radio Items.
-Feature: Added Placeholder Element For Text Fields.
-Feature: Added Radio/Checkbox Styling For Option labels.

# Build 899 (RackForms 5.9.9) 11.01.16 #

-Feature: Quantity Dropdown For E-Commerce Items.

-Fix: Adding px. To Field Height Causes Crash.

-Change: Normal Font Weight Now Blank Inline Style String.

# Build 898 (RackForms 5.9.9) 10.30.16 #

-Feature: s/FTP Confirmation Method.

-Fix: Stripe Payments Better Handle Invalid Trial Days.

# Build 897 (RackForms 5.9.9) 10.26.16 #

-Feature: Added New User Level (3)
-Feature: Added Custom PDF Offset For Text Boxes.
-Feature: On Failed Job Loads Debug Data Shows.
-Feature: Added Workflow Mode To PDF Import.
-Feature: Added selectmutiple Field Type To Builder Update Forms.
-Feature: Added Blank/Not Blank To Conditional Code.
-Feature: Now Wrap Builder Repeater Display Elements In Common Class.
-Feature: Datagrid Now Supports Calendar Popups.

-Update: User Level 4 Can Now Update/Delete Entries.
-Update: CSS For Builder Generator Script.

-Fix: Better Handling Of Checkbox CSS In Builder Repeater.
-Fix: HTML 5 Editor Image Uploads Not Processing Properly.
-Fix: Calendar Style Updates And Argument Fixes.
-Fix: Field Name/Value Input Field Fixes.
-Fix: Select Items In Bucket & Default Values.
-Fix: Field Controls Hidden After Removal From Bucket.
-Fix: Form Page Timed Redirects Now Work As Expected.
-Fix: Conditional Code Now Waits Until DOM Loaded.

-Change: Editor Elements Delete Much Faster.

# Build 896 (RackForms 5.9.9) 9.10.16 #

-Major Feature: Job Router Integration.

# Build 895 (RackForms 5.9.9) 8.22.16 #

-Feature: app/movefiles/custom-includes/ For Custom Code Integration.
-Feature: Added Field Width Property To Code Block.
-Feature: B{} Token For Bucket Repeaters.
-Feature: Added Multi-Part File Uploads For HTTP Request POST Items.

-Change: Added $job_name Variable To Form Pages.
-Change: Flash Be Gone! Editor File Uploaders Now HTML 5.

-Fix: Calculation Module Not Activated On Some Pages.
-Fix: Example Job Filter Not Showing All Results.

# Build 894 (RackForms 5.9.9) 8.5.16 #

-Feature: Added Custom cURL Headers Field.
-Feature: HTML5 Uploader Now Supports Multiple Files.
-Feature: 'Extra Form Field Class Name(s)' For Form Field Items.

-Fix: Delayed Redirects Work With Form Pages.
-Fix: Custom CSS Works With Non-Submit Buttons.
-Fix: Label Height When No Label Present In Buckets.

-Change: Code Block Wrapers Do Not Have A Width.

# Build 893 (RackForms 5.9.9) 6.25.16 #

-Major Feature: MASSIVE (50x) PDF Import Speedup.
-Major Feature: Simple Email 'Form Layout' Mode Option.

-Feature: "Custom Radio/Checkbox Offsets" For PDF Import.
-Feature: BUCKET Token Added For Text Display Items.
-Feature: Page Caching Mode Option.

-Fix: BUCKET Token Not Being Processed For Email Items.
-Fix: Parse Error When Using Custom Code Style And Images.
-Fix: Do Not Include jQuery Twice In Mobile Mode.
-Fix: Update Select Items After AJAX Call In Mobile Mode.

-Update: DOMPDF Version 7.

# Build 892 (RackForms 5.9.9) 5.27.16 #

-Major Feature: Survey Item Trigger Fields.
-Major Feature: Added Post Manager Support For Joomla 8.
-Major Feature: Added EXCEL Token For Flat File Simple List.

-Fix: Checkbox/Radio Item HTML In Label/Values.
-Fix: Error Loading State Of Some Conditional Items.

-Update: Newest Version Of PHPMailer (5.2.15).
-Update: Added Animation Support To fbc.show and fbc.hide.

-Change: Allow 0kb File Size Uploads For Basic Upload Type.

# Build 891 (RackForms 5.9.9) 5.11.16 #

-Major Feature: Dynamic Database Driven Survey Questions.

-Feature: Set Parameter Order For Select Items.

-Fix: Better Handling Of Builder Export Items Using Encryption+Function Calls.
-Fix: Office File Uploads For jQuery Upload Fix.
-Fix: HTTP Request Module Fixes.
-Fix: Checkboxes For Data Grid Items Now Uses 1 As Default Value.

-Change: iFrame Resize Timeout Removed For Code Blocks.

# Build 890 (RackForms 5.9.9) 4.23.16 #

-Major Feature: Support For Multiple File Uploads For jQuery Uploader And SQL+

-Feature: Added File Name Prepend For File Uploads.
-Feature: Added RF_JSON Token For HTTP Request Module.
-Feature: Custom Label Code For Radio/Checkbox Items.

-Fix: Rare Job Load Error Fix.
-Fix: Regression With Selected Items Text List.
-Fix: Signature Canvas Size Fix.

# Build 889 (RackForms 5.9.9) 4.25.16 #

-Major Feature: Support For Multiple File Uploads For jQuery Uploader And SQL+

-Feature: Added File Name Prepend For File Uploads.
-Feature: Added RF_JSON Token For HTTP Request Module.
-Feature: Custom Label Code For Radio/Checkbox Items.

-Fix: Rare Job Load Error Fix.
-Fix: Regression With Selected Items Text List.
-Fix: Signature Canvas Size Fix.

# Build 888 (RackForms 5.9.9) 4.22.16 #

-Feature: cURL + Raw XML HTTP Request Method.
-Feature: Added "Office File Type" Upload Option.
-Feature: Added Custom Message Box For Simple Email.
-Feature: Multiple HTML 5 Upload Items On Same Page.

-Fix: Added Fields Would Not Auto-Select In Some Instances.
-Fix: Default Date Values For European Calendars Show Properly.
-Fix: Database Includes For Radio Items.

# Build 887 (RackForms 5.9.9) 4.7.16 #

-Feature: Added Container Margin Property For Multi-Select Items.

-Fix: htmlentities Warning Messages.

# Build 886 (RackForms 5.9.9) 4.10.16 #

-Major Feature: Calendar Callback Code Block.
-Major Feature: Editor Menu's Can Now Be Undocked And Freely Positioned.

-Feature: Quickly Toggle Hidden Status With Control-R.

-Change: Form Display Text Items Now Have Name/ID Properties.

# Build 885 (RackForms 5.9.9) 4.1.16 #

-Major Feature: Bucket Repeaters Can Now Be Added/Removed Via API Calls.

-Feature: Filter Load A Saved Job List.

# Build 884 (RackForms 5.9.9) 3.31.16 #

-Major Feature: Save Button For Save And Return Later.

# Build 883 (RackForms 5.9.9) 3.30.16 #

-Major Feature: Save And Resume Support For Signatures.
-Major Feature: LDAP/Active Directory Login For Editor.

-Feature: Center Support For Separators.

-Fix: HTML5 Uploads Not Working.

# Build 882 (RackForms 5.9.9) 3.16.16 #

-Major Feature: Save and Return Later Now Supports File Uploads.

-Feature: Added Width Property To Buttons To Better Handle Responsive Layouts.
-Feature: Now Pass Original Query String Params In Simple Page Login.
-Feature: Added Zip File Upload Filter.

-Fix: Wrappers Using Animation Now Enable Properly.
-Fix: Regression In Bucket Repeater Processing.
-Fix: Better Handling Of Table Mode Layout And Responsive Mode.
-Fix: Radio Class Selector Not Being Applied Properly.
-Fix: Proper Escaping Of CSV Output When Using Query Module.
-Fix: Captcha Code Reinstalled, Better Editor Notices For Invalid Options.
-Fix: CSV Export When MSSQL Dates Are Present Fixed.
-Fix: Fixes To Banner Mode Items Using Non Left Alignment When In Centered Page.
-Fix: Prevent Invalid Form Name/ID Values.

-Change: Removed Default Widths From Most Field Elements.

# Build 881 (RackForms 5.9.9) 2.26.16 #

-Major Feature: Database Config File Selector.

-Fix: Better handling Of Field Position Attributes.

# Build 880 (RackForms 5.9.9) 2.24.16 #

-Feature: Now Return Rows Affected When Using 'Return lastInsertId() / Affected Rows'.
-Fix: Tabbing In Form Wizard No Longer Breaks In Firefox.
-Fix: PDF Import Positions For Tab Items Correct.
-Fix: PDF Import When Select Items Have No Items.
-Fix: PDF Rendering In DIV Text Mode Fixes.

# Build 879 (RackForms 5.9.9) 2.30.16 #

-Feature: Page Border Style And Size.
-Feature: Added fbc.show()/hide() For Conditional Logic Control In Head Code.

-Fix: Center Align Functions Properly For Submission Pages.
-Fix: Better Messaging For PDF Output Issues.
-Fix: Fixes For Center Aligned Items.
-Fix: HTML Entities For Tokens And Email Items.
-Fix: New Print Button Not Visible In Printed Version.
-Fix: Center Aligned Buttons Broken Formatting In Form Pages.
-Fix: Non-Admin Users Can Now Use SQL+ Automator And Query Designer Tools.

-Change: SID Redirects First Page When Cookies Disabled.

# Build 878 (RackForms 5.9.9) 2.19.16 #

-Feature: Print Button Field Item.

-Fix: Email SMTP Settings Not Showing For Some Jobs.

# Build 877 (RackForms 5.9.9) 2.19.16 #

-Major Feature: PDF Encryption And Access Controls.

-Feature: Added 'Delete Attached File After Sending' For Email Static Attachments.

-Fix: Minor UI And Usability Improvements.
-Fix: Positioning Code For Sortable Confirmation Elements.
-Fix: Entry Limit Fixes.
-Fix: Save & Resume Later Fixes.
-Fix: Renamed Variables For Email Attachments For Better Collision Avoidance.
-Fix: HTML Encoding For Entities In Database Driven Select Values.
-Fix: Builder Sort Token Now Uses Field Name As Display Value.

# Build 876 (RackForms 5.9.9) 2.24.16 #

-Major Feature: Body Copy And Headline Fields Gain Inline Resize Control.

-Fix: API Manager Email SMTP Transfer Mode Not Working Properly.

# Build 875 (RackForms 5.9.9) 2.17.16 #

-Fix: Do Not Create Process Or XML Files For Builder Pages.
-Fix: Regression With Form Submit Buttons On Chrome.
-Fix: Fix For Conditional Route UI Not Responding On Webkit.

-Change: Highlight Added Fields.

# Build 874 (RackForms 5.9.9) 2.14.16 #

-Fix: Field Separators Now Behave Better In Free Form Pages With Validation.

# Build 873 (RackForms 5.9.9) 2.12.16 #

-Feature: Added Code Before Query For AJAX Module.
-Feature: Added Field Spans Both Columns For Radio/Checkbox Items.

-Fix: Fixed Regression For PDF Creation Using The Form Wizard.
-Fix: OL List Style Items Show In Forms Output.
-Fix: Center Alignment For All Items Works As Expected.


# Build 872 (RackForms 5.9.9) 2.8.16 #

-Feature: Added Tooltip Support For Radio And Checkbox Items.

-Fix: Submit Button Properly Disabled On Form Submission.


# Build 871 (RackForms 5.9.9) 2.2.16 #

-Feature: Log And Email Database Errors From app/movefiles/config.php.

-Fix: cURL Debug Output Now Shows On All Queries.
-Fix: Video Player Shows Black Screen If Not Poster Frame Set.
-Fix: Database Image's Now Display In PDF Files.
-Fix: Better Support For Tooltips When No Label Is Present.
-Fix: Tail Text And Tooltips For No Label Items Positions Properly.


# Build 870 (RackForms 5.9.9) 1.30.16 #

-Feature: More Items Can Now Be Hidden In The Editor For Non-Admin Users Via app/config.php.
-Feature: Press Escape Key To Close Page Info Toolbox.
-Feature: Database Query Tokens Now Support As Dynamic Field Labels.

-Fix: Several UI Enhancements For Better Editor Usability.
-Fix: Implemented Several Fixes For PDF Rendering and Importing.
-Fix: Positioning Bug When Using Form Output Mode 3 And Code Blocks.
-Fix: Allow Z-Index Of 0 For Images.
-Fix: 'PHP Head Code & Include On Every Page Of This Job' Pages Can Now Be First Page.
-Fix: Dynamic Field Labels Now Display Properly In The Entry Viewer.
-Fix: Checkboxes Now Handled Properly For Multi-Row Builder Updates.


# Build 869 (RackForms 6.0.0) 1.25.16 #

-Major Feature: Custom PHP Code Hooks For Individual Fields.

-Feature: Database Images Now Supported For PDF Files.
-Feature: Added Quick Link To PDF Output Options.
-Feature: New GRID Token For Displaying Data Grid Items Inline.

-Fix: Non-Square Digital Signature Items Resize And Display Properly.
-Fix: Better Handling Of mPDF Full Page Output In Free Form Mode.

-Change: No Longer Generate XML Or Process Pages For Export Mode 3,4,5.


# Build 868 (RackForms 5.9.9) 1.18.16 #

-Feature: Added Dynamic Logic Load Support For Checkboxes.
-Feature: Added Advanced Code Editors To Builder Code After Blocks.

-Change: Prevent Export Of Jobs With Duplicate Submit Button Names.

-Fix: Removed HTML From Block Export When Using "Form Fields Only" Export Mode & Inline Positioning.
-Fix: Separator Works In Free Form Mode.
-Fix: Field Items With Empty Labels Position Properly.
-Fix: jQuery Upload Works Properly Now.
-Fix: Added Field Height Back Into Calendar Fields.
-Fix: Get Single Image Script Now Checks For Function finfo()


# Build 867 (RackForms 5.9.9) 1.10.16 #

-Feature: Add EV_IGNORE To Any Fields Name To Skip Entry Viewer Processing.
-Feature: Added Center Position For All Elements.

-Fix: Process Null Values In Strings For SQL+.


# Build 866 (RackForms 5.9.9) 1.2.16 #

-Feature: Add EV_IGNORE To Any Fields Name To Skip Entry Viewer Processing.
-Feature: Added Center Position For All Elements.

-Fix: Process Null Values In Strings For SQL+.

# Build 865 (RackForms 5.9.9) 12.21.15 #

-Feature: New Open In New Window Setting For Builder Link Tokens.
-Fix: Overlapping Items When In Buckets.
-Change: Can Now Use WHERE Keyword In Builder Template Generation Process.

# Build 864 (RackForms 5.9.9) 12.18.15 #

-Feature: New Embed Page Code Dialog.
-Feature: Google No Captcha Now Supports Custom Button CSS.
-Feature: Added Login Attempts Logic To Editor Login System.
-Feature: Can Now Include Directories For Static Email Attachments.
-Feature: New API Manager Entry For Global Footer Code For All Page Types.

-Fix: Unescaped Entities In Hidden Fields Populated By AJAX Calls.
-Fix: Default Select Vales Parsing Error.

# Build 863 - SP1 (RackForms 5.9.9) 11.16.15 #

-Feature: Added SESSION Token Support For Flat File Module.
-Feature: Enable Persistent Logins? Under Form Security.

-Fix: Multiple PDF Template Pages Can Now Be Sent.
-Fix: Hidden Fields No Longer Submit As Data.
-Fix: Include Mobile Meta Tag When Using 100% Page Width.

-Change: Added Export By Quarter (3 Months) For Entry Viewer.
-Change: Can Now Access Typed Signature Item As F{SignatureFieldName}

# Build 863 (RackForms 5.9.9) 10.15.15 #

-Feature: Added SESSION Token Support For Flat File Module.

-Fix: Multiple PDF Template Pages Can Now Be Sent.
-Fix: Several Smaller Fixes.

# Build 862 (RackForms 6.0.0) 10.5.15 #

-Fix: Flat File Write flags Missing, Created Error.
-Fix: Fixed Several Validation Bugs.
-Fix: Remove Strings From Page Margin Value.
-Fix: jQuery Validate onsubmit Handler Removed.
-Fix: Disable Field On Hide, Enable On Show.
-Fix: Only Validate When Visible Only Works With JS.

-Change: Radio/Checkbox Items Now Create 0 Height Labels If Label Field Is Blank.

-Note: Append NO_ENTRY_VIEWER To Field Name/Value To Exclude From Entry Viewer Display.

# Build 861 (RackForms 6.0.0) 9.23.15 #

-Major Feature: Paypal Payflow Link Checkout Type.
-Major Feature: Dynamic Destinaiton Path For Flat File Upload Items.

-Fix: Only Include jQuery Library Once For Calculation Module.
-Fix: Adding Elements In Sortable Mode Places Below Active Item.
-Fix: Regression Fix For Radio/Checkbox Items.

-Update: PHPMailer Updated To 5.2.12
-Update: jQuery Library Updated To 2.1.4.

-Change: Bootstrap Include Link Now Includes JS By Default.

# Build 860 (RackForms 5.9.9) 8.27.15 #

-Major Feature: New jQuery Uploader.

-Feature: ddSlick jQuery Plugin (Creates Image + Text Dropdowns)

-Fix: Billing Cycles Fix For E-Commerce Items.

