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You come across a lot of cool ideas and trends when developing software, here's where we like to share them!


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Advanced Custom Login Support

One of the most important tasks we perform as form creators is securing the integrity of our data collection efforts. While RackForms has always featured a custom login engine and the ability to create forms that employ custom database logins, we're proud to announce native support CAS and Active Directory logins and identity management!

CAS Support

CAS (Central Authentication Service) is an open SSO standard used by a large number of top universities and higher-ed institutions. Our integration seamlessly plugs into your organizations SSO login process, ensuring only valid users are able to access your content. Better still, our CAS integration supports access levels, meaning we can gate specific users to the actions we choose, such as update and delete roles.

Active Directory Login Support

We're also excited to announce a powerful new Active Directory (AD) login integration. Simply enter a list of user names or groups to restrict the form to that subset of users. The AD server used for authentication can be any you have direct access to, making it easy to quickly set up organization-aware, secure form access.

With RackForms it's easy to secure content using our basic login, custom forms, and now, with integrated CAS and AD login support!


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