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Real Users In Real Sites - A quick conversation with Logan Brown of NTC.

Q. Approximately how many forms have you created with RackForms?

We have created over 350 forms in RackForms.

Q. How does your organization use RackForms?

We use RackForms to create quick and modular forms to help our staff collect information in the most effective way possible. We have used RackForms on countless projects to improve process efficiency and workflow. We have both external facing, and interdepartmental forms in RackForms. Many of our internal communication processes have been streamlined by creating RackForms forms.

Q. What departments / area(s) use RackForms?

Our primary support and form authors are in IT, although there are some authors in other departments as well. Every single department at the college has someone that’s accessing RackForms results in one way or another.

Q. How many active forms are currently deployed?

We are currently actively using around 200 forms.

Q. What form solution (other software / hand coding / etc) was used prior to RackForms?

Before RackForms we created PHP or ColdFusion based forms. It was time consuming and cumbersome to make the smallest of changes.

Q. How many users work with RackForms on a monthly basis?

We have about 6 form authors and roughly 50 people accessing results from forms on a regular basis.

Q. Other thoughts, comments?

RackForms is the first tool that we look to when we need to put together a form of any kind. The more we’ve used RackForms, the fonder we’ve grown of the capability it offers. For individuals that aren’t technology savvy, RackForms offers a number of drag and drop form building tools that give them the confidence to build forms quickly and painlessly. Conversely, for someone with development skills, RackForms offers a helping hand, while still giving you full control to create something that meets your needs. Since investing in RackForms, we haven’t created a single form outside of the system, and that speaks volumes to the flexibility of the product. Our staff love the quick turn around time on forms they request. Sometimes we’ll create forms in the same meeting they were conceptualized – it’s really that easy.




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