-Change: Entry Viewer Label Field Changed To TEXT.

# Build 859 (RackForms 5.9.8) 7.8.15 #

-Feature: Added Semantic UI Support.
-Feature: Added Mobile Version (If Used) To Job Export.
-Feature: Token Access To Array Items In Display Text Fields: F{cb[0]}
-Feature: Buckets Now Have Independent Width Property.
-Feature: Multi-Select Items Now Populate With Query Items Using: 'Populate Form Fields'.

# Build 858 (RackForms 5.9.7) 6.15.15 #

-Feature: Added PDF Support To Q Token In Builder.
-Feature: Added File Name Property To Q_ Builder Token.

-Update: Official Google API: https://github.com/google/google-api-php-client
-Update: Newest Verison of jQuery Validate.

-Fix: decodeURIComponent(label) For jQuery AJAX Items.
-Fix: Conditional Wizard Drop Down Not Holding Focus.
-Fix: Strip New Lines From jQuery Validate Error Messages.
-Fix: Several Fixes For jQuery AJAX And Radio/Checkbox Items.

-Change: Change US Phone Number To US/Canadian Phone Number In Field Presets.
-Change: HTML 5 Drag And Drop Upload Message In Box (Not Message At The Bottom).
-Change: Allow HTML Fomatting In Label For Email Items.

-Update: PHP Mailer To 5.2.10

# Build 857 (RackForms 5.9.7) 5.21.15 #

-Feature: New User Level - Viewer Only.

-Fix: SQL+ Automator Now Processed 'Entire Job' More Consistently.
-Fix: Escaping Quote Sequences In Some Files Was Failing (xml2json.js).

# Build 856 (RackForms 5.9) 4.12.15 #

-Feature: Block Display Mode > Enabled - Page Top.
-Feature: 'Reverse Logic: Hide If This Field Equals' For Conditional Fields.

-Fix: Dynamic Form Field Creation Via Query Module Fixes.
-Fix: Fix For Multi-Page PDF Creation In Form Wizard.
-Fix: (Rev r6 to r7) Updated History Manager To Use onkeyup.

# Build 855 (RackForms 5.9) 3.27.15 #

-Feature: Append Pages When Using PDF Form Wizard.

-Fix: Dynamic Form Field Creation Via Query Module Fixes.
-Fix: Fix For Multi-Page PDF Creation In Form Wizard.

# Build 854 (RackForms 5.9) 3.10.15 #

-Feature: Localization For Save And Return Later.

-Fix: Condition Wizrd.
-Fix: Save And Resume Later With Bucket Items.

# Build 853 (RackForms 5.9) 3.5.15 #

-Feature: 'Select Item List Default Value' For Select/Radio/Checkbox Items.
-Feature: Added Token Support To 'Submit Route' Field For Submit Buttons.

-Fix: Several Fixes For Bucket Repeater Tokens With Email+.

-Update: Modified Default Builder Repeater CSS To Be More Color Neutral.

# Build 852 (RackForms 5.9) 3.2.15 #

-Major Feature: Massive Performance Improvements For Very Large Forms (Editor Options > Huge Form Mode).

# Build 851 (RackForms 5.9) 3.2.15 #

-Feature: Code To Run After Query For SQL+.
-Feature: New Page Export Mode: PHP Head Code & Include On Every Page Of This Job.

-Fix: Several Fixes To SQL+ Automator.

# Build 850 (RackForms 5.9) 2.27.15 #

-Major Feature: 'Save For Database Output' For PDF Page Templates.

-Fix: SQL Automator When Creating Bucket Repeater Fixes.
-Fix: Select Options In Bucket Repeaters Display More Consistently.
-Fix: Signature Pad Not Always Displaying Signatures Properly.
-Fix: DOMPDF Not Always Creating PDF Files.

# Build 849 (RackForms 5.9) 2.24.15 #

-Major Feature: 'Skip This Page If...' To Form Properties.

-Fix: New Element Name Values.

# Build 848 (RackForms 5.9) 2.24.15 #

-Major Feature: 'Display This Block If...' To Block Properties.

# Build 847 (RackForms 5.9) 2.22.15 #

-Major Feature: Added PostgreSQL To SQL+ Automator.

-Feature: Signatures Can Be Marked As Not Required.
-Feature: Form Background Color Now Applied To Automatic Mobile Version.

-Fix: Duplicating Buckets Fixed (Regression From 846).
-Fix: Adding Form Elements Would Loose Sort/Drag Ability.
-Fix: European Text Calendar Visibility.
-Fix: Dragging Elements Between Buckets Created Error Message.
-Fix: Bucket Repeaters Not Processing Email+ Items Properly.
-Fix: Setting Unlimited Bucket Repeaters Value Fixed.
-Fix: Form Break Warning Messages In Logs.
-Fix: SQL Automator Complete Message Now Displays As Expected.
-Fix: Adding Primary Key's With SQL+ Automator When Altering Tables.
-Fix: Buckets Not Always Processing In SQL+ Automator.
-Fix: Create All Tables Automator Fixes.
-Fix: Table Mode Label Position When Using Inline Label Alignment.

# Build 846 (RackForms 5.9) 2.13.15 #

-Major Feature: Control Field Visibility Across Pages In Conditional Processing.
-Major Feature: HTTP Request And Redirect Module Added For Form Pages.
-Major Feature: Added 'Only Show This Field If:' Options To Conditional Show/Hide Logic.

-Feature: Display PHP Tags In Labels.
-Feature: Data Grid Items Now Remember Entry Values.
-Feature: Better Renaming Of Bucket Items During Copy Operations.

-Fix: Creating Separators In Buckets.
-Fix: Condition Wizard Creates Proper Code For Checkbox Items.

# Build 845 (RackForms 5.9) 2.3.15 #

-Major Feature: Form Style Properties > Make Page Responsive Button.
-Major Feature: 3 New Options For Creating Responsive Buckets.
-Major Feature: Grid Layout For Responsive Buckets.
-Major Feature: Bucket Repeaters - 'Custom JavaScript Code'.

-Feature: Now Support % Width For Field Items.
-Feature: Bootstrap CDN Option in CSS Samples.

-Fix: Buckets Now Get Unique Name's When Created.

# Build 844 (RackForms 5.9) 2.4.15 #

-Major Feature: Visual SQL Query Builder.
-Major Feature: SQL Wizard.
-Major Feature: Support For RackForms On PostgreSQL Installations.
-Major Feature: 'Database Table' And 'Database Column Name' For Image Field.

-Feature: Stored Procedure Support For Basic Select Builder Queries.

-Fix: Only Allow One Instance Of Each Field Name In SQL+ Automator.
-Fix: Bad Default Value Picker With SQL Procedure In Label Fields.
-Fix: Calling Stored Procedures With PDO.
-Fix: Error When Using SQL+ Automator In Forms With Hidden Fields.

# Build 843 (RackForms 5.9) 1.20.15 #

-Major Feature: PDFTK Support + Confirmation Module.

-Feature: Force Empty First Value For Select Items.
-Feature: PDF Import Now Populates Select, Radio, And Checkbox Values.
-Feature: Word Count For Textarea Fields For Calculation Module.

-Fix: Unwanted Rename Of Field Items When Tabbing Out Of Label Field.
-Fix: Escape Custom Select Item Options That Use '

-Change: PDF Attachments For Email Now Enabled By Default.
-Change: Print CSS Styles For Entry Viewer - Hides Non-Essential UI Elements and Columns.

-Update: Latest Version Of PDF.js

# Build 842 (RackForms 5.9) 12.20.14 #

-Major Feature: Reporting Module.

-Feature: 'Fully Automated Resume Mode' Option For Which Page We Return To.
-Feature: WordPress Manager Now Accepts Custom Table Prefix.

-Fix: Invalid PDF Page Size Export Warning.

-Update: Support For Newest Versions Of DOMPDF, TCPDF.

# Build 841 (RackForms 5.8) 12.3.14 #

-Major Feature: noCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA Support.

-Feature: Added Shipping Amount To PayPal Express Checkout and Stripe.

-Fix: MSSQL Not Passing NULL For Empty Values.

-Change: Builder Pages Now Get Repeater Added By Default.

-Performance: Use Native JSON Decode When Possible (~Half Second From Editor Load Time).

# Build 840 (RackForms 5.8) 11.25.14 #

-Feature: Text Color For Character Counter.
-Feature: Custom Color Support For Required Fields Via 'Required Field Color'.
-Feature: Custom Text Support For Required Fields Via 'Required Field Text'.
-Feature: Apply 'Form BG Opacity' Value For Page Opacity Values.
-Feature: SQL Automator Now Autofills Database And Table Name.

-Fix: Copy Page Styles Now Copies Over Background Image Data.
-Fix: SQL Automator Created Precision For LONGTEXT Fields.
-Fix: Resizing Page Could Clip Form Preview Area.

# Build 839 (RackForms 5.8) 11.23.14 #

-Feature: Block Browsers Without Cookie Option & Backup SID Support.

-Fix: MSSQL Password Reminders.
-Fix: Editor Would Become Unresponsive In Some Cases.
-Fix: Admins Can Now Export All Jobs Without Needing To Be The Job Owner.
-Fix: Label Position In Free Form Pages Now Respected.
-Fix: Blocker Not Covering File Upload Item.
-Fix: Blocker Items Not Covering All Items In Editor.

-Change: Make 'Only Validate When Visible' The Default.
-Change: Updated PHPMailer to 5.2.9.

# Build 838 (RackForms 5.7) 11.15.14 #

-Major Feature: Existing Background Image Chooser.

-Feature: Added Apply Font Color To All Option.
-Feature: Added Opacity Control To Page Backgrounds.
-Feature: Added Email Option To Fully Automated Save And Resume Later.
-Feature: Append Custom Value To Uploaded Files Names.

-Fix: Warning Message In Logs When Creating Full Screen Background.
-Fix: Optimization For Array Variables Check.
-Fix: SQL Automator Always Creates Bucket Block.
-Fix: Radio Items Validating Even When Visible.
-Fix: Removed Items That Caused Log Entries.
-Fix: Can't Delete PDF Upload Items In Entry Viewer.

-Change: Updated Calendar GIF To PNG.
-Change: Installer Updates And Better Preflight Checks.

# Build 837 (RackForms 5.8) 11.5.14 #

-Major Feature: SQL Automator Processes Bucket Repeater Items.
-Major Feature: Condition Wizard.
-Major Feature: Mobile Version Export Can Now Be Toggled On Or Off.

-Feature: CSS 3 Gradients Now Display In The Editor.
-Feature: Added New 'Full Screen Image' Layout Mode For Background Images.
-Feature: Password Strength Widget Under Validation For Password Fields.

-Fix: European Date Tokens Not Working As Expected In Builder Forms.
-Fix: Banner Mode Fixes And Better UI Updates When Enabled.
-Fix: Table Mode Banners Not Spanning Full Width Of Page.
-Fix: Custom CSS Easier To Use For Submit Buttons.
-Fix: Banner Mode Items In Auto-Mobile Versions Now Span Full Page Width.
-Fix: Challenge Question Submission Validation Now Name-Spaced To Form Instances.
-Fix: Page Stats Not Calculating Completed Percentage Properly.

-Change: Example Job Browser Saves Searches.
-Change: fb_login Table Now Installed By Default.

# Build 836 (RackForms 5.7) 10.30.14 #

-Major Feature: Much Expanded & Improved Designer Mode.
-Major Feature: New Save And Resume Mode: 'Fully Automated'.

# Build 835 (RackForms 5.7) 10.27.14 #

-Feature: Added Dark Themed Editor Overlay (For Positioning Items).
-Feature: Added Finer Grain Control Over iFrame Resize In Code Blocks.

-Fix: Setting Page Background Colors From Quick Swatches Now Updates Control Previews.
-Fix: Easier To Access Page Properties Quick Box.
-Fix: Builder Would Not Escape % Characters In LIKE Queries.

-Change: iFrame Embed Code Now Creates Unique Names For Each Page In The Job.

# Build 834 (RackForms 5.7) 10.25.14 #

-Feature: Added React Support In Include JavaScript Libraries.

-Fix: Builder Radio/Checkbox Items Not Populating For Update Queries In Some Cases.
-Fix: iFrame Auto-Size Code For Blocks Fix.

# Build 833 (RackForms 5.7) 10.24.14 #

-Feature: Added: 'Use CSS Styles For Links?' For Page Styles.
-Feature: Added: 'Auto iFrame Resize Mode' To Block Element.
-Feature: Apply Font Styles To All Releated Items Shortcut (Size, Color, Weight)

-Fix: Field Presets Creation Bug.
-Fix: Better Warning If Exporting XML For Unsaved Jobs.
-Fix: Not Able To Leave Grab Field Style Mode.
-Fix: New Query Items 'Result Set Variable Name' Now Unique For Each New Item.
-Fix: PDF Creation Process Now Groups Radio And Checkbox Items As Expected.

-Change: Blocks Now Inline By Default.

# Build 832 (RackForms 5.7) 10.20.14 #

-Major Feature: Bucket Repeaters Support For Simple Email Via BUCKET{} Token.

-Feature: Survey Item Font Size For Questions and Responses.

-Fix: Better Messaging For Failed File Uploads.

# Build 831 (RackForms 5.7) 10.10.14 #

-Fix: Added Try/Catch To Better Handle Errors For Google Sheets.
-Fix: Bucket Repeater Fix For SQL+ Insert Items.

# Build 830 (RackForms 5.6) 10.3.14 #

-Major Feature: Added SQL Automator Support For Query Items That Use Dynamic Field Creation.
-Major Feature: Added Custom CSS and JS Blocks To Code Block Element.

-Feature: Added 'Export As Tab Delimited' In Job List For Entry Viewer.

-Fix: Remove 'Same As' Validation Rule On Item That No Longer Exists In Job.
-Fix: Mime Type Definition Fix For Builder Tokens Image Display.

# Build 829 (RackForms 5.5) 9.26.14 #

-Feature: Added 'Custom Page Process Code' Block.
-Feature: Added CSS Parser To Advanced Code Editor.
-Feature: Added 'Complete Message' Property To HTML 5 Upload.

-Update: UX Improvements To Page JavaScript/CSS Block.
-Update: HTML 5 Uploads Now Show Better UX For Multiple File Uploads.

-Fix: More Fixes For Google Docs Sheets.
-Fix: Prevent Tooltips From Activating When Being Tabbed Too.
-Fix: Google Font's Now Preview Properly When Changed.
-Fix: Builder Queries Not Handling WHERE Blocks Properly.
-Fix: Prevent Multiple Items Of The Same ID In Dynamic Variable Picker.
-Fix: HTML 5 File Uploader Now Supports Multiple Items On The Same Page.

# Build 828 (RackForms 5.5) 9.13.14 #

-Feature: 'Added Required Error Message' Field Validation Block.

-Fix: Better Handling Of Error Message With Block Highlight Mode.
-Fix: Better Display Of Error Field Text.
-Fix: Major Fixes For jQuery Validate.
-Fix: Updated Google Analytics To Use Universal Tracking ID.

# Build 827 (RackForms 5.5) 9.12.14 #

-Feature: Added Support For Loading AJAX Values For Secondary Fields On Page Load.

-Fix: AJAX Library Select Code Fix.
-Fix: Better Style Detection When Creating New Elements.
-Fix: Better Handling Of Copy Item Logic.
-Fix: -mobile Version JS Includes Now PLaced Before User JS Code.
-Fix: Ampersands In XML Documents For Custom Form REGEX Now Escaped.
-Fix: Google Docs Data Grid Saving Bug.
-Fix: TinyMCE Editor Updating Wrong Field Instance.
-Fix: Regression Fix From Adding Data Grid Saving Logic.
-Fix: New Identifier For Builder Pages To Allow For Multiple iFrame Repeaters In Same Page.
-Fix: Tweaks For Better Formatting Of Email Submission Items.

# Build 826 (RackForms 5.4) 9.5.14 #

-Major Feature: Google Docs Sheets Now Procsses Data Grid Rows As Individual Rows.
-Major Feature: Dynamic Survey Question Generation.

-Feature: Added Fieldset Property For Buckets.
-Feature: Form Blocks Renamed To Field Presets, Added Field Presets.
-Feature: AJAX Items Now Load Values On Page Load.

-Update: PHP Mailer Updated To Newest Build.

-Change: Label Field Used For Most Input Items Instead Of DIV.

-Fix: Do Not Upscale Thumbnail Images If Smaller Than Max Thumbnail Size.
-Fix: Code Block Elements Checked For Duplicates.
-Fix: Repeated Buckets Are Not Invisible When Originating From A Hidden Source.


# Build 824 (RackForms 5.4) 8.8.14 #

-Feature: Survey Items Gain Ability To Only Validate When Visible.
-Feature: SQL+ Automator Now Creates Digital Signature Items.
-Feature: DB File (Q) Token For Pulling File Data For Download In Builder Forms.
-Feature: Added Code Block Element For Builder And Confirmation Pages.
-Feature: Added FR Token To Code Block Element.

