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Latest Release: Build 958 - Arpil 18th, 2023
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Sortable Page Spacer

In Brief: Create a space in your form, though only useful in non-free form pages.


Hints & Tricks: While you could use an image to act as a spacer, this field allow you to add space much more quickly, and the space you add is 'invisible', unlike what and image might be.


Basic Attributes

Wrapper Class Name

Every field element in RackForms is wrapped in either a LI or DIV element for Sortable or Free Form page types, respectively. When you place a value in this box it becomes the class="" attribute for that wrapper. Because a wrapper encompass both the input element and wrapper, you can use this value to show and hide sections of your form.

Spacer Properties

Height (px)

Type a number in this box to change the height of this element. Unlike the separator field element, you do not need to specify the 'px', as this is implicit so RackForms ad it by default.

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