RackForms v7.8.8
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Latest Release: Build 958 - Arpil 18th, 2023
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When we say the RackForms feature-set is extensive we're not speaking in generalities -- it's unrivaled.

Best of all though, despite the huge arsenel of tools RackForms is still a snap to use. These features, while many, are always clearly labeled and linked with help tips and hints.

If you'd like to learn more about a specific feature please drop us a line, we're always happy to answer any questions you have!

User Interface + General Features
Sortable Elements
Drag and Drop Elements
Native Multi-Page Forms
FormBlocks - Save Groups Of Elements At Will
New! Layout Buckets For Grouping Items On Sortable Pages
New! Bucket Repeaters For Duplicating Bucket Contents
Sort Full Pages At Any Time In Any Direction
Editor Compatible with Firefox 5+, IE 8+, Safari 3+
Full Screen TinyMCE Editing
Form Output Compliant With All Major Browsers
Rich Text Editor For Text Fields
New! Active Directory Login
Field Elements
Conditional Field Processing
Section Text
Body Copy
Customizable Separator Lines
Text With Automated Color Picker and Slider Support
Barcode Generator -Supports CODE128, 2D QR Code, Etc
Text Area + TinyMCE Rich Text Editor (3 Modes)
Calendar Fields With Customizable Arguments
New! Data Grid Element For Quickly Adding Rows Of Items
Drop-Down (Supports SQL Driven Queries)
Database Support for Checkbox Item
Checkbox 'Force To Boolean' Support
Select Item Support of Arrays & Range Expressions!
Advanced Auto-Suggest For Dynamic Text Field Population
Radio & Checkbox Item Support of Arrays & Range Expressions!
File Uploads (see file uploads below)
New! Digital Signatures For Saving Loads Of Time Over Paper Forms!
New! HTML5 Powered Drag and Drop Uploads!
Multi-File Uploads via Uploadify
Hidden Field with Custom PHP Runtime Values
Error Trap Position
jQuery Tooltips With Full Style Control
Reset Button
Submit Button (Supports 4 CAPTCHA Modes)
Conditional Page Routing
Simple Button (For Custom Click Logic)
Calculation Module - Count Numbers or Word Counts For Text Area Fields.
Custom PHP Code Support
Create SQL Queries using The Query Module
PHP Code At Page Top (PHP Top Code)
Page PHP Header Template Code (Templating)
Page PHP Footer Template Code (Templating)
Bypass Page Flow Check For App Development Jobs
PHP Code At Page Start For Custom Control
Includes Advanced Image Manipulation Code
New! PHP Bottom Code Block
All Code Exports Into Separate Folders
Preformatted Processing Code For Easy Edits
Custom ASP.NET Code Support
Run any C# code we need in the Page_Load Event Block
<HEAD> Tag Javascript Editing and Support
Event Attachment For Each Major Field Element
Include Prototype 1.6.1 In Form Output
Include Dojo 1.2.3 In Form Output
Include jQuery 1.4.2 In Form Output
New! Include jQuery UI & Tools In Form Output
Namespaced JavaScript Helper Functions
Chain Custom Calls For Advanced Flow Control
Min Characters
Max Characters
New! Min/Max/Exact Number of Checkbox Items (great for surveys)
'Same As' Fields (Great for Password Validation)
6 Preset Regular Expressions
Custom Regular Expressions
New! SSL Support For RECatcha
New! 3 Forms Of Field Error Notification
Custom Error Messages
Javascript Based Character/Word Count
Custom Validation Styles
Flat File Creation With Custom Text or List
RackForms SQL (Automated Result Storage)
SQL+ Supports Data Query
SQL+ (Custom SQL Form delivery, supports all fields)
Confirmation Conditions
New! Google Docs Support
SMS (Text) Message Quick Links
Email (To address, Sender, From)
New! Static File Email Attachments
Email+ (Adds Custom Message + Dynamic Variables)
Email - Send Images as Inline Attachments
New! All Forms Automatically Saved In Mobile Form.
Email - Spec messages with Priority + To Do
Email Address Quick Select
Email - Full SMTP Support
Email - Plain Text Email Format
Dynamic Email Cc and Bcc fields
Email Command Line Options Support
Dynamic Email 'To:' Variables (auto responder)
Confirmation Element Design Notes
New! PDF Page Export Via DOMPDF or TCPDF
Database Queries Support lastInsertId()
WWW Redirect with Custom Delay
WWW Redirect Custom Token Support
HTTP Web Service/External Calls via cURL
TTP Web Service via SOAP Calls
Style Management
Overall Form Font With Custom Font Support
Center Form On Page
Full Page Margin Control
New! CSS 3 Rounded Corners & Drop Shadows
Form and <body> Background Color
Field Text Size
New! Quick Style Copy For Text And Page Elements
Custom Style Support For RECatcha
Field Text Color
Label Position (top and left)
Helper Text
Error Block Color
Set Label Weight + Global Override
New! Google Web Fonts Support
Input Style Control
Toggle Background Color Control
File Uploads
Max File Size (Several Presets + Server Max)
Allowed File Type (Images Only, Files Only, All Files)
Save as Flat File with Custom Destination
Save to RackForms Database
Save to External Database
Custom Flat File Directory
Max Image Dimensions (Width and Height)
Automatic Image Resize
Thumbnail creation with user defined size
Limit To PDF Upload Option
DB Connection File
Multi-file Upload Element
Page Layout
Font Styles
Page Name
PHP Header/Footer Template Insertion Area