-Fix: Builder Tokens In href Elements Being Mangled.
-Fix: We Now Escape Double Quotes In Select Item SQL Queries.
-Fix: Hidden Field Default Values Not Formatted Properly When Using jQuery.
-Fix: Better Detection of Existing Font Size When Creating New Elements.
-Fix: SQL+ Automator Not Always Animating Newly Created SQL+ Elements.
-Fix: Digital Signature Include Missing Database File.
-Fix: Text Area Field Blocker Not Resizing When Parent Element Does.
-Fix: Better Warnings If No PK Is Found For Repeater Multi-Update Items.
-Fix: PK Field Now Found For MSSQL Data Sources In Builder Update Forms.
-Fix: Builder Templates That Use Inline PHP For HTML Field Properties Handled Better

# Build 823 (RackForms 5.3) 7.25.14 #

-Fix: Selecting Elements In Editor Would Fail In Some Cases.
-Fix: SQL+ Autotmator Would Create Extra PK Field When Not Needed.
-Fix: Default Values For Signature Pad Text Options.
-Fix: Warning Messages When Removing Items In The Editor.
-Fix: Signature Pad File Missing.
-Fix: PDF Upload Not Returning Validation Errors Properly.

# Build 821 (RackForms 5.2) 7.25.14 #

-Feature: Added 'SMTP - Transfer Mode' To API Manager.

-Change: Several New Sample Jobs.

# Build 820 (RackForms 5.2) 7.11.14 #

-Feature: Added TODAYS_DATE and TODAYS_DATE_EU to Dynamic Variable Picker For Body Copy And Section Text.
-Feature: For Submit and Button Elements: Single CSS Declaration Block.

-Fix: Error When Selecting Email Items On Some Forms. (Regression From 819)
-Fix: Dynamic Variable Picker For Body Copy Elements Updates When Using WYSIWYG Editor.
-Fix: We Now Use jQuery For Conditional Field Animations.

# Build 819 (RackForms 5.2) 6.15.14 #

-Feature: Can Now Press Control R To Toggle An Items Required State.
-Fix: Show "Draw It Text" For Digital Signatures.

# Build 818 (RackForms 5.2) 6.7.14 #

-Major Feature: Create Entire Job To Multiple Or Single Tables Via SQL+ Automator.

-Feature: Can Now Move Groups Of Elements Using Alt-Arrow Keys.
-Feature: Added SMTP Server Settings To API Manager.

-Fix: SQL+ Automator Now Sets Calendar Fields Properly Based On Type.
-Fix: SQL Items Now Populate With The Default SQL DB Vendor.
-Fix: Dynamic Variable Picker Not Working With Standard Fields.
-Fix: Builder Forms Replacing Valid Code With Proxy Code.

-Change: Update For fb_api_manager Table.

# Build 817 (RackForms 5.1) 5.2.14 #

-Fix: Failed Signature Now Resets Submit Button Text.
-Fix: Disable Field Controls When Dragging Sortable Page Elements.

# Build 816 (RackForms 5.1) 4.24.14 #

-Fix: Layering of Control Box.
-Fix: SQL+ Automator Fixes.
-Fix: Error Thrown When Using Find A Field.

# Build 815 (RackForms 5.1) 4.7.14 #

-Fix: Better Logic For Drag Drop Operations When Showing Control Box.

# Build 814 (RackForms 5.1) 4.7.14 #

-Feature: Added Grid Overlay To Page Options Box.

-Fix: Installer Has Better Checks For File Permissions.

-Update: Signature Pad To v2.5.1.

# Build 813 (RackForms 5.1) 4.18.14 #

-Fix: Drag And Drop Issues Fixed.
-Fix: Field Autoname Ignores Punctuation.
-Fix: Field Autoname Now Prevent Empty Values From Populating Fields.
-Fix: First Change Of Field Type Would Change Free-Form Position.

-Change: All Font Size Defaults To 10pt For Better PDF Compatibility.
-Change: Normalized All Field Heights To 16px.
-Change: New Field Delete And Copy Buttons.
-Change: Field Hover Display For Copy/Delete.

# Build 812 (RackForms 5.1) 4.11.14 #

-Fix: Some XML Jobs Not Loading Properly Into Editor.
-Fix: Naming Error In PDF Import.
-Fix: Alt+Arrow Key Press Moves Form Fields Again.

-Change: `Find A Field` Now Ignores Case.

# Build 811 (RackForms 5.1) 4.7.14 #

-Feature: Field Style Properties > Element Position: Left Or Right.

-Fix: Updates To Banner Mode And Page Padding Logic.

# Build 810 (RackForms 5.1) 4.6.14 #

-Fix: Resize When Scrolled For Advanced Code Editor.
-Fix: Firefox Caches Old Version Of Jobs On Load.

# Build 809 (RackForms) 4.5.14 #

-Feature: Autoformat Code Selection For Advanced Code Editor.
-Feature: Full Page Advanced Code Editor Now Includes Prototype, jQuery, and Angular In Code Preview.
-Feature: Advanced Code Editor Now Resizable.

-Fix: Regression From 808

# Build 808 (RackForms) 4.4.14 #

-Feature: Choose Display Type For Toolbox Elements Under Editor Options > Toolbox Icons

-Fix: Using Additional JS Library's Would Prevent Any Standard Includes.
-Fix: Added ondragleave Event To HTML 5 Upload.
-Fix: Smarter Logic For New Items Label Color Assignment.
-Fix: Editing Attribute On Element, Then Selecting Another Element Would Loose Previous Edit.

-Change: If History Is Enabled, Do Not Prompt For Element Delete Confirmation.

# Build 807 (RackForms) 3.29.14 #

-Feature: Choose Display Type For Toolbox Elements Under 'Editor Options' > Toolbox Icons.

-Fix: Analytics Updates Proper Visitor Count.
-Fix: Issue With total_billing_cycles Property of E-Commerce Subscription Items.
-Fix: jQuery UI Calendar Items Not Appearing.
-Fix: A Few Updated Sample Jobs.

-Change: If History Is Enabled, Do Not Prompt For Element Delete Confirmation.

# Build 806 (RackForms) 3.26.14 #

-Fix: Chrome Closing Calendar Items Unexpectedly.

-Update: TinyMCE 4.

# Build 805 (RackForms 5) 3.20.14 #

-Major Feature: Stats Tracking In Entry Viewer.

-Feature: If Custom Value Not Already Set, Entering Label Creates Name/Value For Valid Fields.

-Fix: Apply Font Size To All Elements Not Working When Unit Specified.
-Fix: Prevent Number Only Values For Name/ID Fields.
-Fix: Apply Styles To All Pages Not Working In All Cases.

# Build 804 (RackForms) 3.18.14 #

-Fix: Apply Font Size To All Elements Not Working When Unit Specified.

# Build 803 (RackForms) 3.12.14 #

-Major Feature: Form History System.
-Major Feature: Buckets Now Support Free Form Pages.
-Major Feature: Buckets items Drag And Drop With 100% Accuracy.

-Feature: Google Analytics Added To API Manager.

# Build 802 (RackForms) 3.9.14 #

-Major Feature: Align Fields Right Click Item.

-Change: Revert Internally To Prototype 1.6.1.

-Fix: Smart Duplicate Not Renaming All Fields.
-Fix: Scrolling When Dragging Items In Free Form / List Pages.
-Fix: Scrolling When Dragging Items In Sortable Pages.

# Build 801 (RackForms) 3.7.14 #

-Major Feature: API Manager Page and Editor Integration.

-Fix: Small UI Tweaks and Fixes.
-Fix: Bug When Adding Some Form Blocks Elements To Pages.

-Change: We Now Allow '->' For Default Value Property (Used to access object properties).

# Build 800 (RackForms) 3.5.14 #

-Feature: Apply Field Width/Height To All Items, Not Just Related.
-Feature: jQuery Support Added To The Calculation Module.
-Feature: View PDF's In The Entry Viewer.
-Feature: Updates To Entry Viewer.
-Feature: New Color Picker.

-Fix: Calculation Module Now Adds All Values In Checkbox Groups.

# Build 799 (RackForms) 3.4.14 #

-Feature: Advanced Code Editor For Raw Code Block Element.
-Feature: Block Element Now Supports Inline Mode.
-Feature: E-Commerce Items Can Now Be Required.
-Feature: jQuery Validate Support For E-Commerce Items.

-Change: Block Element 'Block Enabled' Changed To 'Block Display Mode'
-Change: -mobile Versions Now Have 10px Of Padding For Sortable Layouts.

-Update: newest Version of jQuery Mobile.

# Build 798 (RackForms) 3.3.14 #

-Feature: 'Invoice Title' For E-Commerce Invoices.

-Fix: Last Loaded Job Not Always Loading Into Editor.
-Fix: CSS Updates To Invoices Pages.

# Build 797 (RackForms) 3.2.14 #

-Fix: Socket Error When Using PDO.
-Fix: Bucket Repeaters Now Work With AJAX Calls.

# Build 796 (RackForms) 2.27.14 #

-Fix: ASP Page Output Fixes.

# Build 795 (RackForms) 2.26.14 #

-Major Feature: WordPress Post Manager Now Writes To WordPress Pages.

# Build 794 (RackForms) 2.25.14 #

-Major Feature: Stripe/PayPal Invoice Page Display Options (Inline/Full Page)

# Build 793 (RackForms) 2.25.14 #

-Fix: E-Commerce Email Field Now Remembers Entered Values.
-Fix: WordPress And Joomla Module Now Save Connection Details Per-User.
-Fix: + Signs In AJAX Queries Removed.

-Change: Editor Automatically Resizes To Fit Page Width When Room Exists.

# Build 792 (RackForms) 2.23.14 #

-Major Feature: Form Blocks Can Now Be Created For Any Item On Any Page Type.
-Feature: Form Blocks Improvements To Discoverability and Added Features.

-Fix: 'Create Form Blocks'
-Fix: Missing Image Icon For Style Preview Mode.

# Build 791 (RackForms) 2.19.14 #

-Feature: The Editors 'Job Folder' Options Now Save And Persist Across Loads.

# Build 790 (RackForms) 2.18.14 #

-Change: PayPal 'Ask For Billing Address' Now Selected By Default.

# Build 789 (RackForms) 2.15.14 #

-Change: Editor Now Fixed Position.

# Build 788 (RackForms) 2.14.14 #

-Fix: Form Wizard not Respecting Full Page Option.
-Fix: Standard and 3D Captcha Now Works With Multiple Forms On One Page.

-Change: Embed Code Prompt Skips Message To Show Code With Fewer Clicks.

# Build 787 (RackForms) 2.11.14 #

-Major Feature: New HTML 5 Options When 'Range' Selected.

-Fix: Resolved Rare Job Load Error.

# Build 786 (RackForms) 2.10.14 #

-Major Feature: PayPal Express Checkout Subscription Support.
-Major Feature: Query Module 'Dynamic Element Creation Mode'.
-Major Feature: Multiple AJAX Module's Can Now Process The Same Target.
-Major Feature: Added Email+ Support For Standard Form Pages.

-Feature: Added Token Support To Confirmation Page Head JS Code Block.
-Feature: Number Questions For Survey Items.

-Fix: Addressed Several German Calendar Issues.
-Fix: jQuery Validation - Zip Code Message Was Applied To Wrong Field.
-Fix: Stripe Payment Errors Now Display Properly.
-Fix: AJAX/Builder Queries Now Accept 'with a as()' Queries (MSSQL).
-Fix: Builder Repeater Queries Creating The Wrong Multi-Update Table Name.

# Build 785 (RackForms) 1.12.14 #

-Fix: E-commerce Module Redirect Improvements.

# Build 784 (RackForms) 1.10.14 #

-Feature: Stripe and PayPal Express Checkout Now Support iFrame Embedding For Redirects.
-Feature: Page Export Mode > 'PHP Head Code Only' Mode.
-Feature: Email Static Attachment Items Are Now Dynamic.
-Feature: Save Job To XML Now Creates A Download Prompt.

-Fix: Job Folder names Not Being Removed Properly.
-Fix: Repeater SQL Template Builder Not Accepting External Connections.
-Fix: To Prevent Issues With Chrome Calendar Fields Now Render As Standard type="Text".

# Build 783 (RackForms) 12.30.13 #

-Major Feature: Generate Template For Builder Repeater.

-Fix: geo_ Columns Populating In Entry And Survey Result Viewer.
-Fix: geo_ Columns Populating In Simple Email.

# Build 782 (RackForms) 12.23.13 #

-Major Feature: Improved Code Editor - Full Screen, Auto-Complete and More.

-Fix: Do Not Print Geo_ Columns In Entry Viewer.

# Build 781 (RackForms) 12.23.13 #

-Major Feature: Page Info Window For Quick Editing of Common Page Properties.
-Major Feature: 'Export Query Result To Comma Delimited' For Query Module Items.

-Feature: 100% Page Width Option.
-Feature: Job Folders Retain State Between Openings.

-Fix: Quote Marks In Saved Jobs Prevented Loading In Some Cases.
-Fix: HTML Output Cleanups.
-Fix: Job Folder Assignment Fixes.

# Build 780 (RackForms) 12.23.13 #

-Major Feature: 'Ignore First Parameter' Option For Ajax Module.

-Feature: Added Query Module > Close Connection After Request To Support Temp Table Queries.
-Feature: SQL+ Always Returns A Last Insert ID to $_SESSION['sqlplus_retval']
-Feature: New Tooltip Solution No Longer Uses 3rd Party Library.

-Fix: Error When Using SQL+ Automator With an External Host.
-Fix: jQuery Library Now Loads For AJAX Module.
-Fix: jQuery Version of Ajax Call Now Clears Text Fields When Asked.
-Fix: HTML Output Cleanups.

# Build 779 (RackForms) 12.7.13 #

-Major Feature: Joomla Module.
-Major Feature: PayPal Express Checkout API.

-Feature: BI Tokens Work For PHP Top Code and Email+ Items.
-Feature: Builder Pager Helper Messages / Can Be Used Inline.

# Build 778 (RackForms) 11.23.13 #

Major Feature: FD{field} Token, To Query A Field Element With Double Quotes In The Name.
Major Feature: BI{bucket_name|0|name} Token, To Query A Specific Bucket Repeater Element.

-Feature: Prevent Number as first Character for field names.
-Feature: Code Submit Button For Advanced Code Editor.
-Feature: Can Now Mark Survey Items As Required.
-Feature: "Form Fields Only" Page Export Mode.
-Feature: Added Advanced Code Editor To Body Copy And Headline Text Editors.
-Feature: Added Advanced Code Editor To Source SQL For Select Items.
-Feature: Newly Created Pages Have Same Width As Existing Pages.

-Fix: Calendar Process Code Prevented Correct Dates From Validating.
-Fix: Default Date Not Set For Calendar Items.
-Fix: Bug Fix In ODBC Driver.
-Fix: Bug Fix With ODBC And Auto Suggest Module When Using A DBDSN.
-Fix: No Longer Wrap Sort Parameters In Builder Queries, As This Caused Issues With Ambiguous Column Names.
-Fix: DATETIME Values Now Export Properly In MSSQL When Returned As Objects Via Builder.
-Fix: Survey Items Now Scale To 100% Width For Mobile Version.
-Fix: Several Fixes For WordPress Post Editor.

# Build 777 (RackForms) 10.29.13 #

-Major Feature: Database Image Support Via The Image Modules: Database Image Properties.
-Major Feature: PDF Upload in Form Wizard.

-Feature: Angular JS Support With JavaScript Include.
-Feature: SQL+ Automator Enhancements: Option To Create Primary Key, Several new Shortcuts And Helpers.

-Change: Bucket Items In -Mobile Now Work Better, Taking Up 100% Of The Parent Buckets Width.
-Change: Hidden Fields Can Now Have The Same Name When Used On Different Pages, Great For Database Work.

-Fix: Form Blocks - more info on contents, bug fixes.

# Build 776 (RackForms) 9.21.13 #

-Feature: HTML 5 Text Input Type Selector.

-Fix: Added Bucket Repeater Include Code After First Page.
-Fix: Addressed Mixed Content Firefox/Chrome Bug.

-Change: Disable Errant Job Load Error Message.

# Build 775 (RackForms) 9.9.13 #

-Feature: Added Token Support For Builder Update Items.
-Feature: Added Custom Callbacks to Bucket Repeater Actions (Load, Add, Remove).
-Feature: Added Calendar Validation Code To Standard Calendar Element.

-Fix: Added Bucket Repeater Include Code After First Page.

# Build 774 (RackForms) 8.23.13 #

-Major Feature: Initial ASP Support.

-Feature: Calendar Items Can Now Be Used With Bucket Repeaters.

-Feature: SSL Options For HTTP Request. (verify peer, cert bundle, etc)
-Feature: Debug Options For HTTP Request. (show stats, debug info)
-Feature: Encoding Option for HTTP Request.

-Fix: HTML 5 Uploads Now Save To Email As Expected.
-Fix: Load Last Saved Job Now Works As Expected.
-Fix: AJAX Calls Now Work As Expected On Mobile Forms.

# Build 772 (RackForms) 6.9.13 #

-Major Feature: Brand New Add Elements Interface.
-Major Feature: Quickly Filter Demo / Example Jobs.

-Feature: Added 'Clicked' Action For Conditional Logic.

-Fix: jQuery Validate Not Working On Submit.
-Fix: Default Values For Dynamic Select Items.
-Fix: Buckets Being Used For Conditional Logic.

# Build 770 (RackForms) 5.3.13 #

-Major Feature: Direct WordPress Post Embed.
-Major Feature: Stripe Payment Gateway Now Provides An API For Post Payment Data Capture.
-Major Feature: Form Wizard For Builing Forms.
-Major Feature: MongoDB Support For Queries, SQL+.

-Feature: Better Header Display For Entry Viewer.
-Feature: Filter Rows Capability For Entry Viewer.
-Feature: Submit Button For Job Ownership.

