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In Brief: When we create forms we often want to place those forms within a larger context. For example, we'll embed a contact form on the bottom of a product page. However, in many cases it's a much more natural fit for the form to be a full page destination, where no other content exists except for the form.

Even as a full page however, it's natural to expect the form is still part of a larger site. The Template Manager is built specifically for these forms, as it allows us to define custom header and footer template code our forms will sit in the middle of. This code will usually match the existing header and footer code of the site the form will be a part of, meaning the form – even though it was generated from RackForms – will appear as a native page.

The Template Manager then is an interface that allows us to define Templates and the layout code that defines each.

Dependencies: None.

Access Level: Administrators.



Edit Existing

This section presents a drop-down menu that will be populated with any existing Templates you have. RackForms ships with one style by default, Branded. If you select this item the interface will update to show the Templates header and footer source code. We then then modify this code, which can be any combination of valid PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. When you're done editing simply press the Update button to save the changes.

It's critical to note that any Templates you define here will automatically populate the Responsive Style drop down menu in the RackForms editor. Also, note we do not need to define both header and footer code. We can, in other words, only define one and our form will simply use that code and not the other.


Create New

We can create a new template at any time using this interface. We require a name at minimum, but we can leave the Header and Footer sections blank as needed.


Technical Note

Templates are saved to your RackForms install at this location:

If we wish to update our install, either copy the code for each using the Template interface, or copy those files form the old to new versions.

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