Adams Health Employment Application
Below is the employment application for all Adams Health Network Divisions, including Adams Memorial Hospital, The Village of Heritage and Woodcrest of Decatur. Please select the division for which you wish to apply and continue with the application.* 

Personal Information

Work Availability (Check all that apply)* 

Are you able to perform the essential functions of the job for which you are applying with or without reasonable accommodation?* 

Date Picker

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Have you been employed by AHN or its divisions before? * 

Professional Licensing
Do you hold a professional registration, license, or certificate? * 

Have you ever had any professional registration, license, or certificate suspended or revoked?* 

Have you ever informally resolved any recommended or potential adverse action involving your professional registration, license, or certification?* 

Are any professional registration, licensure, or certification actions now pending against you? * 

Has any action been taken against you that excludes or has excluded you from participation in any federal or state government healthcare program, including but not limited to Medicare? * 

Are you a U.S. Citizen or an alien legally entitled to work in the position(s) for which you have applied? * 

If you are under 18, are you eligible for a work permit?*