-Fix: Firefox 20 Bug Fix.
-Fix: Builder Page Images Now Work As Expected.

# Build 769 (RackForms) 3.17.13 #

-Major Feature: Built-in jQuery Validate Support.
-Major Feature: Create A "Streaming" XML File Via The Flat File Module With: XML Wrapper.

Fix: Installer Issue With MSSQL.
Fix: More Refined and Detailed License Messages In The Event We Have Login Issues.

# Build 768 (RackForms) 3.12.13 #

-Major Feature: Create And Process Dynamic Elements From Query Calls.

-Fix: TinyMCE Editor Now Respects Custom Code Left In TD Elements With No Other Content.
-Fix: Installer Script For MSSQL.
-Fix: Form Persistence Fixes.

# Build 766 (RackForms) 2.27.13 #

-Major Feature: Added jQuery Mobile Support For JS Library / Default For Mobile Version.
-Major Feature: Google Chrome Users Can Now Build Forms With Voice Commands.
-Major Feature: Block Field Element For Placing Raw Elements In Form Code.

-Feature: Adds A Global To Slider Objects For Easy Function Reference.
-Feature: Can Now Have Dynamic Link Text For *L (link) Builder Tokens

-Fix: Do Not Resize Editor When Resizing Buckets.
-Fix: include_once Bug Fix For Data Driven Select Items.

# Build 765 (RackForms) 2.2.13 #

-Feature: Added Support For Multi-select Default Values In Database Queries.

-Fix: Bug In Conditional.js When Unchecking Checkboxes.

# Build 764 (RackForms) 1.27.12 #

-Major Feature: Stripe Integration.
-Major Feature: Additional JS Libraries Can Now Be Included With Jobs.
-Major Feature: Google Docs Integration.

-Feature: SR Tokens For Builder Repeaters.
-Feature: Disable Submit Button On Submit, Reverts If Form Errors Are Found.
-Feature: Better Control For Signature Fields In Table Mode Layout.
-Feature: Added Currency Format (RF_Calculation) To Utility.js.
-Feature: Added Query Popup Helper To Default Select Items.
-Feature: Added Support For id="" Based Field Items To Calculation Module.
-Feature: Custom Page Sizes For PDF Output When Using mPDF.
-Feature: Better Handling Of Signature Images With mPDF Library.
-Feature: Multi-Select Boxes Can Now Have Dynamic Default Values.

-Fix: Authorize.Net Item Type Now Set Properly For Older Jobs.
-Fix: Selecting --Select-- With AJAX Items No Longer Throws Exception.
-Fix: Tax Rate Added To Shopping Cart Transactions.
-Fix: E-Commerce Items Now Display On Cenetered Pages Properly.
-Fix: Separator Created In Pixels When In Free Form Layouts.

# Build 763 (RackForms) 12.12.12 #

-Major Feature: Tab Order Support For Bucket Items.
-Major Feature: Variable Fields In Datagrids, Default Values, Etc.

-Feature: UI Enhancements.
-Feature: Bucket Items Can Now be Positioned Using ALT/Arrow Key Movement.
-Feature: 'Update This TIMESTAMP Column' Added To Builder Repeater Multi-Update Logic.

-Fix: Changing Item Type Preserves Field Color and Bucket.
-Fix: Bucket Items No Longer Have Width When In Table Mode Layouts.
-Fix: Multi-Part Date And File Uploads Now Respect Hidden Field Validation Logic.

# Build 762 (RackForms) 11.30.12 #

-Major Feature: Default Value Token Popup For Query Module Items.
-Major Feature: CSS3 Background Gradients For Text Elements.
-Major Feature: Emails With Grid Items Now Send Formatted Data.
-Major Feature: Job Folders Under: Job Ownership And When Loading Jobs.

-Feature: Added Enabled/Disabled States For Conditional Logic.
-Feature: New SR (Session Raw) Token For Email Item To: And From: Fields.
-Feature: New Fields In New Versions Of a Form Can Now Be Edited For Legacy Entries In The Entry Viewer.
-Feature: New Builder Tokens For Automatic Date Display.
-Feature: Token Support For Query Module > Code After Query Block.

# Build 760 (RackForms) 10.30.12 #

-Major-Feature: HTML 5 Drag And Drop Uploads Like YouTube.
-Major Feature: WordPress iFrame Resize Plugin In Goodies > WordPress
-Major-Feature: Buckets Now Work Seamlessly With Free Form Pages.

-Feature: Second Row Color For Builder Repeaters.
-Feature: adLDAP Now Exported With Every Job.
-Feature: Can Now Set Editor Defaults For Page/Field Width, Etc, in app/config.php
-Feature: Google Web Fonts Now Preview In Real Time In The Editor.
-Feature: Radio Items Can Now Have The Same Name.

-Change: -mobile Versions Of Our Forms Now Save With 100% Field Width.

-Fix: Error When Removing Pages And Not Showing Code Editor Quick Links.
-Fix: Error When Selecting E-Commerce Confirmation Items.
-Fix: Check For Pages With No .php Extension.
-Fix: Many Changes And Tweaks To File Uploading.
-Fix: Only Attempt Export Zip File Of Job When Asked Now.

# Build 759 (RackForms 3) 10.10.12 #
-Major Feature: Different Page Conditional Logic Support.
-Major Feature: Button Activated Tooltips.
-Major Feature: Analytics And Tracking Module.
-Major Feature: Can Now Add Line Breaks To Survey Mode Select Items.
-Major Feature: Export Job Saves As Zip File Download.

-Change: Renamed XMLParser to FBXMLParser to Avoid PEAR Conflict.
-Change: Advanced Code Editor Now Accepts Code Helper Inserts.
-Change: Added CSS For Survey Print Viewing.
-Change: Multi-Select layout Mode Properties (background color, Padding) For All Checkbox/Radio Items.

-Fix: Special Characters In Entry Viewer Now Rendered Properly.
-Fix: boxshadow CSS Property Now Rendered Properly For Confirmation Pages.
-Fix: Check For Missing MySQLi Driver In AJAX Binding Calls.
-Fix: Builder Repeater Token Chooser FROM Notice.

# Build 758 (RackForms 3) 6.12.12 #
-Major Feature: Custom CSS Support For Button Elements.
-Major Feature: jSlider.

-Change: Signature Pad Area Now Much Larger.

-Fix: Page Preview Now Taken Page Padding And Page Margin.

# Build 757 (RackForms 3) 5.18.12 #
-Feature: Inline Uploaded Image Token - IMG{}.
-Feature: We Now Create An Alias Of The $ret_val Item For SQL+ Items As: [Result Set Variable Name] + '_ret_val'
-Feature: Mobile Formatting Option For Simple Email.

-Fix: Email Quick Add Options Now Works As Expected.
-Fix: Unidefined Index Errors In JS When Mousing Over Just Removed Elements.
-Fix: Having Empty Values For Dynamic Select Items No Longer Breaks Dynamic Default Value Setting.
-Fix: Plain Text Email Line Breaks Now Encoded Properly.
-Fix: Cross Contamination Of Form Results When Multiple Forms Are Run At Once.
-Fix: Code Editor For Builder Removing PHP Code Blocks In Some Instances.
-Fix: Field Names No Longer Throw Error When Removed Of All Characters.
-Fix: Patch to prevent warnign messages when not using relaxed search in Builder Forms, as $where_list won't be set.
-Fix: External Job Loading Under Safari Fixed.

# Build 756 (RackForms 3) 4.15.12 #
-Major Feature: Save PDF's For Email Output.

-Fix: Prevent Rare JavaSscript Warnings When Adding Editor Elements.

# Build 755 (RackForms 3) 4.6.12 #
-Major Feature: Conditional Logic Now Supported In Bucket Repeaters.

-Fix: Size Property For Builder Search Fields Now Respects Size.
-Fix: Missing $dbdsn Param In secure_page.php (For Entry Limit Logic).
-Fix: European DATETIME & TIMESTAMP Values Now Create Proper Values From Calendar Input.
-Fix: Removed Undefined Variable Warnings: signature_embed_unlink_calls In Confirmation.php

# Build 754 (RackForms 3) 3.16.12 #
-Major Feature: Digital Signatures Via Signature Pad.

-Feature: jQuery Libs Updated To 1.7.1.
-Feature: Option To Ignore Blank/Empty Rows In Simple Email.

-Fix: SQL+ 'Insert All Variables' Token Fix.
-Fix: Jobs That Load With Empty Pages Now Correct And Process.

# Build 753 (RackForms 3) 3.11.12 #
-Feature: 'Item JavaScript Event Code' For Data Grids.
-Feature: Warn User If Saving Job With Broken 'On Success' Page Name Link.

-Fix: Encode XML Output To Help Prevent Faulty Security Issues On Some Servers.
-Fix: suhosin.request.max_value_length Checks To Alert Users to Faulty Server Settings.
-Fix: Smart Copy & Rename Now Only Activates When Multiple Items Are Selected.
-Fix: SELECT * JOINS That Contain Ambiguous Column Names (e.g. duplicates) Not Returning Correct Data In Query Module.
-Fix: Loading Jobs Via 'Load A Saved XML File' With Empty Editor No Longer Creates Empty Job.

-Change: Internal Changes To Query Code Creation For Better Output Formatting.
-Change: Installer Is More Aggressive About Warning Users About 'My Domain Key' Changes.
-Change: We Now Automatically Accept [www.] and no [www.] Domain Names Using One Domain Key.

# Build 752 (RackForms 3) 3.2.12 #
-Major Feature: Smart Copy To Duplicate Default Values.

-Fix: SQL+ Automator Now Creates F{} Tokens For All Parameters.

# Build 751 (RackForms 3) 3.2.12 #
-Major Feature: 'Bucket Repeater Mode' To Add New/Dynamic Instances Of Form Field Items.

-Feature: Added autocomplete="off" To CAPTCHA Input Boxes.

-Fix: Parameter Collection For SQL+ Items Now Respects All Tokens.
-Fix: Datagrid Now Dynamically Displays More Than 35 Rows.
-Fix: Double Quotes In 'JavaScript Popup Window Error Message' Now Escaped.
-Fix: Connection Properties For SQL Items When Going From External To Local Now Work
-Fix: Duplicate Multiple Items JS Error Message Fix.
-Fix: Non Supported Database Types Now Trigger An Error Message For Repeater Variable Queries.

# Build 750 (RackForms 3) 2.30.12 #
-Major Feature: Tab Order Control.

-Fix: Installer For MySQL Takes Less Time Preventing Timeout Issues.

# Build 749 (RackForms 3) 2.1.12 #
-Fix: Token Chooser For Static Elements In SQL+ Fixed.

# Build 748 (RackForms 3) 1.31.12 #
-Fix: Background Images For Form Pages Not Displaying.

# Build 747 (RackForms 3) 1.30.12 #
-Feature: We Can Now Select The Database/Email Label Type For Datagrid Items.
-Feature: Datagrid Items Can Now Use Double Pipes (||) To Make The Row A Subhead Row.
-Feature: Page Autotop Gains Ability To Snap To Parent Page (such as with iFrames).
-Feature: Added onException Callback To AJAX Code Processing.
-Feature: AJAX Can Now Run Without Bindings And Will Still Process 'Code After...' Blocks.
-Feature: Added Ajax Error Mode Control And Logic.

-Fix: $ In F{} Tokens For Email+ Fixed.
-Fix: Added Tab Support For Firefox In Autosuggest Module.
-Fix: Implement Proper UI Control For ajax_processing_mode.
-Fix: Load Example Job Browser Alignment In Chrome and IE.
-Fix: WebKit Rendering Error Patch/Workaround When Moving/Duplicating Sortable Pages.

# Build 746 (RackForms 3) 1.5.12 #
-Feature: Automatically Enable 'Page Not Required' Mode When PDF Output Enabled.

-Fix: Radio Items Now Process Dynamic Conditional Code On Page Load.
-Fix: Suppress Error Messages On Mobile Form Create.
-Fix: DB Connector Files For Repeater Nodes Not Returning Proper Database Type.

# Build 745 (RackForms 3) 12.12.11 #
-Major Feature: We Now Create 'Mobile' Versions Of All Forms To: output/forms/job-name + '-mobile'.

-Fix: JSON Library Use To Make RackForms 5.1.4 Compliant.
-Fix: Lower-case WHERE For Builder Queries Now Accepted.
-Fix: Editor Textarea Labels Now Position On Top To Match Final Output.
-Fix: Space Between Label and Element For All Items To Match Final Output.

# Build 744 (RackForms 3) 12.22.11 #
-Feature: Editor Environment Check System.
-Feature: AJAX Module Can Now Be Driven With Radio Items.

-Fix: Direct Access To Confirmation Pages Now Blocked.
-Fix: *J_ Tokens For Builder Forms Now Pull Multiple Images Properly.

# Build 743 (RackForms 3) 12.19.11 #
-Feature: Several UI Enhancements.
-Feature: Job List For Admins Now Shows Job Owner.
-Feature: Toggle Builder Token Display.
-Feature: SQL+ Now Accepts RackForms 2 Token Set.

-Fix: User Creation Details For 'user_options' Column.
-Fix: Entry And Survey Viewer Non-Admin User Fix.
-Fix: Extra Space In Query Module Calls Removed.
-Fix: Dyanmic Variable Picker Updates To Create Proper Tokens.

# Build 742 (RackForms 3 - Final) 12.12.11 #
-Major Feature: Array Item Tokens Can Populate Default Values For Checkboxes.

-Feature: New Login/Password Reminder Pages.
-Feature: Can Now Remove Items From SQL+ Automation.
-Feature: Multiple Page SQL+ Automation Detects Matching Confirmation Page Better.

-Fix: Bucket Items In Table Mode Layouts Now Use Freeform Templates.
-Fix: Chrome And IE Now Maintain Selected Status For Conditional Code, Etc.

# Build 741 (RackForms 3) 11.18.11 #
-Major Feature: Survey Field.
-Major Feature: Added *J Token For Getting Single Database Images In Builder Forms.

-Feature: Implemented Dynamic Form Background Color Display Logic.
-Feature: Added Standard RackForms Token Set To Builder Repeaters.

-Update: DOCTYPE Updated To HTML 5 For All Page Types.

-Fix: Context Menu Closes When We Preview Page.
-Fix: Inherit Font Size & Family Now Updates UI For Multi-Select Items.
-Fix: SQL+ Automator Fixes.
-Fix: Multiple Returns Not Registered In TinyMCE Editors.

# Build 739 (RackForms 3) 10.31.11 #
-Major Feature: Multi-Delete Support For Builder.

-Fix: insertCodeBlock() Updates Node As Well As Editor So Code 'Sticks' When Set.

# Build 738 (RackForms 3) 10.30.11 #
-Major Feature: Initial Localization Support For Editor.
-Major Feature: Google Web Fonts Support.

-Feature: Added Table Mode Span Support To Data Grid.
-Feature: Added Row Index Token For Builder Pages.

# Build 737 (RackForms 3) 10.26.11 #
-Major Feature: Color Picker Widget For Text Fields.
-Major Feature: Ui Mouse Sliders For Many Numeric Fields.
-Major Feature: Quick Color Palette Selector.
-Major Feature: Editor Mode Select (Standard and Designer).

-Feature: Added Height Control To Calendar Items.
-Feature: Can Now Pass Raw PHP Variables In Repeater *C_ Function Calls.

-Update: jQuery Libraries Updated To 1.6.4

# Build 736 (RackForms 3) 10.19.11 #
-Major Feature: Grab Styles For Quick Copy Of Style Properties.

-Feature: New HTML5 'Load A Saved XML File' Logic For Firefox.

-Fix: Body onLoad Tag Improper Parenthesis Closure Fixed.

# Build 735 (RackForms 3) 10.19.11 #
-Feature: Query Module Now Accepts Full RackForms 2 Token Set.
-Feature: Inherit Style Enabled For Radio & Checkbox Items.
-Feature: Font Size Unit Can Now Be Set As Px or Pt.

-Fix: Moved $results = array(); Code in app/movefiles/Database.php

# Build 734 (RackForms 3) 10.17.11 #
-Major Feature: 'Enable Banner Mode' & 'Banner Mode Position'.
-Major Feature: Added mPDF Support.

-Feature: Added Margin For All Field Items.
-Feature: Now Handle More Than One Occurrence Of Same Var Name In Builder Queries.
-Feature: Added Border Radius Control To Text Display Items.
-Feature: Added Field Height To Text Display Items.
-Feature: Added get_pdf.php and get_pdf_single.php For PDF Specific Builder Downloads.
-Feature: New Job Selector For Entry Viewer.

-Fix: Saving Newly (Re)Named Jobs Via 'Save Job To XML' No Longer Triggers Error.

# Build 733 (RackForms 3) 10.12.11 #
-Major Feature: Entry Viewer Filtering.
-Major Feature: Apply Page Style Settings To All Other Pages Button.

-Feature: Added Several Template Jobs.
-Feature: Added Field Height Property For Text And Password Elements.
-Feature: Added 'Captcha Error Message' And 'Captcha Text' Properties.
-Feature: Added 'reCAPTCHA Language Code' Property.
-Feature: Added Box Shadow CSS Property For All Page Types.
-Feature: Added 'Use Border Radius' & 'Border Radius Value' Properties For All Page Types.
-Feature: 'SQL Quick Populate' Feature For Quickly Enabling Dynamic Queries.
-Feature: Added 'Apply To All Items' For Field Height And Field Width.
-Feature: Added 'Page Padding'.
-Feature: Added 'Use Background Color' & 'Item Background Color' For Text Display Items.
-Feature: Added Padding For Text Display Elements.

