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Custom Reporting

In Brief: The survey viewer has two main reporting modes: Standard and Custom. This document describes options and properties of the standard reporting option.

Dependencies: A saved job with entries saved via the Entry Viewer submission item.

Hints & Tricks: Most survey forms work best with data collected via checkbox or radio items.

Printing Survey Results: because of restrictive default browser settings most users will need to enable the printing of background colors and images in order for the printing of survey results to work.

For Firefox this setting is managed when we navigate to:

File > Page Setup > Print Background (colors and images)

In IE 10 it's:

Print > Page Setup... > Print Background Colors and Images

As of 8/15.12 we have not found a way to enable this feature in Google Chrome, which means if we need to print survey results Google Chrome will not be a viable option. Of course this may change in the future, so please check your browsers documentation for more info.


Display Type

Choose between several display types to best show your data.


RackForms provides two libraries for displaying chart data: jqPlot and Lib Chart. The default is jqPlot, and for most uses this is what we want to use. However, for maximum flexibility we can also use Lib Chart. the main difference between the two is Lib Chart is a native PHP solution, and jqPlot is JavaScript based.

This matters because Lib Chart creates images we can easily drag and drop onto our desktop, and also supports clicking the graph to save and image for later display. By contrast, jqPlot images cannot be saved and shared directly, we must create a custom chart for this purpose.

Charts Size And Width

The values that will determine the chart size.

Custom Padding Values

Used only for Lib Chart, this is how much padding the chart has.

Delete Report Images

Only used for Lib Chart. We can, at any time, click on a Lib Chart image and RackForms will prompt us to save an iFrame Widget link. This system works by saving a copy of the current image to the server, in your rackforms/app/lib/curvey-viewer/generated folder. The saved image has a complex string appended to it, which makes guessing the images quite improbable. However, as chart data can be sensitive, this option deletes these images from the server.

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