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Latest Release: Build 958 - Arpil 18th, 2023
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Job Ownership

In Brief: This section allows us to set job ownership and job folders.

Dependencies: none.

Hints & Tricks: Setting job ownership and folders is only possible with admin accounts.

Need read only access toa jobs Entry Viewer results? Create a Viewer Only (3) account and set that user as the read only owner for the job.



Any status messages and alerts are shown here.

Starting from the left side of the screen and moving right we have:

Job Folder List

This is the list of job folders we have defined in the system. We define these folders just below item in the Job Folder Names text box. When we select a name the Jobs list will display, showing all jobs that belong in that folder.

Job Folder Names

Type names in the box, one per line, to define your job folders. This control automatically updates the Job Folder List.


When we select a Job Folder from the Job Folders List we populate and show this box. To assign a job to a folder, simply click it. To select more than one job hold control and click on the job name. To deselect a job hold control and click.

User List

When we first load the job ownership page this list will display all user names currently set in the RackForms database. To change job ownership, start by selecting a user name from this list.

Job's This User Manages:

After we've selected a user name from the User Name List a select item will automatically be shown along with all current job names. Any jobs the current user owns will be highlighted.

To change job ownership simply click on a job name and press the Update Job Ownership button. That job now belongs to that user.

We can select multiple jobs by holding control down and clicking on a name, or we can simply click and drag to select multiple names.

Please note that we cannot unassigned a job to a user--we can only change the jobs ownership.

Read Only Jobs For This User

If we've created any Viewer Only (3) accounts in the User Management section, they'll show up next to the Job's This User Manages block. Select any job name from this list to assign that user as a viewer only user for that job.

When assigned, the viewer only account will have those job show up in the Entry and Survey Viewer.


  • Read only users, by definition, only get access to the Entry and Survey viewer pages. Thus, if these jobs do not use an Entry Viewer item on thier submission pages, no items will be visible.
  • We're currentlly limited to a single read only account per job.

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