-Fix: Resolved PHP Notice Message When Building Repeater Jobs.

# Build 732 (RackForms 3) 10.12.11 #
-Major Feature: Embedded iFrame Popup Method.

-Feature: Style Options For Buckets.
-Feature: Added Item Tax Rate Field To E-Commerce Items.

# Build 731 (RackForms 3) 10.04.11 #
-Feature: Text Width And Alignment Properties For Text Display Items.
-Feature: Added Two Access Levels For Better Access Control.
-User Management Can Now Update Email and Privilege Level.

-Fix: No Longer Lose Field Focus When Previewing Forms.
-Fix: Fields Can No Longer Be Named As Reserved Words To Prevent Fatal SESSION Errors.

Change: Editor No Longer Resets When Exporting Form.
Change: Builder File Token Param 6 Is Now Exclusively $array, Param 7 is Max File Upload Size.

# Build 730 (RackForms 3) 9.26.11 #
Major Feature: Update Multiple Builder Rows at Once.

-Feature: Page Level Design Notes.
-Feature: Added Page Character Encoding Option.

-Fix: Extra Line/White Space Left By Advanced Code Editor Removed.
-Fix: Proper Character Set Encoding Property Now Applied To Email Items.
-Fix: Build Form, Toggle Large Editor Items Do Not Resize Properly.

-Change: P tags Now Have 5px Bottom Margin/0px Top Margin For Editor/TinyMCE/Output

# Build 729 (RackForms 3) 9.30.11 #
-Major Feature: Field Calculations.

-Fix: AJAX Now Clears All Text Fields If Set To.

# Build 728 (RackForms 3) 9.20.11 #
-Feature: Select Items Can Now Be Forced To Have a Blank First Value.

# Build 727 (RackForms 3) 9.19.11 #
-Feature: AJAX Module Can Now Write To Non-Populated Checkbox And Radio Items.

# Build 726 (RackForms 3) 9.16.11 #
Major Feature: XML Output Option For Entry Viewer.

# Build 725 (RackForms 3) 9.13.11 #
-Major Feature: Data Grid Field Item.

-Security: Only Admin Users Can Save XML Job Files.

# Build 724 (RackForms 3) 9.7.11 #
-Major Feature: Page Export Mode For Smaller Output.

-Feature: Added valid_children For TinyMCE To Accept Inline <style> Tags.
-Feature: Added Debugging Output For Some Common MySQL Issues in SQL+ Items.

-Fix: MySQL+ $ret_vat Unset Variable Warning Resolved.
-Fix: xmlform.js Hidden Field Check For Calendar Items.
-Fix: Calendar Item Values Would Persist After Form Submission.

# Build 723 (RackForms 3) 9.1.11 #
Feature: Shortcut for Dynamic Query
Feature: Tail Text For Text Fields.

# Build 722 (RackForms 3) 8.30.11 #
Feature: Text Direction Support Via 'Page Internationalization'.
Feature: Create SQL Automation Shortcut (no items selected means all page items get used)

Fix: PDF Page Create Error ($("p-page-pdf-enable-pdf").options[C.]
Fix: SQL Automation - Make More Obvious Which Vendor We Select.

Change: Default TinyMCE Editor Size Now Sets To 400px.

# Build 721 (RackForms 3) 8.23.11 #
Major Feature: Layout Buckets.

Fix: SQL+ Automation: MSSQL Column Width Error (Do Not Enclose INTs)

# Build 720 (RackForms 3) 8.18.11 #
Major Feature: Email Static Attachment.
Major Feature: Survey Viewer.

Fix: Form Snap Type Cast Fix.

# Build 719 (RackForms 3) 8.15.11 #
Feature: Table Mode Layout 'Item Bottom Margin' Property

Update: Updated Deployed Prototype JS Libraries to 1.7

Fix: Backslash's Not Being Returned/Managed Properly in MySQL.
Fix: Margin Display Issue In Table Mode Text Items.
FIx: SQL Server Database Braces.

# Build 718 (RackForms 3) 8.9.11 #
Major Feature: PDF Output Support Via TCPDF.
Major Feature: PDF Output Support Via DOMPDF.

# Build 717 (RackForms 3) 8.3.11 #
-Major Feature: Form Fields Now No Longer Process As Required When Hidden.
-Major Feature: Job Ownership Manager.

-Feature: Quick links for scrolling code editors into view: http://www.roseindia.net/javascript/javascript-scrollintoview.shtml

-Fix: IE 9 Event Model Fix For xmlform.js

# Build 716 (RackForms 3) 7.25.11 #
-Major Feature: Added RackForms TinyMCE Plugin

-Feature: Added Advanced Editor To Builder SQL.

# Build 715 (RackForms 3) 7.13.11 #
-Major Feature: Added 'AJAX Additional Bind 2-4' For Binding More Than One Parameter To An AJAX Call.

-Fix: Form Persistence Database Query Error Parameter Count Fix.
-Fix: Added Encoding Support To Job Saving For Very Rare Instances Of Misconfigured Servers.

# Build 714 (RackForms 3) 7.5.11 #
-Major Feature: Added PostgreSQL Support

-Fix: Email+ Items Have Extra Space In Head Block Sections.

# Build 713 (RackForms 3) 6.29.11 #
-Major Feature: Added SQL+ Creation UPDATE Mode.
-Major Feature: 'Wrapper Class Visibility List' To Hide All Elements Of a Wrapper Class In The Editor.

-Fix: zIndex Issues With Token Chooser and Code Editor.

# Build 712 (RackForms 3) 6.25.11 #
-Major Feature: Extended Dynamic Default Select Values To Radio and Checkbox Items.

-Fix: Invalid jQuery Tools Include Path Changed.

# Build 711 (RackForms 3) 6.25.11 #
-Major Feature: Dynamic Default Select Values

-Feature: Passing ID to showWrapperLoad() + Related Calls Is Now Optional.
-Feature: ID Attribute Added To: RackForms-output-div-
-Feature: Added animationDone() Callback To conditional.js
-Feature: Added RackForms 2 Default Token Support To Default Value Items.

-Fix: Sorting Property When Adding New Element In Sortable Bug Fix.

# Build 710 (RackForms 3) 6.20.11 #
-Major Feature: Added ODBC Support
-Major Feature: Added Email Encoding Support.
-Major Feature: Added SQL+ Automation.
-Major Feature: Quick Links For Advanced Code Editors.

-Feature: Added 'Custom Body onload Code' To: Page Javascript/Head Code.
-Feature: iFrame Code Now Had 'Name' Property Defined For Scripting Against window.frames[]
-Feature: Create 'always_saved' Folder For Every Job For Library Files, Etc.
-Feature: Advanced Code Editor is Now Draggable.

-Fix: z-index Changes To Editor For Cleaner UI.
-Fix: Issue Where MySQL Users Would Have MSSQL Host Name Elements Escaped Unnecessarily.

-Change: Form Previews Now Open In Bigger Windows.

# Build 709 (RackForms 3) 6.5.11 #
-Feature: TinyMCE Updated To 3.4.2
-Feature: TinyMCE PHP Code Blocks Now Have A Handy PHP Icon.
-Feature: Major Changes And Updates For IE 9 Compatibility.

# Build 708 (RackForms 3) 6.3.11 #
-Change: Updated Internal Prototype Libraries to 1.7 For Major Performance Improvements

# Build 707 (RackForms 3) 5.30.11 #
-Feature: Sorting Support For 'Load A Saved Job' Menu.
-Feature: Added HTML5 File Upload Support For Chrome Job Loading.

-Fix: 'Encode Carriage Returns as HTML? not Respected For Email+ Items.
-Fix: We Now Wrap Sorting And Search Params With `` or [] For Builder Items.
-Fix: MSSQL Repeater Searches Now Work More Reliably.
-Fix: DirectoryIterator::getBasename In build_example_list.php Changed To basename() call
-Fix: Conditional Code For Email Items Not Processing Correctly.

-Change: Now Use Prepared Statements For save_xml.php

# Build 706 (RackForms 2) 6.12.11 #
-Feature: Added: 'SOAP Debug: Debug SOAP Method Call' and: 'Socket Timeout' For SOAP Requests.
-Feature: Added Checkbox Item Counting To JavaScript Validation.
-Feature: SOAP Parameters Now Passed As Name/Value Pairs Instead of Just Values.
-Feature: 'Custom SOAP Response Logic' For Creating Custom Code To Handle SOAP Response.

-Fix: TinyMCE - Can't right Click to add columns in builder templates, get invalid node error
-Fix: Dynamic Variable picker not always top of z-index
-Fix: Builder pages, paging_field_name is not being set and triggers error...

# Build 705 (RackForms 2) 5.10.11 #
-Major Feature: 'Default Database-Driven Select Value' For Select, Radio, and Checkbox Items.
-Major Feature: Added Support For Email From Names, e.g. from: <John Smith>jsmith@yahoo.com
-Major Feature: Added Fullscreen TinyMCE Editing.
-Major Feature: 'Email Address Quick Select' For To: Email Field

-Feature: Added RackForms Standard Token Support To Section Text and Body Copy Elements.
-Feature: Added Support For Array Elements In RackForms Standard Tokens For Text Elements.
-Feature: Entry Viewer Now Displays 24-Hour Entry Times In Addition To The Base 12-Hour Version.
-Feature: Page JavaScript Head Code Block Now Encloses Tokens In Full PHP Blocks.

-Fix: RackForms UI Error Messages If AJAX Query Returns No Result Rows
-Fix: Using dbconnector Files For AJAX Queries, Editor Now Respects Database Type Selection As Defined In Connector File.
-Fix: Email Quick SMS Address Now Saved.
-Fix: Upgraded reCAPTCHA to 1.11 - Adds Support For New Google Ownership.

-Change: Added Domain Name Help Message To Installer.

# Build 704 (RackForms 2) 4.15.11 #
-Feature: Text, Image, And Separator Fields Can Now Span Both Columns In Tablemode Via > Field Style Properties
-Feature: AJAX Update Binding Options > If An AJAX Query Returns No Results:

-Fix: Added UTF-8 Argument To html_entity_decode() Calls For Textarea Elements.

-Change: Added UTF-8 Definitions To PDO and MySQLi Drivers.

# Build 703 (RackForms 2) 4.9.11 #
-Fix: F{} Tokens Now Parse Array Based Items In Email+ Items.
-Fix: Builder Form Alternating Row Color Now Works With New Templates.

# Build 702 (RackForms 2) 4.6.11 #
-Major Feature: Localization Configuration Support.

-Feature: When We Click 'Delete Item' For Item Options We Now Reset Back To Default Values.

-Fix: Builder *I_ Tokens Use of DATETIME_E Not Working.
-Fix: Builder *I_ Tokens European Date Format For jQuery Items Fixed.
-Fix: MultiFile Upload Item Now Uses jQuery noConlict() Mode.
-Fix: Do Not Call For Scriptaculous When Using AJAX On A Form.
-Fix: Firefox 4 Editor Resize Bug - Refactored Code To Use Standardized Window Resize Logic.
-Fix: Added Legacy Support For Email Tokens: #{}

# Build 701 (RackForms 2) 3.30.11 #
-Major Feature: Adding New Pages Now Happens Directly Below Any Active Pages.
-Major Feature: Full RackForms 2 Token Support For Field Labels.

-Feature: Database Include Now On All Form Pages (Not just First Page).
-Feature: SSL Support Setting For reCaptcha.
-Feature: FlatFile: 'Create Path If It Doesn't Already Exist.' Setting.
-Feature: Support For Form Field Tokens In Builder Repeaters.
-Feature: Builder 'Pager' Token Can Now Set BACK and NEXT Text.

-Fix: Rare Instance Of Job Saving With No Form Fields - On Load We Repair Job.
-Fix: 'Separator Properties' Options Style Issue.
-Fix: Firefox 4 Tweaks and Fixes. Most Notable:
-Builder Forms That Use Images As Submit Buttons Now Report As <fb_delete_x|y> Instead of <fb_delete>   
-Fix: FormBlocks Not Always Filtering Non-Selected Items When Saving.
-Fix: AJAX DB Connector Path Now Automatically Appends ../../ (Was Removed From 700)
-Fix: 'Select Item Text Based List' Elements Now Validate Properly.

# Build 700 (RackForms 2) 3.10.11 #
-Major Feature: FormBlocks: Save And Apply Groups Of Items At Will.
-Major Feature: Added QR-Code Support (2D barcodes).
-Major Feature: Added Barcode 'CODE-128' (a,b,c) Support.
-Major Feature: Ajax Calls Can Update Almost Any Valid HTML Item (Such as DIVS).
-Major Feature: Ajax Processing Mode - We Can Now Process Dynamic Tokens In AJAX Calls.
-Major Feature: Added GUI Support For RECAPTCHA Themes.
-Major Feature: Added Discount Item Support For PayPal Shopping Cart Items.
-Major Feature: Brand New Validation Error Style: 'Simple Icon Notice'
-Major Feature: Added 'Remove Path Data From Dynamic Location' For Flat File Upload Items.
-Major Feature: Added Full RackForms 2 Token Support To Page JavaScript/Head Code Block.
-Major Feature: Full RackForms 2 Token Support For All 'Dynamic' Email Fields.

-Feature: Custom Text For Builder Update, Delete, Search, and Export Buttons.
-Feature: Added Advanced And Large Text Editors To 'Helper Text' And 'Extra Input Field Style Attributes'.
-Feature: 'Auto-Suggest Result Cache Mode' Option For Auto-Suggest Logic.
-Feature: Dynamic Variable Picker Now Includes File Item Meta Fields.
-Feature: Token Chooser Now Displays More Error Messages When Needed.
-Feature: Added 'bigtext' TEXT field to fb_demo table.
-Feature: Added Standard Token Set To Flat File Names.
-Feature: Arrow Keys Now Move Free-Form Elements By 1px Increments (Alt Key + Direction Arrow).
-Feature: SQL+ Items Now Have A Display Label.
-Feature: Added 'Default Value' Support For Calendar Items.

-Fix: Database Port Not Copied When Using 'Apply Settings To All Datasource Items'.
-Fix: MySQLi Driver Can Now Use LIKE Searches In Builder Items.
-Fix: MSSQL Driver Can Now Use Search Queries In Builder Forms.
-Fix: Elements With no Label Text Now Align Properly In Free-Form Mode.
-Fix: Changed Some Parameters Of Auto-Suggest Logic To Return Better/More Consistent Results.
-Fix: Reduced Number Of Log/Debug Messages.
-Fix: $timestamp, $datetime and $remote_ip Now On All Form Pages.
-Fix: Multi-Select Items Not Being Created Correctly.
-Fix: Incorrect </br> Tags Break JS Validation.
-Fix: Duplicate page with active repeater, can no longer toggle WYSIWYG
-Fix: 'Headers Already Sent Warning' For Server Without Output_Buffering In AJAX Calls.
-Fix: When Using > and | For Different Label/Value, 'Select Item Text Based List' Would Break Display.

# Build 698 (RackForms 2) 1.12.11 #
-Fix: Builder Sort Order Issue.
-Fix: MSSQL Builder Variable Token Chooser Fixed.

# Build 697 (RackForms 2) 1.11.11 #
-Fix: TinyMCE Include Updated And Patched.
-Fix: Lost Custom Border Styles On Non-Validated Elements.
-Fix: Single Tick Marks In Builder Query String Were Breaking Some Tokens.
-Fix: UI Fix For Conditional/Route Code Helper Text.
-Feature: Can Now Use % Values For Page Height And Width.
-Feature: TinyMCE 'Basic Text Size & Alignment Controls' For Text Areas.
-Feature: z-index Control For Most Field Items.
-Feature: Sortable Items Are Now Added Under Any Existing Active Ones.

# Build 696 (RackForms 2) 1.4.11 #
-Fix: jQuery Tooltip z-index issue.
-Fix: Conditional Code Hide/Show Would Did Work With E-Commerce Items.
-Fix: Conditional OnLoad Code Would Not Work With Non-Sequential Indexes.
-Feature: 'Conditional Helper Code' Code Selector.

# Build 695 (RackForms 2) 12.22.10 #
-Fix: Layering Error With Advanced Code Editor And Flash Image Uploader.
-Fix: When Changing A Text Element The id and name is Undefined.
-Fix: Expanded Currencies For E-Commerce Items.
-Fix: SQL Server Table Creation Error.
-Fix: Prevent Invalid Characters In Salt Value.
-Fix: Removing AJAX Bindings Would Not Update UI.
-Fix: IE Focus Check Error Prevention In Conditional.js
-Fix: foreach() Argument Error For Form Persistence Logic On Initial Page Load.
-Fix: Changed: /movefiles/Database.php SQL Server Fetch Mode To: SQLSRV_FETCH_BOTH
-Fix: Prevent Warning Messages For Bad Include File in AutoSuggest Core.
-Fix: Prevent Some Warning Messages For Connector File Includes.
-Fix: AutoSuggest Returning HTML Entities As Unencoded Entities (& became &amp;)

-Feature: Salt Value Automatically Created In Installer.
-Feature: Added Calendar Field Type To Builder Update Field Items.
-Feature: Added Advanced Editor To Query SQL Module.
-Feature: pinghost.php Timeout Lowered (30 seconds), Along With New Error Messages.
-Feature: 'Apply Settings To All Datasource Items...' Shortcut Button.
-Feature: Automatic Inline Data Source Properties For Repeater get_image and get_file Helpers.
-Feature: Additional Formatting For Select Items In Editor.

