RackForms v7.8.8
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Latest Release: Build 958 - Arpil 18th, 2023
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RackForms features a robust and powerful reporting suite.

RackForms makes data visualization powerful and easy. Take any form and automatically create beautiful, easy to understand reports. If we need to get more advanced, RackForms features an intuitive custom report builder. RackForms: forms, apps, surveys, and of course, powerful reporting!

Zero Effort Reporting

The reporting page automatically turns your form submissions into beautiful, easy to use and deploy charts and graphs.

basic Reporting

With support for Line (1D and 2D), Bar (horizontal and vertical), Pie, Donut, and Stacked Series, you'll deliver comprehensive form data in a snap.

Line Reports

Powerful Custom Reporting

Creating basic reports is easy, but we can also create advanced custom reports using powerful yet simple tools.

Custom Reporting Options

We can even mix and match multiple form questions into a single chart. For example, here we've combined 4 questions into a single graph:

Combo - Same Type

Combine display types as well, using a single chart to represent multiple pieces of data in the most efficient manner possible.

Conbo- Different Type

Save Reports

Save report settings at any time, making it easy to update or build the same report at any point in the future.

Easy To Share

Quickly share reports, both with a direct link and simple widget that can be embedded on any page we choose.


Reporting Made Easy

These features and many more are a standard feature of RackForms. Yet another reason why RackForms is the only form tool you'll ever need!


So many features, So little time