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RackForms Accessibility

In Brief: At Nicsoft we take accessibility seriously. Accordingly, RackFoms was designed from the ground up to provide users of all access level a great user experience. At the same time, RackForms is a very powerful and customizable software package, which means if not used properly we can create forms that are not as accessible as they should be.

In this guide we'll cover some of the most important steps you can take to ensure your forms are compliant with modern ADA and comparable standards.

Useful Links:

United States Heath and Human Services Web Standards
Introduction to 508 Standards (PDF)
HTML 508 Checklist
• HHS Standards Checklist For: Required | Strongly Encouraged | Encouraged
• Form Field Guidelines - webaim.org
How To Identify Errors In HTML Files (PDF)
• HTML Forms Standards
• Firefox ADA Plug-in - AInspector
• Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)

Input Fields

General Recommendations

When adding standard web form input fields to a job, RackForms will generally create markup that's section 508/WCGA compliant. However, some fields, when used with specific settings, may not be standards compliant. These items and conditions are listed below.

Calendar Fields

For calendar fields, only single field variants are compliant. This is because multi-field versions do not have matching labels for the secondary fields.

Radio/Checkbox Items

508 guidelines state that related radio and checkbox elements with more than 2 choices must be grouped together into logical groups using a fieldset and related legend element. RackForms creates elements in this manner so long as we provide a label, or when no label is present, make the field required. If both of these items are not met, the field will have an empty legend value, rendering the group invalid.

Radio and checkbox items must also have unique label content. That is to say, no two radio or checkbox items can have the same label value.


Buckets can be used in fieldset display mode, but if so, must include a Fieldset Legend value.

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