-Major Feature: Login Logic In Form Security Section.
-Major Feature: Security Logic Added To Builder Pages.
-Major Feature: 'Find A Field' Search Box.
-Major Feature: Added MSSQL Support For Builder Repeaters.

# Build 694 (RackForms 2) 11.18.10 #
-Feature: Barcode Generator Field Type.
-Feature: 'SMS Carrier List' Added To Email Items
-Feature: AJAX Code After Query Field.
-Feature: Form Persistence Now Handles Random Page Start Position.
-Fix: Form Persistence Now Properly Stores All Previous Page Data.
-Fix: Timestamp and Datetime PHP Warning Messages On Empty Values.
-Fix: Jobs Names Starting With Integer Prevention Message.

# Build 693 (RackForms 2) 11.5.10 #
-Fix: Removed Debug Error With Error Trap Element.
-Fix: Escape Quotes In Helper Text Items.
-Fix: $db_key Variable Empty For Some Re-Loaded Jobs.
-Fix: 'Column Width' Property For Checkbox And Radio Items UI Update Event Changed To 'onkeyup'
-Fix: File Upload Error Messages More Better Reflect .ini Change That Would Be Addressed.
-Fix: Prevent paging_field_name Warnings In Builder Pages That Used Tokens In Main Query.
-Fix: Shorter PINGHOST Interval to Prevent SESSION Timeouts (Being Logged Out of Editor).
-Fix: Create Password Item - > Change to Text Element UI Error.
-Fix: Creating Items With LI Elements Would Cause JS Errors.
-Fix: Can No Longer Use . In Job Names.
-Fix: Several Fixes To Form Persistence.
-Fix: Database.php Now Included By Default For All Form Pages.
-Fix: Expanding Checkbox And Radio Items 'Label' WYSIWYG Editor Caused UI Overlap.
-Fix: Default Database Type Now MySQLi.
-Fix: Strip Currency Characters From E-Commerce Display Items.
-Fix: Removed Width Style From All Repeater Templates For Easier Editing.
-Fix: Resolved 'Call to undefined function sqlsrv_connect()' Error With SDQL+ Items.
-Fix: Remove Native \r Fields From Entry Viewer Export.
-Fix: Documentation For get_image.php & get_single_image.php Updated And Clarified.
-Fix: Remedied output_buffering Warning/Error Message In Builder Export Forms.
-Fix: Bad Characters Appearing In Builder Template Code Becuase Of html_entity_decode($code) Call.
-Fix: Patched Prototype.js To Allow For Larger Export Files.
-Feature: Confirm Delete Of Entry Viewer Single Entries.
-Feature: E-Commerce Items Now Support Dynamic Tokens In The Label Field (for creating shopping carts).
-Feature: Now Check For And Prevent Duplicate Page Names.
-Feature: Select Item Properties of Size and Checkbox For Multiple Select Items.
-Feature: File Upload .ini Data And Tooltip In Editor.
-Feature: Added $remote_ip Global To All Confirmation And Form Pages.
-Feature: Added Built-In Variables To Email+ Variable Picker.
-Feature: Advanced Code Editor Added To Query Module > Code To Run After Query.
-Feature: Added 'Load An Example Job' Menu.
-Feature: Can Now Pass Multiple Parameters In Builder function() Items.
-Feature: Database Query Module: 'Function Call Definition' For Calling Via Builder Function Calls!
-Feature: Several Improvements To Repeater Element Styling (Default class assignment etc).
-Feature: Added Select Item Support For E-Commerce Items.
-Feature: 'JavaScript Popup Window Error Message' Field For Translation Purposes.

# Build 692 (RackForms 2) 9.5.10 #
-Major Feature: Advanced Code Editor.
-Feature: Auto Suggest Callback Code Block.
-Feature: Reply-to Email and Email+ Field.
-Feature: New Timestamp Convenience Block For All Pages: $timestamp & $datetime
-Fix: We Now Actively Bypass Custom Conditional Code Blocks For Radio/Checkbox Items.
-Fix: responseJSON Not Always Returned For Some Servers AJAX Calls, We Now Use eval()

# Build 691 (RackForms 2) 8.19.10 #
-Feature: Added New Token Parameters For Builder Results Per Page.
-Feature: Added Callback Code To Support AJAX Fields Being Driven By Auto-Suggest Items.
-Fix: Added Persistence Support For Checkbox and Radio Item Conditional Fields.
-Fix: Added Support For Multi-Item Checkbox and Radio Items In Conditional Fields.
-Fix: Can Now Use Tooltips and Animation Conditional Items On Same Page. (jQuery.noConflict())
-Fix: Smarter Page Resizing For Entry Viewer.

# Build 690 (RackForms 2) 8.9.10 #
-Fix: Resolved Issues With Form Persistence.
-Change: Error Message For Multiple Item Move Posted To Editor Status.

# Build 689 (RackForms 2) 8.5.10 #
-Fix: Better Handle LIKE Params In Builder Search Forms
-Fix: Implemented Error Message When Moving Groups Of Items.
-Fix: AJAX Event Handlers Properly Named (Dropped 'on' Prefix).
-Fix: PHP Export Path Wasn't Applied To Some JavaScript Libraries.
-Feature: Form Persistence - Save Form State Across Sessions.
-Feature: Added ID Attribute To iFrame Export Elements.
-Feature: Range Options Added To Radio and Check Box Items.

# Build 688 (RackForms 2) 7.31.10 #
-Fix: Added: mysqli_report(MYSQLI_REPORT_OFF); To Prevent Some MySQLi Errors.
-Fix: Google Checkout Product Description Now Escapes Special Characters.
-Fix: Default E-Comm Field Type Now Radio.
-Fix: Missing Parameter If Image Upload 'Max Thumbnail Size' Not Set.
-Feature: Added Blur Code to jQuery Datapicker So JS Validation Behaves Properly.
-Feature: Added New Vertical Layout Builder Template.

# Build 687 (RackForms 2) 7.18.10 #
-Fix: Datasource Now Lets Us Select MySQLi When Specifying External Data Source Params.
-Fix: Missing Parameters For Form Display Items.

# Build 686 (RackForms 2) 7.15.10 #
-Feature: Allow for CSS Edits to Tooltips.
-Fix: Expanding WYSIWYG Editor Obstructs 'Select Text Options' Box.
-Fix: Revert FireFox Calendar Bug Fix
-Fix: Confirmation Route Works For CAPTCHA Enabled Submit Elements.
-Fix: Method was not being passed to RECaptcha fields.
-Fix: Helper Fields Not Showing Next To Form Field (Tooltip HTML Was Blocking).
-Fix: Required Star Not Showing On Radio And Checkbox Items.
-Fix: errorstyle Property Not Being Set In Exported Forms From Older Builds.
-Feature: Custom Conditional Code Now Runs On Page Load, Preserving Conditional State.
-Feature: Full 'RackForms 2 Token' Support For Email+
-Feature: Convenience Picker For Same-As Fields.
-Feature: PHP Validation Now Works For Same-As Fields (Password/Text)

# Build 685 (RackForms 2) 6.30.10 #
-Feature: Tooltip pop-ups for several form fields.
-Feature: Multiple Item Delete When In Free Form Mode.
-Fix: Copy Offset Error When Duplicating Several Elements.
-Feature: HTML Links Now Display And Can Be Clicked In The Entry Viewer.
-Fix: Error Message When We Click The Work Area With No Form Items In Free Form Mode.
-Fix: Default Calendar Item Would Throw Error When Clicking On Form Elements In FireFox.
-Change: Text Label Font Weight Now Defaults To Normal (Old Behavior was Bold)

# Build 684 (RackForms 2 Beta-2) 6.30.10 #
-Standards: <span> Element Wrappers Changed To <div>.
-Fix: Builder Forms Get Unique $_SESSION ID's To Prevent Forms From Failing When Switching Between Them.
-Feature: State and Country Convenience Database During Install.
-Improvement: Better Checks For MySQL Socket For MySQLnd Supported Server.
-Feature: 'Select Item Text Based List' For Select Based Form Items.
-Feature: Set Font Weight For All Form Field Items.

# Build 683 (RackForms 2 Beta-1) 6.30.10 #
-Feature: Added 'Encode Carriage Returns as HTML?' feature for Email items.
-Feature: Extra Input Field Style Attributes Field.
-Feature: New JavaScript Error Display Mode - Field Highlight - Now The Default.
-Feature: Buttons Can Now be Styled Via: Extra Input Field Style Attributes
-Fix: Internal (Custom) Tool tips Disappear When We Start Typing (They Used to Remain Visible)
-Fix: Include New Version Of RackForms Entry Viewer.
-Update: jQuery Library Updated to 1.4.2
-Feature: Added New JS Export Option For jQuery UI With 3 Options And Support For Custom Themes.

# Build 682 (RackForms 2) 6.6.10 #
-Feature: Text Font Size is Now Inherited For New Items
-Feature: Added Database and 'Select Item Options' Support To Radio Items.
-Feature: Submit Route Quick Page Select Item.
-Feature: Simplified Installer: We No Longer Require The Domain Key To Be Added.

# Build 681 (RackForms 2) 5.26.10 #
-Feature: Allow e-commerce items to be opened in a new window
-Fixes: Several Fixes and improvements to E-Commerce Module

# Build 680 (RackForms 2) 5.24.10 #
-Feature: Can Select Radio or Check Box For E-Commerce Items
-Fixes: Various Fixes to Shopping Cart Method For PayPal
-Fix: Subtle Bug With Builder Forms and PHP Top Code Array Variables Driving Select Items
-Fix: Issue File Uploads Calling Undefined Helper Function: get_upload_error()

# Build 679 (RackForms 2) 5.23.10 #
-Fix: Switching Item To an E-Commerce Item From a Different Type Caused An Error.
-Feature: We no Longer Remove .htaccess, php.ini, php5.ini or dbconfig.php from Job Folder on Build/Save.
-Fix: Runtime Warning When Creating Utility Variables Removed.
-Feature: Added Token Support to PHP Head Code Block.
-Change: Clarified and Updated ToolTips and Documentation for PHP Top and Head Code.
-Fix: Append Value For AJAX Items Now Shows Properly For All Fields.

# Build 678 (RackForms 2) 5.21.10 #
-Change: Updates to Login Procedure For Better Compatibility With Shared Servers.
-Fix: Images '_target' Property When Using Submit Route Now Works as Expected.
-Change: Default Image Link Target Set to: _self
-Change: Full Image Properties Now Apply to Builder and Confirmation Pages.

# Build 677 (RackForms 2) 5.20.10 #
-Fix: AJAX Debug Mode Now Works As Expected
-Fix: AJAX Will now return a blank value as the fields label by default to better fit actual use.
-Feature: Conditional JS Items Now Load/hide On Page Load
-Fix: JavaScript Warning Message if we open the job name editor but didn't save new name.
-Feature/Change: HTTP Request now accepts the full RackForms 2 token set.
-Fix: Image item link target property isn't translated properly.
-Fix: Upload jobs but not saving them would cause a stray job to be produced in the database.
-Feature: Can now pass Member Operators (->) to allow for OO function calls within Builder forms.

# Build 676 (RackForms 2) 5.16.10 #
-Tweak: Editor responds more fluidly to most actions like duplicate and add
-Tweak: Further refinements to editor display and actual css height/width properties of final forms.
-Update: Installer now fails if password more than 20 characters.
-Update: AJAX Processing for Check box and Radio items now skips existing fields.

# Build 675 (RackForms 2) 5.14.10 #
-Feature: Added Single Item Authorize.Net Support For E-Comm
-Feature: Added 'Additional Email Headers' For Custom Email Support.
-Fix: Background images and Sortable pages now work much more reliably.
-Fix: Copying Selectable page items would fail.

# Build 674 (RackForms 2) 5.13.10 #
-Major Feature: AJAX Module
-Update: Builder Debug Mode Now Shows UPDATE and DELETE Query Code
-Fix: Bug With dbconnector and AutoSuggest
-Fix: Added tests to reduce build errors for Builder jobs

# Build 673 (RackForms 2) 5.5.10 #
-Feature: Use Error Color checkbox to toggle on if we use a color for span and divs, also removed BU css definition
-Fix: Sanity check for check box items where is_array() would issue a warning message.
-Feature: Added a new Append Block to Query Modules to add values to the front or end of a result array.

# Build 672 (RackForms 2) 4.28.10 #
-Feature: Added PayPal rm (Return Method) for control over how users are redirected after a sale.
-Update: Hidden fields now use 'Default Value' for value instead of label, makes forms much cleaner.

# Build 671 (RackForms 2) 4.26.10 #
-Feature: Allow for empty strings to be passed to array elements in Builder forms
-Feature: Allow for multiple sort columns in Builder Queries via comma delimited sort items.
-Feature: Added 'Delayed WWW Redirect Target' Property
-Fix: Removed Uploadify Warning Messages for Directory Already Existing.
-Fix: Completely revamped file upload classes (fixes session issues);
-Fix: Reorganized upload code files into lib folder for cleaner job folders.
-Fix: Passing Nulls with PDO would break Builder Forms.
-Feature: Added custom image button support to Builder Export token.
-Fix: Several fixes for Builder export feature.
-Feature: Global text color application (per page)

# Build 670 (RackForms 2) 4.18.10 #
-Feature: We can now use RackForms 2 tokens in the hidden field item (P{}, G{} etc).
-Fix: Resolved bug when viewing entry table results with NULL values.
-Feature: Added new option to file uploads for easier email attachement handling.

# Build 669 (RackForms 2) 4.17.10 #
-Fix: When using more than 1 variable in a Builder form the order of each var was off in some cases.
-Feature: Added 'Range Default Value' For Select Item Range Values.
-Change: Empty SQL+ items now pass a (null) to the database.
-Fix: Error opening new TinyMCE editor when delete page action takes place.
-Feature: Tooltip JS Code now included by default with Prototype JS Libraries.
-Feature: Tooltip Framework for easier integration of tips into form elements.
-Fix: Further tweaks to Wrapper Class Based Conditional Field Code

# Build 668 (RackForms 2) 4.6.10 #
-Fix: Calendar Items now display left justified with field elements.
-Fix: Button elements now have id applied
-Fix: Sortable pages now get sized on load (Editor export should have always been correct)
-Fix: Text areas now count words and characters for validation as defined by 'Display Count Fields' property
-Fix: Menu's for WYSIWYG text areas should be properly displayed under fields.
-Fix: All session vars in Builder forms are cleared on first invocation.
-Feature: Implemented multiple item copy when using the rubber band select (as you would in free-form pages)

# Build 667 (RackForms 2) 3.26.10 #
-Feature: Added Range Processing To Select Items
-Fix: Error when: load xml job, activate editor, load xml job, activate editor, load xml job, activate editor
-Major Feature: Preliminary Shopping Cart Support For PayPal.
-Change: E-Commerce Items Now Show As Checkboxes For Easier Integration With Shopping Carts

# Build 666 (RackForms 2) 3.11.10 #
-Fix: Menu Position Bug With TinyMCE
-Feature: Conditional code blocks for Query elements now process full set of tokens
-Fix: Error color not being applied to span elements
-Feature: Added conditional code support to WWW Redirect
-Feature: Added PDF multi-upload sample code block
-Feature: Added Limit to PDF option to File Uploads

# Build 665 (RackForms 2) 3.4.10 #
-Fix: Some http host settings would prevent RackForms Login from working as expected.
-Feature: Can append function calls to Builder Export fields
-Feature: Added csv export to Builder Export Button
-Fix: Calendar fields now validate correctly.
-Fix: Remove tags and html from Builder Sort Items.
-Fix: Installer allowed illegal characters for password

# Build 664 (RackForms 2) 2.12.10 #
-Update: Major rewrite of output to become xhtml valid (http://validator.w3.org/)
-Fix: External database would not pull data in auto-suggest fields
-Fix: Small Style issues from beta
-Addition: Custom Prototype JS code to Page JavaScript/Head Code area.
-Fix: Multiple Auto-Suggest fields on the same page work fine.
-Fix: lastInsertId now propagates though several SQL+ items as expected.
-Addition: Multi-Spaced words are now accepted in the SortCriteria fields of Builder Queries
-Feature: Editor now pings host at 3 minute intervals to prevent accidental booting by server.

# Build 663 (RackForms 2) 2.12.10 #
-Fix: Can no longer save jobs when pages have no elements, fixes an import error.
-Change: Select items can now have more than 50 items (200)
-Fix: XML Validation files no longer include sameas property if not needed.
-Fix: Consolidated global vars for xmlform.js above code elements for better loading.
-Fix: Moved importXML(getXmlUrl(), parseFormXml); to body.onload for more consistant loading
-Fix: JS events in conditional code are now all lowercase.
-Fix: IE alert box when activating TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor.

# Build 662 (RackForms 2) 2.7.10 #
-Fix: PalPal E-Comm Now Processes Language Directives Correctly.
-Removed HTML Entity Encoding From Some Form Element Labels (Checkbox)
-Added Default Space to Table Layout Mode (8px) - Will get a new control in an update soon...

# Build 661 (RackForms 2) 2.1.10 #
-Fix: Checkbox items now process with HTTP Request Modules
-Fix: Changing Radio to Select would cause undefined values for Helper and Helper Color
-Fix: Installer better handles missing MySQL extension.

