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Latest Release: Build 942 - April 3, 2021
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Update User Email & Privilege Level

In Brief: Update a users account in the RackForms database. Production workers will not see this element.

Dependencies: At least 1 production worker.

Hints & Tricks: Emails change, as do the access levels we wish our users to be set at. These items allow us to change these items as needed. The most interesting item is the ability to set the privilege level. This setting mainly decides what the user can see in the Entry Viewer.



This setting lets us change the users email address.

Privilege Level

This setting will determine the users access level in the Entry Viewer. The main levels are:

  • Production Worker (5)
  • Production Worker + Delete/Update Entry Access (6)
  • Production Worker + Delete/Update Entry & Delete Job Access (7)
  • Full Admin (9)

The base level can only view job entries. The next level can delete and update them, the next level can delete entire jobs. Finally, admin users can perform all of the lower functions, as well as delete and update users.

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