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Text Field Presets (Formally Known As: Form Blocks)

In Brief: An element that lets you add, save, and apply blocks of form elements from pages for quick application in any other form. Watch a video of this feature in action.

Dependencies: A standard form page.

Note: As of September 2014 this feature has been renamed to 'Field Presets' to better align with its new functionality of providing built-in presets of form items.

Hints & Tricks: Field Presets are groups of elements that retain all information of when they were saved as the group. This makes them very handy for easily placing large blocks of form content that would otherwise need to be recreated by hand. So for example, an address block, complete with SQL queries for states, an AJAX call for city drop downs, and so on--all of this is saved and recreated as needed.

A trick with this power however, is that RackForms will not attempt to rename or otherwise modify any of the Field Preset items. Thus, we need to be careful about adding items that may have conflicting names with existing form elements. The best way to avoid such clashes is to simply name Field Preset items appropriately. For example, each Field Preset item would have a block_ appended to its Name/Value.

Field Preset groups can be created and applied to any page type, including sortable pages.

Finally, Field Preset items are saved per-page-type. That is, a Field Preset created for a form page will not be present in the list of items we can add to a confirmation page.

Important Note: For security reasons, Field Presets will not work on a server where magic_quotes_gpc is enabled. To use this feature you'll need to first disable this setting in your php.ini file or server control panel.

General Usage

How to Use Field Presets
Field Presets must be created before they can be applied to a page. To create a Field Preset group:

1. Select a page.

2. Select elements on that page. Please note if we're on a free form page we can lasso select multiple items. If we do not select items, RackForms will simply add all items on that page to your selection. This is an effective and fast way to copy an entire page to a different job.

3. From the context menu select 'Create Field Presets Group'.

4. A window will appear asking us to name and describe the group of elements. When we complete this task we click Save Group.

Now when we click the Field Presets button the group we just created will appear in a list. If we click this item the form element(s), in the exact same position and with the exact same properties as when created, will be placed into the current form page.

We can also add saved Field Preset groups from the Right Click menu under: - Add Field Presets Group.

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