# Build 660 (RackForms 2) 1.30.10 #
-Fix: Dynamic tokens work for confirmation page items using new token syntax

# Build 659 (RackForms 2) 1.29.10 #
-Update: Entry Viewer now applies timestamp to exported file names.
-Fix: Added: encodeURIComponent() to repeater_var_query()
-Fix: Body Copy and Header Text item Dynamic Variable Picker now places the correct tokens.
-Improvement: Installer better alerts user to database vendor options, better success screen.
-Feature: 'Slider' control for Table Mode layout column widths.

# Build 658 (RackForms 2) 1.23.10 #
-Fix: Warning message in installer about function_exists()
-Updated: RackForms_viewer.zip

# Build 657 (RackForms 2) 1.22.10 #
-Fix: Builder Repeater Var Query Would Fail To Provide MySQLi Connection Error Messages

# Build 656 (RackForms 2) 1.22.10 #
-Tweak: Made Custom Conditional Field Code Box Larger.
-Fix: More Graceful Handling Of Installer MySQLi Connect Errors
-Fix: Fixed Non-PDO extension calls in Query Element.
-Fix: get_image.php and get_image_single.php not being copied to job folders
-Fix: Builder striped 0's from Parameter list

# Build 655 (RackForms 2) 1.9.10 #
-Fix: Non-PDO users would fail on movefiles/Database.php pdo_procedure_params() PD::FETCH_BOTH argument assignment in several places
-Fix: Using Calendar item _ts and _dt work as expected with Simple SQL modules.
-Fix: Added exit(0) after MySQLi pdo_procedure_params() call for proper debug messages (cleaner)
-Fix: Eased And Improved sanitize() call in Builder forms for better compatibility and Security.

# Build 654 (RackForms 2) 12.20.09 #
-Cleanup: Several Warning Messages Issued Relating To Table Mode Are Now Resolved
-Cleanup: New directory copy code for fewer error/warning messages.

# Build 653 (RackForms 2) 12.18.09 #
-Fix: Trying to move a page to a non-existing index would throw JS warning.
-Fix: E-Comm utility.php file not copied over correctly.
-Feature: Table Mode Layout.
-Change: All form elements margin-bottom standardized to 5px. It used to be an un-standardized 10px
-Feature: Added form 'target' property
-Change: Standardized calendar image placement.
-Change: Now display 'Server Maximum File Size' For File Module Select Box In Editor.
-Feature: Added Timestamp and Datetime support for Calendar field for SQL+ (In Multi-Field Numeric Modes Only)
-Additions: Entry Viewer Enhancements and UI Tweaks to Handle Larger Data Sets.

# Build 652 (RackForms 2) 12.15.09 #
-Feature: Dynamic Tokens to Multi-File uploads.
-Fix: Default values for Builder select, radio, and checkbox search field now work as expected.
-Fix: Moving (re-sorting) pages with active MCE editor would break editor
-Fix: Bug in MySQLi bind code preventing some builder queries from working.
-Fix: Multi-file upload now tied into DIRECTORY_MOD, as well as more compatible with some Apache/Linux servers.

# Build 651 (RackForms 2) 12.9.09 #
-Feature: E-Commerce Price Can Now Be Set Dynamically Using: S{sesison} and F{field_element_name}
-Fix: Session data for E-Commerce items now being cleared completely.
-Fix: Unchecking E-Comm Default Item Now Works As Expected.
-Fix: MSSQL Email Images Now Send Properly
-Change: MSSQL No longer base64 encodes file upload data
-Fix: Added null Element Check in xmlform.js for IE Compatibility
-Update: Job Load Menu Now Loads onClick instead of MouseOver
-Fix: Issue With FETCH_MODE with PDO Driver pdo_procedure_params from Database.php
-Feature: Auto-Suggest for Text Boxes!

# Build 650 (RackForms 2) 12.4.09 #
-Fix/Feature: Background/Form Colors Can Now Be Turned On and Off At Will
-Feature: Added Support for MySQLi
-Fix: Bad position style for JS error messages.
-Fix: Removed # from Entry Viewer Links to prevent page jump
-Feature: MSSQL now supports SQL+ lastInsertId()
-Update: Jobs can now have dashes (-) in the name
-Update: All HTML and PHP stripped from Entry Viewer Headers
-Feature: Data Source For Select SQL Now Supports Parameters

# Build 647 (RackForms 2 rc2) 11.21.09 #
-Feature: Added Wrapper Class Support To Builder Elements
-Standardized Token Shortcuts For Several Code Areas Including PHP Top Code.
-Extended TinyMCE to allow for iFrame includes, helps with Builder App where we have Repeater+Form

# Build 646 (RackForms 2 rc1) 11.16.09 #
-Major Feature: Added Conditional Form Processing Code to All Field Items
-BugFix: PHPEmail and Adding Multiple Recipients
-Feature: Print Record Feature added to Entry Viewer.
-Fix: Dynamic Form Drop Downs No Longer Throw PHP Notice Message
-Fix: Loading a job via XML when an existing TinyMCE editor window was open would prevent any new MCE editors from activating.
-Fix: Missing dynamic_qs would cause PHP Notice Message In Builder Update and Delete Forms
-Feature: Can now access File Meta fields in Builder Update Pages
-Update: Editor TinyMCE now shows <p> tags the same as final forms, making spacing and general formatting much easier.
-Feature: Added Conditional Route Processing For Easy Logic Control Based on field values.
-Fix: Confirmation Element Conditional Checkboxes now work as expected.
-Fix: Charset now applied to all email fields and elements
-Fix: Plain Text Email UI Item Now Updates Properly.
-Fix: Added ALLOWTRANSPARENCY="true" To iFrame Embed Code So IE Can Show Transparent Backgrounds.
-Feature: Added: 'Auto-Redirect After Delete?' and 'Auto-Redirect After Update?' To Builder Items
-Update: Added ts [DATETIME] field to fb_demo table.
-Update: Editor UI Overhaul with new font sizes and color for easier management
-Update: formpage.css and print.css style updates to better reflect modern browsers
-Update: Default Font style changed to Arial
-Feature: Installer now auto-fills Database port and MySQL Socket
-Feature: Added print button feature to entry viewer
-Fix: Encodetype select item now works for form pages
-Depreciated: Email Command Line Options
-Fix: Added Missing </tr> tags to email table items
-Fix: Email now uses PHP mail() function by default, not sendmail.
-Fix: Color Picker now pins to UI item correctly
-Feature: Can now mix and match dynamic variables with paging queries with Builder
-Update: Login Screen now accepts 50 character names.
-Feature: Can now mix and match WHERE clauses with Builder search queries
-Feature: Added get_file.php to Builder /lib folder. (as well as supporting fb_files database table)

# Build 645 11.21.09 #
-Feature: Multiple Checkbox items can now have the same Name/Value field in one form, which makes creating dynamic lists much easier.
-Feature: Brand new Job and XML Loading UI.
-Update: Sortable Page Content is now wrapped in a UL tag for standards compliance.
-Feature: Images can now be used as buttons for Builder forms.
-Update: Changed Dynamic Select To Assign Multiple Items as label:value, used to be value:label
-Update: Changed All builder array items (search and update array parameters) to be label:value, used to be value:label
-Feature: Added custom image support for Builder items that used to be buttons only.
-Bug Fix: Builder Query Now Handles All HTML Characters Properly.

# Build 644 10.17.09 #
-Feature: Added multiple item drag and drop in free form pages
-Warn on setting field snap to 0.
-Update: Field Size Changed to Field Width - now all field dims are in css px (Also added fieldheight property)
-Feature: Added tooltips to editor
-Feature: Better UI display of calendar
-Feature: HTTP Redirect Address now Supports Dynamic Field Variables.
-Update: Newest Scripty and Prototype Libs
-Major Feature: Added Right Click Quick Page Select
-jQuery: Added 1.3.2
-Feature: Added Uploadify Support For Multiple Flash Based File Uploads

# Build 643 10.01.09 #
-Feature: By default, style attributes of the field label now cascade down to ther input field via: Input Inherits Style
-Feature: Overlay grid for easier positioning of items found under: Form Style Properties
-Update: Moved Required Star inside of Label <span> for more constant sizing
-Feature: Added Input text Color Control to Field Style Properties
-Feature: Added Inherit Function for relevant input fields so input matches label in > Field Style Properties
-Feature: Query Item - Added GET and POST, Changed SESSION * prefix to be ^ to match SQL+ And Builder Items
-Update: Default Value now support SESSION, GET, POST, FIELD, and QUERY Items
-Feature: Dynamic Token Elements in Label Field can now touch each other as in: #{name}#{age}
-Feature: Expanded list of Dynamic Tokens for Label Text Fields to include POST, GET, SESSION, PHP
-Feature: Builder Search Queries now Process LIKE and <> comparison statements
-Feature: Added radio, select, and checkbox support to search queries
-BugFix: Select Update item array field would show wrong value for single index arrays
-Feature: Added multi-dimensional array support to Builder Update Radio items
-Update: Query item: Run In Page Top now selected by default.
-Update: Run In Page Top for Query items now checked by default.
-Improvement: TinyMCE text areas more closely match final output
-Improvement: Added font-fmaily:inherit to formpage.css and print.css
-BugFix: File Uploads Not Transferring Data To Processing Functions In IE For PNG files in some Cases.

# Build 642 9.25.09 #
-Update: Added image size field to get_image.php
-Bug Fix: Adding fields after two Builder Items Open Would Fail.
-Feature: Added back button warning dialog to prevent leaving an unsaved job.

# Build 641 9.20.09 #
-Update: Added Update Single Entry Template to Builder.
-Feature: Builder Update & Delete Query now supports multiple queries, with each separated by ;
-BugFix: reCAPTCHA not working on pages other than 1st.
-Feature: Can add redirect page to Delete button in Builder Pages.
-Tweak: Changed the default PHP Top Code include for Builder pages, removed the session die code;
-BugFix: Single field queries with no data (images) now handled properly.
-BugFix: Load a Job -> Open Builder MCE Window -> Click On A Form Page -> Add An Element :: Element not added :: Fixed
-Update: Default SQL+ Variable separator no longer has spaces
-BugFix: Multiple Query Items On One Page Would Cause Subsequent Queries To Fail.
-BufFix: Added 1-Dimentional Array Support For Builder Update Select and Checkbox Items.
-Feature: Toggle Large Editor for Builder Update and Delete SQL Text Areas.

# Build 640 9.19.09 #
-Major Feature: Builder Field Update
-Update: Changed Builder template code: id="alt" to more compliant: class="alt"
-Feature: SQL+ Variable And Field Counter, Flat File Field Counter
-Feature: Insert All Variables For SQL+
-Update: Builder Variable Picker Now Accepts DB Connector Path
-Update: Builder Built-In Variables Now Populate In Table Format (easier to manage and add)
-Feature: SQL+ variable list can now be sorted in alphabetized order.
-Feature: SQL+ variable list sort order can be switched on the fly.
-Bug Fix: config.php include if dbconnector was being used (call was not silent)
-Feature: Can now use SQL+ to query a database and return a result set
-Fix: Compatibility check for legacy checkbox items so they all have proper 'Items Per Column' counts.
-Major Feature: Query Module - Allows for anytime SQL queries.
-Feature: Added $_SESSION variable token support to the SQL+ Module
-Compatibility: Prevent 'form' from being used as the form's ID property
-Feature: Toggle Large Editor to Builder SQL
-Feature: Added Direct Access Bypass to form pages for Builder/Application Integration
-Feature: Loads of UI enhancements and tweaks for faster workflow
-Bug Fix: Entry Viewer would return SQL error if NULL job was selected.
-Bug Fix: Checkbox items could lose closing <div> tag and currupt down-stream html
-Feature: Checkbox items can now be 100% database driven, the first element will be ignored if left as default text.
-Major Feature: Move full pages up and down!
-Feature: Builder Token Chooser automatically removes WHERE statement for token query
-Compatibility: Updated Timezone code in app/config.php
-Added: fb_images demo table for relational database image/file uploads
-Update: Namespaced internal $_SESSION vars for greater portability
{ user_id -> fb_user_id }
-Update: Added: "if(!isset($_SESSION['entry_key'])) { die(); }" to PHP Top Code Block PHP link to help prevent page load.
-Replace: Changed all calls to: date_default_timezone_set()
-Update: Added code to prevent a job with null data from saving, possibly overwriting a job with clean data.
-Improved: Large Editor Toggle behavior much more consistent
-Feature: Preflight checks for installer
-Fix: TinyMCE drop-down menus now display properly for IE and FireFox/Chrome/Safari when page scroll is used.
-Change: Swapped PHP Top Code and PHP Head Code Editors
-Improved: Added to template REGEX to allow for run-on elements, that is, tokens which touch.
-Update: Builder repeater helper tokens now <!-- REPEAT START --> and <!-- REPEAT END -->
-Updated TinyMCE to 3.2.6 Fixes several minor rendering issues, improved stability
-TinyMCE - Add code bugs where code protect is active
-Improvement: FireFox no longer resets page height on item duplicate and page duplicate

# Build 639 9.5.09 #
-Feature: startup hints
-Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with image items being links when they should not be

# Build 638 8.23.09 #
-Compatibility: Act As Default Submit images now created as Input html elements so they accept proper tab order
-Update: Automatic population of Label field if using image submit route
-Feature: Database support for checkbox items
-Feature: Check box items per column and check box width
-Fix: Flat file Upload directory create permission fixes
-Feature: in app/helper_code/ a new system for adding custom code blocks has been added
-Feature: Can now input custom Array based variable separator for SQL+ items
-Update: Added more accurate timestamp values to fb_jobs table
-Update: Added new auto-update mechanism for database and file changes

# Build 637 8.10.09 #
-Feature: New name-spaced js functions in the xmlform.js file
-Bug Fix: Setting Server Max for Upload file size would cause page build to fail.

# Build 636 8.10.09 #
-Compatibility: Added new code for Windows Server 2008 fonts used on Default Captcha

# Build 635 8.3.09 #
-Bug Fix: IE handling of image submit buttons and custom route code.

# Build 634 7.30.09 #
-Feature: SQL Drop Downs now support different values for value and name.
-Bug Fix: German Characters would corrupt XML js files breaking validation.

# Build 633 7.27.09 #
-Update: Image as Submit buttons now uses JS validation properly.
-Update: All plain text passwords are now encrypted when sent to the database

# Build 632 7.24.09 #
-Bug Fix: Fixed path count issue for "PHP Include Path" embedded forms.
-Bug Fix: Ä Character (and other German/Non-Latin characters) corrupted in Select fields
-Feature: Added custom styles to reset button
-Bug Fix: IE8 Flash Image Upload error
-Bug Fix: Added compatibility check for older forms being used in RackForms > Build 620 (selectorsAPI)
-Bug Fix: IE8 body color tag loaded from old jobs with dual ## error
-Update: Modified CSS styles for input elements to more closely match Editor display

# Build 631 7.15.09 #
-Bug Fix: Added default index.php name to xml validation script
-Feature: Added lastInsertId() return value to ret_val for SQL+ module
-Added: new fb_demo database table to installer
-Improvement: Much more robust xml validation file loader

# Build 630 7.14.09 #
-Improvement: Create elements always center on form in free form pages
-Improvement: Create elements in free form pages doesn't snap page to top on Firefox 3.5+
-Bug Fix: Calendar field loosing it's default settings when switching type
-Bug Fix: Can't render dollar value in front of #{token} in email plus, flat file, and WWW Redirect custom code
-Improvement: Several UI enhancements to the dynamic variable pickers
-Improvement: WWW Redirect code no longer returns braces but raw field element values.

# Build 626 7.8.09 #
Feature: Added IE conditional code for button rendering compatibility.
Feature: Added Page Margin Setting

# Build 625 7.7.09 #
-Bug Fix: Entry Viewer field update breaks (doesn't update) with quotes in new value.

-Bug Fix: Removing a page and new items added to another page would not auto-select
-Bug Fix: Color/style issues with Separator items
-Feature: No Count(*) Rebuild for Builder Repeater modules for better support of more complex SQL queries.
-Feature: Plain Text Email Support via SMTP and standard SendMail()
-Fix: Email+ WYSIWYG editor now hides the SMTP email options
-Bug Fix: SMTP Server Name not always updating with correct values
-Updated Flash image Uploaders (v2.0)

# Build 624 6.30.09 #
-Update: Added new config.php option for chmod permission level

# Build 623 6.30.09 #
-Bug Fix: Default Captcha Color wasn't being loaded in the GUI right away
-Feature: Added Challenge Captcha Type: Required uses to answer a text based question.
-Added: JSColor 1.2.3 (change folder over from jscolor2 folder to jscolor regular)
-Improved: JSColor UI Behavior :: http://jscolor.com/try.php#tweaking
-Major Feature: SMTP / Authenticated SMTP Support
-Bug Fix: User name not being stored on login screen (cookie path not set correctly)
-Bug Fix: Adding new elements to multi-page forms would not auto-select new elements field editor
-Update: Dynamic field processing for Custom HTTP Redirects
-Bug Fix: Added random seed number to xmlform.js so multiple-refreshes of page would still activate JS validation.
-Feature: Added support for $_SESSION tokens in repeater SQL blocks.
-Bug Fix: Small bug fix when loading Builder page repeater elements
-Feature: New /lib directory in all exported jobs for common tasks such as image retrieve from db
-Feature: Added JS Error Color property for page JavaScript validation error messages
-Feature: PHP Top Code InsertPHPTag link now inserts session_start() code by default.

