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Terms & Conditions

This terms and conditions statement is effective from 2nd of May, 2013. This agreement is applicable to all RackForms customers with regard to all service plans and services rendered.

RackForms One Time Purchases

Users may refund the purchase of all self-hosting plans for the full price up to 15 days after the original bill of receipt.

If a user purchases a plan that provides consulting services and requests a refund, any used consulting time is subtracted from the refund amount.

RackForms Cloud Hosting

All RackForms cloud hosting users implicitly agree to all terms and conditions set forth by our web hosting provider GoDaddy LLC, the full text of which can be found here.

Refunds are not supported for RackForms Cloud hosting users, as we purchase a third-party hosting plan on your behalf. However, if a user wishes to cancel their service agreement they may do so at any time at https://www.rackforms.com/manager. Our Hosted plans have no sign up or cancellation fee's, and carry no contractual agreements.

Please note when you do cancel your account, we reserve the right to shut the server down at any time. Please also note partial/complete refunds are not granted after the next month of service begins (and your account has been charged). Thus, it's always best to cancel your hosting account near or at the end of your billing cycle, as this way you'll receive the full month of service you've paid for.

Your account can be canceled at any time by logging into the account manager at https://www.rackforms.com/manager.

"Back Links"

All cloud hosting accounts start out being hosted on a sub-domain of RackForms.com. However, we reserve the right to move the cloud hosting account to a new domain if the back-links from the hosting agreement exceed 100 links. Such action will be undertaken with an email notice to the cloud account owner notifying them of the issue, and then working with the user to move the forms to a new domain name. This domain name may be an existing one owned by the user, or a new one.

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  • Please direct any questions about this terms and conditions statement to us at info@rackforms.com

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