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Entry Viewer Standalone

In Brief: The RackForms license prevents us from 'giving' the full software package away to a client who has not purchased a license. We can however, use the Entry Viewer Standalone application to give that client the ability to view and manage RackForms entries.

This video takes you through the process and concepts of the Entry Viewer Standalone application, and shows you how you can have the best of both worlds: economy and value for your client, and the time-saving and ease of use of RackForms.

In short, a simple checklist for the process is:

Move Files

Move the job folder to the client server
Move the Entry Viewer, location in your RackForms folder at: goodies/rackforms_viewer.zip to the clients server

Edit the config.php file for the job on the clients server
Edit the config.php file for the entry viewer on the clients server

Backup the local RackForms database and restore to the clients server.

Test Client Server.

Remember to enable error logging on the clients server, and make sure to have access to the clients error logs

Login to the entry viewer, make sure we can see jobs, and possibly entries
Load the form page, make sure the form submits.

In the event of any errors, check the clients error logs.

Video prerequisites: None

Skill Level: Beginner

So many features, So little time