# Build 621 6.14.09 #
-Update: Changed UI css so small screen sizes (less than 1280) are supported.
-Update: Changing page size width in the POSIITON AND SIZE field properties now automatically updates the editor display

# Build 620 6.14.09 #
-Small improvements to editor UI to better accommodate Mac and UNIX Firefox users.
-Bug Fix: copy files error in Linux systems with tiny_mce text areas and Dojo Root includes
-Update: removed Dojo Toolkit archive from app/movefiles/jslibs to speed up install times
-Update: Added date_default_timezone() call to config files.
-Change: Redirection delay now based on milliseconds instead of seconds.
-Update: Major UI changes to allow for selectorsAPI (Firefox 3.5, + adds full IE8 and improved Google Chrome, and Safari 4 UI support)
-Update: Added Job XML Upload Support to Safari 4
-Added DEBUG support for JobExport functions: if you export a job and it fails, you can check the JS console for the SQL error message(s) (DEBUG must == 1)

# Build 617 6.4.09 #
-Added Dynamic Token support for Cc and Bcc fields.
-Bug Fix: switching from Submit to Button type sets a default value for the 'Extra Attributes' field
-Improvement: Clearing form $_SESSION values when using a redirect with custom code.
-Feature: Added 'Select Item Options' to make Checkbox groups use 0 and 1 instead of the Name property
-Bug Fix: disable position:absolute on line 42 of formpage.css and print.css to become: form span { clear: both; float: none; }

# Build 614 5.20.09 #
-Reverted a change from 613 regarding a performance gain on form build
-Bug Fix: submitting a page with default values and then going back to the page means default checked boxes and values are still checked/set

# Build 613 5.20.09 #
-Feature: Added 'Wrapper Class' to most form field elements for easier scripting access.
-Bug Fix: Captcha folder names were mixed caps which prevented some NIX servers from finding the appropriate include files
-Feature: Added Cc and Bcc fields to Email and Email+

# Build 612 5.16.09 #
-Feature: Added 'confirmation condition' to all confirm elements.
-Feature: Added 'NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES' config.php directive for rare instances where your MySQL server has NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES enabled.
-General UI enhancements
-Feature: Added 'Design Notes' Element to all Confirmation page elements
-Feature: Moving form elements to the edge of the window now scrolls the work area up and down, making working with large forms much easier.

# Build 611 5.11.09 #
-UI Bug fix where create page->ad another->delete first page->add elements to remaining page

# Build 610 5.11.09 #
-Form disabled message now styled
-Major Feature: PHP Include method additions, much easier to use <?php include ''; ?> for a form
-Major Feature: Builder pages now support full search fields!
-Removed DEFAULT_TIMESTAMP from dynamic variable picker for some fields
-Minor Editor Interface Improvements
-Major Feature: Added Flat File Confirmation Element
-Feature: Added Page PHP Footer Template Code
-Feature: Added Page PHP Header Template Code
-Fixed bug with Quotes (single and double) in Radio/Select/Checkbox items
-Improvements to calendar field, argument list is now PIPE | delimited to allow for more options to be passed in such as setMonthNames()
-Added HTML and BODY tags to the Email modules for better SPAM filtering compliance
-Fixed small bug with radio items and auto-selection values (left over brace in value which would show in display)
-Added addslashes check to more field items for more consistent import/export/job saving on some databases
-Bug Fix: page names had extension applied to the forms id and name attributes
-Bug Fix: Raw HTML entities in XML validation messages causes validation error
-Updated Confirmation page DTD to: xhtml1-transitional.dtd
-Feature: Added 'Description' and 'Keywords' Page attributes for better SEO customization
-Feature: Added 'No Results' Text Area for Builder Repeater Nodes
-Feature: Added 'Additional Command Line Parameters' for Email and Email+ nodes
-Feature: Added token support to Repeater SQL for support of PHP variables with ${var}, $_GET with #{var} and $_POST with *{var}
-Feature: Security enhancements to Repeater query page requests.

# Build 596 4.23.09 #
-Fixed user name/password update concurrent update bug when not using MySQL stored procedures
-Updated error message for Name/Value duplicate field check
-Bug Fix: Dynamic Query Select item now control whether a dynamic query is used for a field (used to be presence of SQL Code)
-Bug Fix: Calendar date selector would populate wrong calendar field
-Added Page PHP Top Code ability to multi-page forms
-Feature: #{field_name} token shortcut for Page PHP Head Code and Page PHP Top Code elements.

# Build 595 4.21.09 #
-New REGEX code for Name/Value entry, should now catch all illegal characters
-Major Feature: Entry Viewer now sports a Toggle Mode for editing entry values.

# Build 594 4.19.09 #
-New error help message for IE Job XML Import
-Added Confirm Export checkbox for quicker code export, handy with multi-page builder jobs
-Fixed label bug when duplicating builder pages
-Error check no longer requires unique label names
-Major Change: Duplicate field names (labels) are now accepted
-Major updates to Database logic to accommodate same-field-name logic
-Export to CSV changed to tab delimited .txt files for better compatibility across multiple platforms

# Build 591 4.16.09 #
-Builder queries can now have ampersand characters in the SQL section
-Compatibility fix with custom PHP Top Code in builder pages for *nix users
-Feature: added 'Full Page Export' option for builder pages, which makes it easy to export only core paging code
-Added a '1 Column' template to Builder's default template list
-various code patches for older PHP distributions

# Build 590 4.13.09 #
-Several improvements to the install code for older versions of PHP
-Enhancements to error reporting on the Builder Dynamic Variable Picker
-Added Debug level to the Select Item Dynamic SQL Query
-Several enhancements to the error reporting of Builder queries

# Build 589 4.12.09 #
-Updated code base so that Stored Procedures are no longer required for MySQL.
-Small bug with PHP Top Code fixed (extra space)
-Major Feature: Calendar now has year navigation and user input capability

# Build 588 4.10.09 #
-fixed file upload bug when using labels with tick marks
-added session already started check to confirmation pages to allow for custom PHP Top Code session management
-error color bug introduced in 587 fixed
-New Feature: Native SOAP processing in the HTTP Request confirmation module.

# Build 587 4.5.09 #
-No longer addslashes() to page PHP Head Code, JS Head Code content and HTTP Request Custom response logic
-Updates to exported html code to improve html validation
-Added Default JS Errors to Page attributes to allow for custom error messages with missing values for field elements
-Made Local HTTP calls via GET via file_get_contents compatible with local file systems
-Feature: added PHP elements as dynamic variables for text fields via ${php_var_name}
-Feature: added PHP elements as dynamic variables to Email+ and SQL+ modules via ${php_var_name}
-Feature: added Page PHP Top Code element to allow for code which *always* runs first in your page.

# Build 585 3.31.09 #
-Update: fixed small bug with MSSQL Dropdown database queries
-Feature: added JS Error image support (select from none, red, or black)
-Fixed bug with html entities in custom REGEX error messages
-Added dynamic token based text to several text elements

# Build 584 3.28.09 #
-Tick marks no longer allowed in field names
-Added dynamic Email vars to Simple Email
-Feature: Show JS Alert - enable or disable the alert box when users try to submit form with val errors
-Underscores are now removed from JS Error messages: Sample_Value = Sample Value
-Bug fix with Page Size Values Page Width and Page Height boxes.
-Sortable list height increased to 10px.

# Build 583 3.27.09 #
-Feature: Added Route option for Images being used as Submit Buttons
-Updates to dynamic variable items now update the live display node for text items
-Feature: added dynamic variable support to hidden fields, this makes POSTING forms easier.
-Feature: made Show JS Text a per-page attribute, instead of global for all pages.
-Added 'accepted domain list' logic to normal form display pages, was only on page processors
-Email+ 'From' and 'Subject' data fields are now dynamic using standard tokens #{field}

# Build 582 3.12.09 #
-Bug fix with regard to image uploads not processing correctly.
-Added Entry Viewer Standalone to package

# Build 581 3.9.09 #
-Feature: added route for submit buttons, can now tell which page to go to after processing for added control.
-Small bug fix when clicking into a Builder Repeater node and the Variable Picker not loading.

# Build 580 3.6.09 #
-fixed small bug when inserting variable with the Dynamic Variable Picker and no text was present
-Feature: added dynamic variable picker to section text and body copy elements for easy creation of confirmation messages.

# Build 579 2.29.09 #
-Added tinyMCE <php> code plugin - Codeprotect v1.1
-Clicking on the header of a page now resizes the editor to fit the presently clicked on full page size
-Vastly improved SQL error handling in Database.php - much better messages, and a new GUI option to set error level for SQL+
-Cleaner ip limit error blocks, all messages are now text formatted and placed in <div> elements
-Updated to latest TinyMCE { }
-Added SQL Error Mode Level to SQL+ module
-Major Feature: Builder Page and Repeater module

# Build 565 2.16.09 #
-Feature: Dynamic Variable insert now works with TinyMCE text areas.

# Build 565 2.16.09 #
-Small bug fix with total entry count in Entry Viewer when images were uploaded.
-Jobs in the Result Browser now filter from most recent to least by default.
-Build process now checks for and fails if duplicate forms labels are found in multi-page forms.
-Added method type property to Captcha checks, this would fix a small bug in some rare cases
-Feature: Added new 3dCaptcha Method.
-Compatibility: Now use $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] to check for host lookup instead of $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] in security files.
-Captcha file paths cleaned up during export, makes for cleaner export folders.
-Feature: added print.css file for much improved printing support.

# Build 565 2.6.09 #
-Feature: Added new field to WWW Redirect for custom redirect code
-Feature: delay added to WWW Redirect
-Added new fonts to list:
-Bug fix, click on Send To Database for file uploads, the box would uncheck, but not underlying value.
-Small fix for select items and all elements being removed.
-Better handling on non-consecutive id's for select items.
-Added check for IP limit to make sure user has a Simple SQL module present.
-Better error reporting for Database.class when DEBUG is set to 1 in the app/config.php file.
-Small bug fix with Simple Email and only images being uploaded
-Feature: Added custom font support for all pages.
-Updated JS Library files with the newest releases for each.

# Build 564 - 2.1.09 #
-Fixed display bug with xls export, newline characters and tabs could break lines at the wrong place.
-Results now show in proper left-to-right order in the Entry Viewer

# Build 563 - 1.24.09 #
-UI Enhancements.
-Update to xmlform.js to allow for better handling of .js errors with external libraries such as Prototype that extend elements
-Add <style> tag added to Page JavaScript Section.
-Feature: added 'Button' field item to make AJAX and other processing easier.
-Spacer Graphic updated to better show small space amounts of less than 20px
-Simple Email message format improvements to single items from radio/checkbox items.
-Feature: Set form link color and underline in the UI under 'Form Style Properties'
-Bug fix for multiple occurrences of SQL+ moduels and Simple Email /w Attachment
-Improvements to job naming to avoid non-compatible file names for most os's
-Bug fix for SQL+ and custom SQL connection strings.
-Added MySQL port to the installer with full support across all relevant MySQL connectors
-Installer improvements and enhancements.

# Build 562 - 1.19.09 #
-Major Feature: Variable list support for SQL+, Email+, and HTTP Request fields.

# Build 561 - 1.14.09
-Added Myriad Font Family to Font List
-New elements created for Free Form pages now get a more convenient start position.
-Fixes and improvements to xmlform.js
-UI improvements when removing field items (FireFox no longer 'blinks').
-Fixed bug with export form->could not edit confirmation elements any longer.
-Security - die() on direct access to process pages.
-New Feature: Added 'Table' formatting option for Simple Email module.
-Feature: Native Checkbox support added for Email+ and SQL+ modules, small changes to Simple SQL submission format
-Feature: Added meta-data items to the HTTP Request item, including SESSION_ID, TIMESTAMP, TIME, USER_IP etc.
-Feature: added SESSION_ID to SQL+ keywords
-error checking code added to head of all form pages.

# Build 559 - 1.5.09 #
-Major Feature: Added GUI elements for Form Security including IP limits, Accepted Domains and Accepting Entries
-Added REMOTE_ADDR and visitor_ip to list of available SQL+ keywords for easy IP grab.
-Created new security structure for Page Submission and Page view with two new files in the /security directory
-Database: added new remote_ip field to fb_job_entries along with related Stored Procedure Updates
-Now save User IP with every submission when using Simple SQL
-Transparent check for TinyMCE content/display in Internal Result Browser.
-Improved EOL for UNIX/Windows mail differences in Email and Email+ modules

# Build 558 - 12.31.08 #
-Better handling of tick's (single and double quotes) in field values for all field items
-Feature: Added Form Error Color attribute, this allows you to change the JS error background color.
-Major Feature: Added page duplication button to header, can now duplicate an entire page with one click.
-Security: Added htmlentities() to text and password field $_SESSION[] value display to help prevent xss attacks.
-Identified and resolved install issue with bleeding edge stacks (PHP 5.2.8, MySQL 5.1.3+)
-Fixed small bug with special characters in result browser

# Build 557 - 12.5.08 #
-Major Feature: reCAPTCHA support added.
-Minor Installer improvements

# Build 556 - 12.01.08 #
-Added better reset mechanism for field items that lose value after a page revisit (checkboxes etc).
-Fixed bug when using multiple sql driven dropdowns or other multiple SQL statements on one page
-Added a more consistent default select item state for select items (no value for first item)
-Improved calendar CSS
-Better installer version check

# Build 555 - 11.22.08 #
-Feature: PHP Head code. Include PHP code at the start of all pages, run queries, include files, etc.
-Major Feature: Confirmation Field item - http :: Sends GET or POST (CURL) http request with params, create custom logic for
response. Could use in PayPal, credit card payments, etc.
-Added install check to show MySQL error(s) when authentication fails.
-Major Feature: publish text area's that use the TinyMCE editor in three flavors: simple, text heavy, and RackForms
-Feature - customize the {field_label} {value} separator in Simple Email submissions with the character(s) of your choice.
-Added Socket option to installer for rare cases were MySQL does not use the default /tmp/mysql.sock, or when PDO tries to use an
aliases to another location such as /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
-Updated xml validation file to use XMLHTTP request for better x-browser compliance.
-Updated form css file for more accurate and easy to edit error styles
-New copy code to clipboard routine to workaround new Flash 10 security policy
-Feature: Set email encoding format from 1 of 10 choices.
-Subtle improvements to form element rendering with regard to error messages

# Build 549 - 11.6.08 #
-Major Feature: Calendar Field Item
-Security: added code to prevent PHP header injection attacks.
-Security: All forms now include security/secure_submit.php include, this file contains several security checks.
-IE6 text area character count compatibility fix
-Default values now support dynamic php variables such as {$_SESSION['value']} (help in login items, secure areas etc)
-New Feature: added spacer field for use in sortable forms.
-Added more robust stored procedure support check to install.php in MySQL install environs
-Feature: added <body> and form background color set via Page Properties + use <body> bgcolor override switch
-New Feature: center form on page with 'Center Form' checkbox

# Build 545 - 11.2.08 #
-Major Feature: include files for sql+ processing only. Used to have to set flat-file or database, now you can ignore those and

just pass files
-Added support for Automatic Thumbnails in SQL+ file transfer with {item_id}_thumb keyword.
-Added support for file meta data via:
{item_id}_name (original file name) and {item_id}_mime (form file mime type) and {item_id}_size (filesize in bytes) for sql+ transfers
-Security: Added is_uploaded_file() sanitation check for all uploaded files
-Added in-code switch to allow for thumbnail creation with database transfers and no flat-file save

# Build 542 - 10.31.08 #
-Feature: Added custom path for thumbnail images
-Several minor bug fixes with regard to file uploads and handling of single file submissions
-Email message improvements and bug fixes
-Made transferring hidden values to the RackForms entry viewer easier by changing 'value=' field to equal what user types in Editor 'Label' field
-Added :focus style to field items in app/movefiles/formpage.css
-Added better documentation for all file uploads in the /movefiles directory
-Added $_files[] error checking option '$catch_error_codes' to file upload script, turn on for advanced troubleshooting of file uploads.
-Major Feature: include all file data in SQL+ queries -- simply use the name of the field like any other and all data transfers.

# Build 541 - 10.27.08 #
-Added JWiz support to Confirmation Page
-Fixed small bug with Error Message on Confirmation Page creation
-Entry Viewer now shows entries from most recent to oldest
-Minor Interface Tweaks
-Fixed problem with image viewer script in /lib
-Fixed minor display bug's with multi-file uploads in class structure and entry-viewer
-Entry Viewer will now display more than one image/file combination.
-Major Feature: Added 'Email Uploaded Files' to Simple Email and Email+
-Image and File fields now display field name in columns instead of 'Image' and 'File'
-Major improvements to core multiple file upload logic
-Better logic code for file/image/basic image uploads
-Added 'priority' and 'to do' properties to Simple Email and Email+

# Build 540 - 10.26.08 #
-Field Editor Window Improvements + auto-resizes to fit all monitor sizes
-Fixed a minor bug with XML File Loading on IE Browsers, added Safari specific fixes.
-Major Feature: Added JWiz Javascript Head, Lib Include and Field Attribute GUI Support
-Minor Tweaks to user Management Logic when saving new names and passwords

# Build 536 - 10.23.08 #
-Added MySQL collation spec to tables to prevent some install issues
-Added field editor scroll

# Build 535 - 10.16.08 #
-Added indexes to mysql tables to enhance performance
-Added entry count to entry table list



So many features, So little time