WYSIWYG Text Editor for compatible fields
Background Images (no repeat or repeat x/y)
Toggle Background Images
Free-Form Pixel Accurate Page Size
Table Layout Mode
New! Table Layout Mode Bottom Margin Control
Print CSS file for easy Printing
SEO Page Keywords and Description Fields
Layout Grid For Free-Form Item Positioning
Anytime On-the-fly Field Type Change
Auto-select Label Field
Disable Confirm/Export Messages
Automatic Name/ID value transfer
Page Auto Snap to Top
Duplicate Field Items Button
Duplicate Entire Pages Button
New! Smart Copy For Quickly Renaming Item Prefixes Values
Right-Click Menu For Page Jump/Export/Preview
One-Click iFrame Copy to Clipboard
One-Click Form Popup Code Generator
One-Click PHP Source Copy to Clipboard
Load Job From Database
Export Job (Full Job or XML Only)
Import Job XML From Any Local File System Location
Easy integration into WordPress and other CMS systems.
AJAX / Query Modules
AJAX Module
Create Simple or Complex AJAX Calls
New! Update Any Field With an ID Attribute
New! Process Dynamic Tokens In AJAX Results
Query Module
Debug Mode To Quickly Analyze Results
Results Stored In Variable We Chose
Builder Page Type
Repeater Element
Build Update And Search Forms
New! Checkbox, Radio, and Select Support For Search
Full Text Search Capability
Build Custom Result Set Pages
New! Multiple SQL Queries
Token Based Editor With One-Click Field Add
Complex Query Support
New! Multi-Item For Update And Delete Queries
Automatic SQL Check with Token Builder
TinyMCE Based Template Editor
New! Easy Result Export Button (.tab and .csv)
12+ Default Templates For Getting Started Quickly
1-Click Result Paging
Initial Page Size
MSSQL Support For Search Queries
Sort Order
Alternating Row Colors
Sort Criteria
Full Paging Element Color Control
SQL Debug Mode
Images As Submit Buttons Support
New! Multi-dimensional Array Support For Update Items
Access File Meta Data For Update Forms
Wrapper Class Support For Builder Elements
New! 1-Click Secure Page Login
Job Export
Export Full Page Code (Self Contained)
Export Code Only (Easy Integration)
E-Commerce Support
PayPal - Subscriptions, Donations,
2CheckOut - Single Items
Google Checkout - Single Items
Authorize.Net - Server Integration Method and Advanced Integration Method (AIM)
ACI Level 1 Internet Payment Process.
Currency Select
Transaction Language
Require Address
Redirect & Return Address
Set Production or Testing Mode
Entry Viewer
View Entries
One-Click Entry Sorting Based on Data Type
Inline Image View with Resizeable Preview Window
Valid Addresses Automatically Turn Into Links
Inline File Access with One-Click Download
Automatic Field Population
Print Records
Entry Quick Delete
Privilege Based Viewing
Job Based Entry Count
New! Edit Any Entries Text Value
TAB (Excel/Open Office Compatible)
New! XML Export
Manage Entries
Delete Single Entry
Delete All Entries
Delete Job
New! Print Job
Entry Viewer Standalone
View Entries On a Clients Server
Allows for non-Licensed (Client) Entry Viewing/Editing
Custom Reporting New!
Report Builder
Support For Line, Bar (Vertical and Horizontal), Pie and Donut Charts
View Results By Page And Question
Custom Report Builder
Custom Axis labels
Custom Tick Marks
Mix And Match Questions
Mix And Match Display Type
Easy Embed Widgets
View Survey Results
Quick Job Select
View Results By Question
Bar Graph With Percentage
TAB (Excel/Open Office Compatible)
Manage Entries
Delete Job
Form Logic and Building Tools
General Logic
Custom Submit Button Routing
General Features
New! Global Direction Support for LTR and RTL
User Management
New Users
Dual Privilege Level
Password Strength Check
Account Manage
Update Username/Password
Password Strength Check
User Detail View
Delete User
Password Remind
Database Support
Supported Vendors
MySQL 4.1+ (Using SQL+ Compatibility Mode)
MySQL 5.0+
Microsoft SQL Server 2005+
Debug Mode For Most SQL Operations
GUI based DATETIME and TIMESTAMP support
MSSQL Support For 'Return lastInsertID'
E-Commerce Support
Supported Vendors
Google Checkout
New! Stripe
Environment Support
PHP Environment Requirements
PHP 5.1.4 + (5.2.6+ Recommended)
Microsoft SQL Server 2005+ or
MySQL 5.0+ with limited support for MySQL 4.1
PDO PHP Database Extension (For MySQL)
SQL Server 2005 Driver For PHP (For MSSQL)
GD2 Library with FreeType Support
Stored Procedure or Prepared Statements For All Queries
MySQL 4.1 Mode Uses mysql_real_escape_string with sprintf
Inline Connections
DBConnector Files (out of web root connection scripts)
Validated File Uploads
General Web Form Security
Session Variables for Save and Resume
Custom ANTI-SPAM Captcha System with Custom Rules
Full Advanced 3dCaptcha Support
PHP Header Injection Prevention
New! Secure Page Login Form
Validate Form Origination (Host + www)
Separate 'Security' Files Can Be Customized
Set custom entry limits
Disable/Enable Form Entries
New! Includes adLDAP Library Support With Every Job
Form Wizard
Import and Form Creation
Drag and Drop PDF to HTML Conversion
Form Wizard - Build Forms In Steps
Select From Form Template
Various Features
Form Target Support (_self, _blank, etc)
Page-Level Design Notes
Page Encoding Setting
Save and Resume (Save Entries from Session To Session)

So many features, So little time