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Latest Release: Build 958 - Arpil 18th, 2023
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Text VIdeo

In Brief: New to Build 773, this element allows us to display HTML 5 video on our forms.

Dependencies: A standard form or confirmation page.

Hints & Tricks: While this module displays video, we still need to encode and prepare our video in three formats for maximum compatibility:WebM, H.264, and ogg. Please see this link for more details on compatibility.


Basic Attributes

Design Notes

These are notes you can input that help you and other production staff understand your confirmation elements logic and purpose. This text is never used in the live form in any way, it is only for internal development.

Video Options

Video URL

This is the location of the video file to play. Please note RackForms uses a JavaScript library to play the video, this in turn means our video should be encoded in the three main formats in use today: WebM OGG, and MP4 (H.264).

At compile time RackForms actually removes the extension form the link you provide here and then adds on .mp4, ,ogg, and .webm. Thus, the link can be any of those formats, but it must be one, and the path must be valid.

When a visitor clicks the play button on the form video the proper version for that device and browser will automatically load. Thus, it's important to provide encoded versions in each format!

Video Poster Frame

A URL to the image a user see's when the video first loads on the page.

Video Captions File

The captions file for the video, must be in .vtt format.

Video Width

The width of the video to play. This should almost always be in the videos native resolution.

Video Height

The height of the video to play. This should almost always be in the videos native resolution.

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