RackForms v7.8.3
install on windows and iis
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Latest Release: Build 953 - June 6, 2022
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Install RackForms On Windows And IIS

Before you install RackForms, please read and understand the End User License Agreement.

PHP Manager For IIS via Web Platform Installer not working? Try our direct download for the updated PHP Manager For IIS.

Depending on your build and version of Windows, when using SQL Server from a machine that doesn't have SQL Server also installed on it, you may need to download and install the SQL Server Native Client.

The video below takes us through the install process when using Windows (7 and above), and IIS as our web server.

RackForms Installation Guide For Windows And IIS


Important Notes

- When using RackForms with SQL Server, we must use SQL Server Mixed Authentication mode.

- IIS requires READ/WRITE permissions for the site's AppPool and Users user identities:

  • Add the AppPool permission as: IIS AppPool\YourAppPoolsName.
  • The Users User/Group should be a standard users in the Security Properties dialog in Windows.


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