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Latest Release: Build 958 - Arpil 18th, 2023
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Text Barcode

In Brief: New to Build 694, this element lets you display a custom barcode on your page.

Dependencies: A standard form or confirmation page.

Hints & Tricks: Not all code types support letters. Some only support numbers.

As a general rule, because RackForms supports several types of codes it's best to experiment a bit to make sure the values we provide for settings such as width and height make sense for the type of item being created. For example, the width property for CODE 128 items is defined in pixels, but for all other types is a scale factor. Thus, while a CODE 128 item may use 180 for the width value, this would prevent other types of codes from showing, simply because they would be too large to fit on the page.

PHP Version Note: This feature requires GD.


Basic Attributes

Design Notes

These are notes you can input that help you and other production staff understand your confirmation elements logic and purpose. This text is never used in the live form in any way, it is only for internal development.

Barcode Options

Barcode Enabled

This field allows us to turn off the barcode display if needed.

Barcode Type

This options sets the type of barcode we wish to render. Currently RackForms support the following types:


New In Build 700
CODE-128 (a,b,c)
QR-Code (2D barcodes)

Please see here for more information on the various types.

Barcode text

The value of the barcode.

Barcode Height

Some barcodes, such as RoyalMail4, generally work best with short heights.

Barcode Width

New in Build 700, this field allows us to set the width of CODE-128 barcodes in pixels, and the width scale of all others. Please note that in general, width scales over 3 will be too large for most pages.

By default CODE 128 items will have a width of 120 pixels set if this field is blank.

QR-Code Matrix Size

New to Build 700, this option lets us set the general size of QR-Code items. We default to 2, but this number can be anywhere from 1 - 10.

Show Barcode Text

If set to Show, the Barcode Text property will show under the barcode.

Barcode Rotation

The rotation angle to apply to the barcode item. Default is 0. Please note this has no effect for Code-128 and QR-Code items.

Enable Check Digit

For some barcode types, including CODE93, ROYALMAIL4, and POSTNET, a check digit is mandatory and will always be used. For STD25, INTER25, and CODE39, this is an optional add-on.

You can learn more about check digits here.

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